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Pickin' Pal - Finger lock for banjo pickin'

Pickin' Pal can provide an easy solution. Pickin' Pal is designed to comfortably lock the ring and little finger together to train the ring finger to stay in place while pickin' the banjo.

After years of trouble and trying many different approaches to training the ring finger to stay on the head of the banjo while pickin', someone finally constructed this easy design to train away your pesky fly away ring finger.
This design comfortably locks the ring and little finger together to train the ring finger to stay in place while pickin' the banjo. This design also fosters appropriate right hand positioning and wrist break. For beginners or professionals; for training purposes or for good; the Pickin' Pal can be your solution to training away that pesky fly away ring finger!
Hand constructed using 100% re-purposed elastic. Made by a banjo player, for banjo players!

Notes from Ross Nickerson: This product should only be used as a training aid with the idea to not use it after a short amount of time when your ring finger gets the muscle memory to not follow the middle finger while picking.  It is not meant to be something you wear every time you play the banjo.

Whether you choose to anchor one or two fingers when playing banjo is a subject that needs to be answered more fully. Here is an article I wrote on this subject that further explains.
Anchoring one or two fingers on the banjo head.


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