Recording King Banjo - RK- R30 - Pro Bluegrass Banjo with Flathead Tone Ring

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The RK R30 - Recording King Bluegrass Banjo - The Bluegrass Machine  -

This Model was discontinued by the manufacturer.

The upgraded Recording King RK R35 for 899 replaced it. The RK 35 is the banjo that really forced the RK 30 out of production. The discontinued RK 30's sold for 839 and the RK 35 for 899. Being that close to the same price everyone wanted, and correctly so, the RK 35 for only $60 more.

If I could have sold RK 30's indefinitely for $699 they would be a hot item, they went fast.
Don't let the price fool you though, this RK 30 was nothing like other banjos in the $700 price range and the RK 35 is like not like any other banjo for $899. The only banjo in the same league for the the price point of the RK35 and RK36 is the Goldtone OB 150, that is a great banjo too. Any other Flathead tone ring, 30's Gibson Mastertone style imports with American names stamped on them in that price range like Fender, Washburn, Gretch I can confidently say are not in the same league with the RK 35, RK R36 or Gold Tone OB 150. It's not that the others are bad, they're not, its just the Recording King RK 35 and 36 and the Gold Tone OB 150 are that much better.

RK R30 Professional Banjo with Flathead tone ring, 3 ply maple rim and Gibson Mastertone style tube and plate flange

The RK R30 is basically the same banjo as the more expensive RK R 35 with a flathead tone ring but with the tube and plate flange instead of a one piece flange. Gibson Banjos in the 1920's made their banjos with the tube and plate flange and in the 1930's switched to the 1 piece flange. The tone and functionality is on a par between the RK R30 and RK R 35 for a couple hundred dollars less now.

These are on closeout sale from the manufacturer. These were out of production as of the end of 2016 and I was told there would be no more of them back then. Then I got a call today saying the factory unexpectedly sent them more so now I have two.

I love these banjos. The regular 25% off price on these was $839 and they allowed me to lower the price to $699. This is really a good value.

The Recording King RK R30 sounds great and this price is an amazing deal. There is nothing in banjo even close to this on price for what you get. This is a full fledged bluegrass banjo with a 3 ply maple rim and flathead tone ring that for the price of a beginner banjo with a hoop tone ring.
You would never have to upgrade to have a "real banjo" that you could play in a bluegrass band with if you got the RK R 30.   Ross Nickerson - owner of

The RK R35 comes with official Recording King Vintage Deluxe Hard Case - FREE
These hard shell banjo cases are exceptional. They have a perfect balance like the old Gibson hard shell banjo cases.The banjo fits in tight which is crucial for safety and there are padded wedges that keep the peg head from moving and perfectly protected. The top of the case is arched for even more protection. This is the same case that comes standard with the more expensive RK R75 or RK R76.
This Deluxe Recording King hard shell banjo case pictured below is FREE with this model! 
recording king hard shell banjo case

List of FREE Items Included with this Banjo

  • Free Recording King Deluxe Arched Hard Case
  • Free Gold Member Lesson Access ($89 value)
  • Professional Banjo Set up  ($25 value)
  • Free 5th String Free Capo Spikes ($24 value)
  •  Free US Shipping ($30 to $55 value)
  •  Ross Nickerson Book/DVD/CD ($29.95 value)
  •  $30 Intl. AK, HI Shipping Credit
  •  Best Price Guarantee - Call us if you find a better one

Free Beginner Package with the RK R 30 if requested in checkout

Our Beginner Banjo Package includes a Comprehensive 52 page Beginner Banjo Book with a two hour beginner banjo DVD and two audio CDs. You also receive a set of banjo picks, a clip-on chromatic banjo tuner, a spare set of banjo strings and a banjo strap.
Beginners Package - Retail value $79.00

Call us with questions or for unadvertised special prices anytime
10AM to 10PM at 1-866-322-6567 or contact-us

More details

  • NO - Zero Glide Nut
  • YES - Install Zero Glide Nut $75
  • NO - Snuffy Smith Bridge
  • YES - Install Snuffy Smith Bridge $29
  • NO - Upgrade to LIFETIME Platinum
  • YES - Upgrade FREE Gold to PLATINUM $45
  • No - Do Not Add Free Beginner Package
  • Yes - Add Free Beginner Package

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RK 30 Company Description
Recording King is proud to introduce the all-new RK-R30-BGM tube-and-plate flathead banjo. The RK-R30 pairs the industry-favorite Recording King 20-hole flathead tone ring with the sound and ease of a 2 piece flange. Our RK tone ring delivers authentic banjo sound, while the tube-and-plate flange helps to create a more complex sound than the familiar one-piece version. The RK-R30 features our new diamond and square mother-of-pearl inlay pattern, Recording King hexagonal flange, maple neck and resonator, rosewood fretboard and presto tailpiece. Built using a combination of RK's traditional metal parts, this banjo is one of our most tonally complex banjos yet; it also allows for easy conversion to open-back.

· Mastertone-style Bell Brass Cast Tone Ring
· Maple Conversion Resonator
· Maple Neck
· 3-Ply Maple Rim
· Tube and Hexagon Plate Flange
· 24-Hook Notched Hoop
· Rosewood Fretboard
· Bone, 31mm Nut
· Recording King Madison Peghead
· Black Peghead Overlay with Diamond & Square Pattern Inlay
· Round, American Threads Hooks and Nuts
· Double Coordinator Rods
· Planetary, Ivory Button Tuners
· Presto-Style Tailpiece
· Maple/Ebony 5/8" Bridge
· Remo Frosted Head, 11" High Crown
· Hand-Rubbed Burgundy Matte Finish
· Nickel-Plated Hardware

Apr 7, 2016
Recording King Banjo - RK- R30 - Bluegrass Machine
Ross,I want to thank you for your unselfish help, and guidance in my quest for a banjo upgrade.The Recording King RK-R30BGM arrived in three quick days. The fit, finish, and quality is superior. It plays as good as it looks. The factory setup is fine so far.Again, I want to thank you for the exceptional customer service.Sincerely, John Payne.

Apr 2, 2016
Recording King RK-R30 BGM
Ross,I want to thank you for your unselfish help, and guidance in my quest for an upgrade banjo.The Recording King RK-R30BGM arrived in three quick days. The fit, finish, and quality is superior. It plays as good as it looks. The factory setup is fine so far.Again, I want to thank you for the exceptional customer service.Sincerely, John Payne.

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