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Comfort Bevel Armrest
I bought this armrest after an injury that made it difficult to hold my arm in the traditional posit ...
Rock Solid Timing and Back Up Tips Banjo Instruction DVD By Ross Nickerson - DVD Video and Tab Book
Ross, thanks for your help. There's no better banjo player and teacher than you. Merry Christmas!
Hi Ross Thank you very much for contacting Deering and getting me bumped up. Outstanding customer se ...
Gold Tone CC-Carlin 12 inch Open Back Old Time Banjo
....Well Ross, the CC Carlin came in today, and it was well worth the wait. I dearly love this thing ... Yearly Members Only Subscription
I have been a member of Banjoteacher. Com for many years and have never regretted or wondered why ...

Recording King from 1095 to 2000 

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    The Recording King RK 80 is an exceptional banjo for the price. offers professional set up with free US shipping, hard case, and other free items. We check each banjo carefully and play  them all before they leave the shop. has been serving banjo players online for over 10 years. thanks, Ross NickersonWe also feature a...
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    The RK R 75 is the top of the line ofRecording King Bluegrass banjos with resonator The RK-R75 is all you'll ever need in a banjo and can't be beat in this price range. It's frankly not fair to the more expensive banjos to have a banjo you can purchase with this type of quality, look and TONE for this price.  The R 75 is a banjo that I would not hesitate...
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    RK 80 Company Description The RK-R80 Professional combines classic pre-war style features and desirable modern touches to create a great-sounding bluegrass banjo. The Professional features a mahogany resonator, mahogany neck, bound ebony fretboard, American Standard thread hardware, 20-hole tone ring and a 3-ply rim. The Professional features the...
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    The USA Series M5 banjo is built entirely by hand in the USA with top-shelf woods like the Eastern curly maple neck and curly maple resonator. Our original Fan-style fretboard inlay and hand-rubbed nitrocellulose lacquer round out the M5's impressive set of professional features. Recording King Vintage Hardshell case included.Buying a Recording King...
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    The USA Series M7 banjo is hand-built in the USA. With high-end features like a Honduran mahogany neck and resonator, the M7 will hold its own against any top shelf banjo on the market. Our custom-designed Diamond & Square fretboard inlay and hand-rubbed nitrocellulose lacquer finish elevate this banjo to another level. Recording King Vintage Hardshell...
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    I have in hand a Brand New Recording King M-9 USA Made Walnut Banjo. One of the last two that were made.  Call Ross Nickerson on cell phone  / 941-441-5249.I have a Recording King USA series M-9 Walnut banjo is an amazing banjo and at this time I actually have a brand new one for sale. Recording King advised me in October, 2016 that had two M-9's arrive...
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    $1,499.00 ships the RK 76 Elite free with free hard case and at a great price. We also include other free items with the RK 75 and our personal customer service serving banjo players online for over 10 years is unmatched. We also feature professional set up and adding 5th string capo spikes if requested. Recording King R-76 Company Description...
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    I have RK R 85-ELITE in stock NOW. There are a few left. This is the Recording King RK R85 limited edition Canadian Maple model you may have heard about. There are only 25 of these being made and we have them. We have been waiting over six months and they just arrived. Please call us at 941-441-5249 or 866-322-6567 with questions or to order, or email usI...
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