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  • Pull-off and Push-off tips/follow up

    Pull-off and Push-off tips/follow up

    A featured email question from a student and answer by me, or some advice I have given someone who has requested it. Many of the questions I receive are questions that many students learning the banjo have. I hope the answers and advice I share ring through as sensible to you.Read More

  • Workshop Comments and Tips

    Workshop Comments and Tips

    Just a short note to thank you for the workshop over the weekend. The afternoon was one of the best musical investments I have made, and I would recommend it to any banjo player, regardless of level, or singer-songwriter like myself who writes from the banjo. Of particular help to me was the mixing of various rolls and what you refer to as "accent". I am also looking forward to putting to use the Banjo Encyclopedia. Having only had a chance for a quick read so far, it looks like an excellent primer that covRead More

  • Play by ear banjo tips

    Play by ear banjo tips

    Playing in the the key of D and playing by ear Here are some suggestions I just sent to a student preparing to attend an upcoming workshop of mine. I don't always have time for this but was inspired tonight. The suggestions might help you too so I'll share them.Read More

  • Timing Tips

    Timing Tips

    Learn Timing and how to count time Tips from Ross Nickerson answers to students A couple of tips. Learning to count time is very important on the banjo and easy if you just take the time to practice it.Read More

  • Tips on Playing Banjo in a Jam

    Tips on Playing Banjo in a Jam

    It seems that when preparing for jam session or playing your banjo with other musicians that it is best to plan for the unexpected. One of the best ways to simplify the process is to learn to play song based on the chords only. In the real world of playing banjo with others or in a band, the first thing youRead More

  • Banjo Learning Tips - Right Hand Picking - Banjo Rolls

    Banjo Learning Tips - Right Hand Picking - Banjo Rolls

    I wanted to be sure that I am on right track and to verify that you suggest using the book in the sequence presented which has ‘Right Hand’’ techniques with Rolls prior to “Left Hand” techniques with Chords, etc. Read More

  • Banjo Encyclopedia Learning Tips

    Banjo Encyclopedia Learning Tips

    I have been working on the Banjo Student's Breakdown in the Banjo Encyclopedia and I am having a bit of trouble with the 8th measure where you perform a 2-3 slide on the third string with your second finger and then use your index finger to fret the 1st string at the second fret. Would it be okay to use your rinRead More

  • Hints to Pick Banjo Faster Developing Speed and Technique

    Hints to Pick Banjo Faster Developing Speed and Technique

    Hints to Pick Banjo Faster Developing Speed and TechniqueRight Hand1. Practice Rolls. 2. Work on weak spots. 3. Push yourself and try to raise your speed a notch each day. 4. Try using a metronome to push the tempo up each practice session and help you with your timing as well. 5. Allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes and sound sloppy so you can work out the kinks and overcome obstacles. 6. Play in situations that challenge your speed. You may be surprised on how well you do. 7. Play through mistakes and keep plowing forward. Read More

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