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Capos for Banjo

These models of capos I carry are the best types of capo for banjo and what I recommend. With the first models you can easily adjust the pressure on the strings which causes minimal need for retuning. If you prefer the quick capoing action of the spring loaded capo, the Nashville by Performance Capos is the best of its type on the market.
Paige Banjo Capo

Black anodized steel capo with locking crossbar and adjustable thumb screw. Semi-hard plastic sleeve, will not mute strings. Long wear, no buzz.

This is what I use, because you can adjust the pressure on the strings the easiest. It's hard to beat this design and they are really durable. Ross Nickerson

Three sizes to choose from
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Planet Waves Easy to Use Banjo Capo (two types)

two capos
Planet Waves Easy to Use Banjo Capo

I've just discovered this capo and it works really well. I've been using it in my shows and it's very easy to use, gets the job done fast and does not throw my banjo out of tune. I've tried and recommend all the capos I carry but this is a great low cost capo that works great. For a low cost capo, either this one or the Paige Capo will do the job! Ross Nickerson

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NS Drop Tune Pro Capo
NS Banjo/Mandolin Pro Capo
Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum construction

earl capo

A new innovation for capoing the 5th string on a 5 string banjo.
Now you can capo the 5th string at any spot of the neck without using railroad spikes or a sliding 5th string capo.



Original Shubb Capo in Nickel Finish

The Shubb capo (since 1980) has set the standard against which all others must be measured. It is the first choice of more than a million musicians worldwide.

Its soft rubber is specially designed so it doesn't bend the strings over the frets. Its closing action is just like your hand, so it doesn't pull the string off center. As a result
no re-tuning is necessary

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G7th Newport Capo
These new capos are a high quality.

This new capo from G7th makes it easy to keep the banjo in tune when adding a capo. They are a classy step up from the lower priced capos but a lower price banjo capo option to the G7 performance capo. I tested them out and really like these capos. It allows you to adjust the pressure with the easy to use thumbscrew.
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Nashville Banjo Capo
Another great design by G7th

Introducing the latest addition to the G7th family.  The Nashville is a spring operated capo which is lighter and quicker to use than any other capo of this style.  I like this one a lot too, You can't beat this one for speed, convenience, and the quality is tops. They look cool too, unlike the Kyser brand that I don't care for.

When I use this capo, I rest the front edge of the capo against the back half of the fret wire I'm capoing to. Then I push down with the palm of my right hand on the strings near the bridge. That takes care of any binding. Quickly and easily the banjo is in tune and I'm ready to go.

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and see a video of how it works

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nashville capo

The quicker and easier to use
Banjo Spring Capo

Free Lifetime Warranty

Bill Stokes Showcase
Banjo Capo

The best banjo capo of it's kind on the market. Hand designed and crafted by banjo innovator, Bill Stokes. I recommend these over any capo like it out there. This is the type I use because you can adjust the pressure on the strings the easiest. These are extremely well made, will last forever.

The best model to get if you are only capoing as high as the 4th fret for the keys of A, Bb and B

Temporarily unavailable
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Best model to get if you are capoing as high as the 5th fret for the key of C
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stokes capo
B Capo

banjo capo for key of c
C Capo
Install your own 5th string
Banjo Capo Railroad Spikes

If you can install these banjo capo 5th string spikes or "tacks" or have them installed this is a great way to go. Sliding capos have become seldom used since someone came up with this idea of using these capo hooks. Most pickers use the 5th string capo spikes like these to capo up the 5th string on their banjos.
5th String Capo Spikes
reasonably priced 6 for $5.95 


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railroad spikes

Shubb 5th String Sliding Capo
shubb capo
The best fifth string capo available for the banjo.

The Shubb 5th string capo works with a "screw" that is on a "slide" or metal bar.

It slides on a slim, dovetailed bar which mounts flush to the neck. It fits snugly against the neck, out of the way of the player's thumb.

Make it easier on yourself with a Shubb sliding fifth string capo.
Easy to install

Available in three styles

Click here for more information, pictures and styles

g7th capo
G7th Performance Capo
These capos are awesome.

All you do to tighten it, is squeeze it on the neck, it's that simple, it really is, to release it, just hit this little lever. They work great and are a great new innovation for capoing the banjo. When you play the banjo you use a capo a lot and it's very important to have a good one, so its quick to put it on and one that causes minimal need for retuning, this new capo accomplishes both with flying colors.

sorry discontinued

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