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Recording King RK R76 - Elite
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SILVER Members Lesson Site - 1 Year Subscription
Thank You, your web site is great, I learned more today than I have for the last 2 months figuring i ...
Hi Ross, - I got it today all safe and sound and I Love it thanks! Thanks so much again! - Joanne
Recording King RK R76 - Elite
Ross, just a note to let you know I received my Recording King RK76 today and your setup and shippin ...
Clamshell Style Tailpiece - P-111
Received the clamshell tailpiece yesterday and installed it today. Looks and sounds like the origina ...
Stokes Top Quality Capo - Standard "B" Capo - Capos to 4th Fret
The Capo arrived as stated yesterday !!!!! Beautiful craftsmanship !!!!!

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Ross Nickerson Banjo Books, DVDs and CDs
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Be sure to use your VOUCHER code for you member discount on these Online lessons
Beginner Lessons
Important banjo lessons for beginners just getting started Downloadable Beginner Banjo Lessons
Song Lessons
Banjo Songs with video, audio, tablature, 24 in all. All songs performed slow medium and fast
online banjo lessons
banjo online lessons

How To Practice Banjo
Learn how to get the most from your practice time and progress faster.
Rock Solid Banjo Timing and Backup Tips
What could be more important than good timing when playing the five-string banjo?
Playing Banjo in the Key of C, D, E, F & G Up the Neck
Ross teaches easy techniques to quickly transpose the songs you already know in open G tuning to other keys.

Must Know Licks
Learn the important building blocks of five string banjo technique and some
hot banjo licks along the way too.

Intermediate Lessons
Learn up the neck, chords, backup, playing a song you know on the 5-string banjo and learn to play the banjo faster.

Backup Band

If you'd like to be jamming with others and want to learn how I firmly believe these backup tracks will help your progress a lot.

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Be sure to use your VOUCHER code for you member discount on these CDs

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Goldtone, Deering, Nechville, Recording King, Morgan Monroe, Goldstar
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banjo supplies

Find bluegrass banjo supplies for playing and learning banjo easy. We have the lowest prices and reasonable deals on equipment, electronic banjo tuners, tuning pegs, armrests, tailpieces, comfortable banjo straps, banjo picks, capos, banjo instruction books with DVDs, tone rings, mutes, bridges, metronomes and a whole lot more.


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