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We offer banjos in all price ranges, from a hand-chosen beginner banjo, to the highest quality top of the line banjos. Our beginner banjo start up kits include comprehensive Book, DVD and Online Banjo instruction with all the necessary accessories you'll need to get you started start picking…and grinning. That perfect bluegrass banjo will come with FREE Banjo Instructional Book/DVD/CD, FREE online banjo lesson access and/or other FREE items. Our old time 4-string banjos and specialty banjos include other Free items. All banjos, guitars and mandolins come with a FREE case and FREE US shipping. We even offer a $30 international shipping credit.

Our Banjos are shipped fully insured with a complete professional set up and come ready to play. We have an excellent track record of safety in shipping. We don't want them coming back so we "set em up right and pack em tight". features quick shipping, dedicated customer service (read our reviews) and SSL secure credit card transactions. has been helping customers online since 2002 and we are an authorized dealer for Gold Tone BanjosRecording King, Deering Banjos, Nechville, Goldstar, and Morgan Monroe Banjos.

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All our Banjos are shipped FREE in the US and with each banjo order we give you lots of free items to get you started. Bluegrass banjos receive a Book/DVD/CD and free beginner banjo lessons online access. Other banjos like our open back banjos for clawhammer and Old Timey or Folk styles, 4-string tenor and plectrum banjos for dixieland jazz, irish tenor banjos for celtic music or six string guitar banjos for guitar players wanting a banjo tone. We carry Goldtone, Deering and Nechville electric banjos and have a huge selection of banjo ukes, smaller travel banjos for flying and mini banjos for children kids can learn banjo on. We also stock lots of unique banjos like the 4 and 5 string Cello banjos, Banjola's, Banjo Dobros and the Missing Link Banjo Tuned to Double C Tuning.  We also include free items like upgraded cases, 5th string capo spikes, electronic tuners and banjo straps with banjo purchases.

If you have not found what you need and have questions call us at 1-866-322-6567 or send an email through our contact-us page. We are glad to help.

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  • $839.00
    An awesome deal on a quality banjo. The price in comparison to the quality and sound is incredible-Ross Nickerson BG 250 - Quality sound at a great price make the BG-250 "Bluegrass Special." This banjo includes our lifetime warranty. The BG -250 converts easily to a bona-fide open back for frailing and clawhammer style. Features include bell brass...
  • 4 Reviews
    Never before has an entry level banjo included the features and tone of our CC-100R. Check any competitive banjo in this price range and you find more bang for the buck with our Cripple Creek. This Banjo is perfect for students just getting started. I wish the world had banjos like this when I was learning to play or for that matter available for the...
  • 3 Reviews
    I wish the world had banjos like this when I was learning to play or for that matter available for the students I've had in the past 20 years. I know more banjo students in the past would have stuck with it. Notes from Ross Nickerson on the CC 50 models from Goldtone. Lots of customers called to ask me the main difference between the Goldtone Cripple...
  • 2 Reviews
    Notes from Ross Nickerson on the Goldtone OB 300 Below are some pictures of an OB 300 before shipping. They are casual shots and there are lights in reflection in the background etc. but you can still see how incredible the OB 300 is. The Orange Blossom OB 300 s a gold plated bluegrass banjo and features mother of pearl tree of life inlay. I'm super...
  • 2 Reviews
    Notes from Ross Nickerson on the CC 50 models from Goldtone.Lots of customers called to ask me the main difference between the Goldtone Cripple Creek 50 models and the Cripple Creek 100 models. Let me try to boil it down to simpler terms and try to help you make a more informed decision. Some of the primary differences are; the body of the CC 50 models...
  • 4 Reviews
    Our premier open back banjo has remarkable tone and exquisite cosmetics. A White Ladye tone ring combined with a thin maple rim provides ample volume and a wonderful plunky tone. Features include ebony fingerboard, cloud position markers, Straight Line tailpiece, reversible two way truss rod, body and neck binding, maple neck and double coordinator rods...
  • 3 Reviews
    Every 5-string player needs a Dojo.Incredible sustain and pleasing tone make Dojos great alternative instruments. These instruments are similar in sound to resonator guitars, but have banjo tuning. For additional sound styles, try using a slide. Dojos are a lot lighter than banjos and also make great practice instruments. The original Dojo has great...
  • 7 Reviews
    I believe it's the best sounding new banjo on the market in it's price range!!-Ross Nickerson We've taken our celebrated OB-250 and improved it dramatically by adding many unique features reserved for only the highest-quality banjos. Upgraded features include the JLS tone ring, 3-ply maple rim, coordinator rod adjuster, Brian Hooper Intonated Custom...
  • 2 Reviews
    Traditionally styled body for the "country look" with a similar tone as the popular EBM. Sitting down, this body shape fits comfortably on your leg. It has two tone curly maple top. To amplify the banjo the EBT features, humbucker banjo pickup under head, single coil at neck, snowflake inlay, chrome hardware, rosewood fingerboard, 8" head, "tele" body,...
  • 13 Reviews
    The BG-250F is the first professional 5 string banjo in our line. It is a vintage replica of the most famous banjo ever played in bluegrass music. All its parts are accurate reproductions of the original. In addition, we have added a maple neck, which brightens tone compared to the original mahogany necks. Features include a 3-ply Canadian maple rim and...
  • 8 Reviews
    This is a great deal on an archtop banjo. Gold Tone revives that classic archtop sound with this specialized model. Archtops are rare these days and Gold Tone has them! The AT model includes a forty hole sand cast bell brass arch top tone ring. This configuration produces more penetrating highs compared to a conventional flat top. For banjoists who own a...
  • 3 Reviews
    It is a banjo that is easy to travel with, practice, and great for kids and youth banjo students to learn on. It has a maple neck and rim, 19 frets, sealed geared tuning machines, Straight Line tailpiece and snowflake inlay. Options include a flat back resonator, heavily padded gig bag, strap pegs, banjo style planetary tuners, and 5th string capo spikes....
  • $711.00
    On Special...For a limited time FREE Hard Case with the MC 150RPYour hard case will be added to your order automaticallyNotes from Ross Nickerson on the MC 150RP Maple Classic model from has the Goldtone MC150RP Maple Classic with planetary tuners or "planet pegs" at the best price. The planets add very little to the price and...
  • $284.00
    A true backpacker weighing in at only two lbsMay be tuned in C or Dthis banjo is no toy and is very playable. The neck width is similar to a full size banjo for ease of fingering. Its has low string action and plenty of volume. Perfect for the very young child, on the trail, or cuddling up with on the couch. Set up perfectly at our shop just like the big...
  • 8 Reviews
    Notes from Ross Nickerson on the OB 250 models from Goldtone.Does this look like a banjo that only costs this much? It looks and plays like a $4000 to $5000 dollar banjo. Wayne at Goldtone has really perfected this model without raising the price. I have a demo video of the OB 250 and OB 250 Plus also a close up description on video. My price is very good...
  • 5 Reviews
    Designed for optimal volume and tone based on numerous tone ring experimentation, this model provides the most acoustic volume and excellent sustain for a six string banjo, because of its bell brass tone ring. The 750 also has a exquisite curly maple resonator and includes our unique SMP (Sliding Mag Pick-up). All other specs are similar to the GT-500....
  • 6 Reviews
    The unique Florentine-style design looks as good as it sounds. The two-tone tobacco sunburst is pleasantly offset by the gold hardware. The EBM has easy to reach control knobs for quick tone and volume changes. Unique F-style design looks as good as it sounds. Two tone tobacco sunburst is pleasantly set off by the gold hardware. It has easy to reach...
  • $464.00
    Never before has an entry level openback banjo included the features and tone of our CC100 Open Back Banjo Check any competitive banjo in this price range and you'll find more bang for the buck with our Cripple Creek. Features include maple neck and body, neck and resonator binding, double coordinator rods, curly maple headstock veneer, Straight Line...
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