Scruggs Style Instruction for Five-String Banjo - Spiral Bound Book/CDs By Ross Nickerson

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Scruggs Style Instruction for 5- String Banjo by Ross Nickerson

Build a solid foundation with correct 3 finger "Scruggs Style" 5-string banjo technique!

Master "Scruggs Style" Bluegrass banjo with Ross Nickerson's five step process


  • First, hear the song with the full band up to speed.
  • Next, hear the same arrangement at a slower speed
  • Third is verbal instruction breaking down and demonstrating the arrangement while pointing out the importance of certain sections with tips to mastering the technique.
  • Next the bluegrass band rhythm track at the slower tempo to play along with
  • Then the backup band to practice with at the faster speed.

Songs Include these Earl Scruggs Classics: Lonesome Road Blues, Little Darlin' Pal of Mine, Fireball Mail, Groundspeed, Sally Goodwin, and Foggy Mountain Breakdown

The book includes extra arrangements for up the neck solos and breaks for Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Little Darlin' Pal of Mine, Fireball Mail, a low break arrangement for Lonesome Road Blues with other tasteful innovations in solid bluegrass Scruggs Style. The tab for Fireball Mail, Lonesome Road Blues and all the other songs included is easy to read and includes the chords to the songs, also right and left hand fingering notations for more difficult passages.

The Scruggs Style Instruction for Five String Banjo Book with two CDs is not for brand new beginners. It is more suited for new intermediate or intermediate players who understand the fundamentals and feel they are ready to improve their technique and learn by this method. The CDs have the songs recorded slower and up to speed along with backup band rhythm tracks to play along with as well as verbal audio instruction on each song.

...Your arrangement is as close to Earl as I have ever heard and your instructions are breaking it down into digestible pieces so I'm actually making progress each time I sit down. It is the best value in instruction that have come across to date...

Hear Ross Nickerson sound clips
Faster versions of Foggy Mountain Breakdown or Ground Speed
from Scruggs Style Instruction for 5-string Banjo

Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Ground Speed

This book is also available as an E-Book with Audio
that you can download instantly for 15.00
Scruggs Style Instruction for 5-string Banjo E-book



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Oct 29, 2015
Looking forward to picking...
Very comprehensive book of Scrugg's methods, lessons & songs. Looking forward to being more competent in my playing so I can get into it...

Aug 20, 2015
great dvd and book
I got the booklet yesterday - wow that was fast! I already started using the lessons - great dvd and book. Thanks again

Aug 20, 2015
Thanks for the great instruction material
....Just what I was looking for, too bad all banjo song books don't come with the songs in complete form like this one. Thanks for the great instruction material

Aug 20, 2015
I'm a very pleased customer.
....just ordering the book and cd's for scruggs style thanks a bunch! i'm having fun finally learning the right way to pick the banjo i'm a very pleased customer...

Aug 20, 2015
"" - that's exactly What he is!
If I can get more actual lessons from Ross through the internet without having to chase him all over the world, then I will gladly pay the price asked! No wonder his site is named "" - that's exactly What he is!

Aug 20, 2015
He is explicit even down to where and why to put the odd finger
I am DEFINITELY going become a member there, and also am picking-up his other instruction books. He is explicit even down to where and why to put the odd finger on the odd string, and how that flows into the next chord. Best part is the recorded back-up band, minus the banjo recorded at both slow (beginner-level) and full speeds.

Aug 20, 2015
I am blown away
Yesterday I received his Scruggs Style instruction book and 2 CD set, and lemme tell ya'll - I am blown away but the instruction on it! I learned more in 20 minutes of listening to the first CD and just floowing along with my finger in the book - NO banjo in hand! - than I did the first few months of lessons I took!

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