Beginning the Five-String Banjo Book, DVD and CD by Ross Nickerson

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Beginning the 5-String Banjo by Ross Nickerson

Learn How to Play the Banjo

Everything you'll need to know to learn how to play banjo "right" from the beginning!

Includes DVD and Two CDs

Ross Nickerson has the best beginner banjo book for students just starting out. His approach to teaching beginning bluegrass banjo will get you picking and grinning right away.

Jump right in and learn how to play banjo rolls, chords, how to tune the banjo, play songs and much, much more.

The most comprehensive easy to use 5 string Banjo Book, DVD and CD for learning 5-string bluegrass banjo there is.

Wire bound 62 page Banjo Book with  2 audio CDs and high quality close-up DVD that both clearly demonstrate all the banjo lessons and songs at slow, medium and faster speeds.

Ross Nickerson will cover many subjects of beginner banjo with you in a personal and informative way including; Learning to banjo rolls, chords, read tablature, proper right and left hand technique, tuning, timing, playing bluegrass banjo songs and more. The book includes audio recordings on two CDs of all the lessons and songs in the book demonstrated at three speeds. All of the banjo lessons and songs are also included on the high quality close-up DVD that comes with the book demonstrated by Ross Nickerson at three speeds as well with other special features on the DVD.

....It is the clearest, most direct and helpful book imaginable....

....The way things are explained and then demonstrated on the DVD so that you can pause and rewind as required is a fantastic idea...

View the Beginning Banjo Book CD Track Sheet

This banjo beginners banjo book with two CDs and DVD is extremely comprehensive, covering many critical aspects of learning banjo that have not been adequately covered until now. Get off to a good start without wasting time on outdated methods, poor quality materials and simple tab books with poor quality audio and DVD recordings.

  • Songs performed at slow, medium and fast tempos on DVD and CD All Lesson demonstrations are slowed down for easy learning
  • Learn how to play banjo easy with Ross Nickerson's renowned Beginning the Five String Banjo Book with two high quality CDs and comprehensive split screen DVD
  • The two hour DVD features high quality split screen video and easy to use click through menus.
  • Hear and see the lessons demonstrated at three speeds with split screen close up view of both the picking and fretting hands
  • Added special features, including a section on changing strings, tightening the head, setting the bridge, parts of the banjo, putting a strap on, picks and much, much more.
  • The two CDs come with the lessons demonstrated clearly at three speeds including a backup play along practice track for each song
  • Play Along Practice Tracks - Each song includes a practice play along track with Ross Nickerson playing rhythm backup.
  • DVD Special Features - Also included on the DVD is a special feature lessons on tuning the banjo, changing a string, putting on a strap, using the picks, tightening the head and other important banjo basics.
  • Learning Banjo Chords - At the end of the DVD when you are ready, there are chord lessons that include exercises, chord charts for the major minor and seventh  chord, a demonstration of an easy way to find the chords up and down the neck and how to fret and use two and three finger chord shapes. There is a DVD video sample link on this page
  • The DVD has an added menu option for scrolling through the songs at the slow, medium or fast tempos separately.

    Songs you'll learn are, Cripple Creek, Boil the Cabbage Down, Buffalo Gals, Tom Dooley, Long Journey Home, John Henry, Red River Valley, Blackberry Blossom, My Old Kentucky Home, Old Time Religion and more.

Beginning the Five String Banjo includes chord lessons, playing by the chords, banjo rolls, left hand positioning, timing exercises, text explanations and picture illustrations. Proper Right and Left-hand technique is covered in detail along with many time saving practical tips. Ross Nickerson while giving private lessons and workshops has seen 100's of students struggle with the same challenges. His lessons and advice will anticipate tough spots, giving  you help and guidance to overcome them.

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Jul 28, 2020
Just get it
This book with DVD and CD will get you to learn the Banjo! Straightforward, simple to follow and easy to understand. Do what he says, just follow the lessons and you'll be fine! Use the CD tracks! They really help you learn what things should sound like. This system will teach you "how to play the banjo", not just memorize a few songs. There is a difference. Might as well learn to play it correctly from the beginning. A must have for anyone wanting to play.

Aug 21, 2017
Best Beginning Banjo Instruction Book Ever!
Ross Nickerson's "Beginning the Five-String Banjo" instruction book is by far the best material I have ever come across to learning the 5-string banjo. I've been trying to learn to play the 5-string banjo since 2002, and with teachers being scarce or horrible at teaching the material, I began my quest for an in-home instruction book. I've tried a host of material, only to be disappointment with what was being offered. The information in other books were either too vague or complex for a beginning student... Then I came across "Beginning the Five-String Banjo" by Ross Nickerson. The ease of understanding and being able to play the material, along with the included 'play along' CD, has inspired and advanced my playing abilities. In a few short months, I am able to play a host of songs and advance my playing on a daily basis. My hat is off to Ross and his teaching techniques! This book won't disappoint, and well worth the money.

Jan 26, 2016
I have just picked up the banjo and came across banjo teacher and have been learning how to get started playing the banjo.

Sep 21, 2015
Variety of instructional books
Thanks for having such of a variety of instructional books, and DVDS for the banjo, beginners like me appreciate it!

Aug 19, 2015
I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed "Beginning the Five-Str
I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed "Beginning the Five-String Banjo". I just wish I had found your instruction books when I started trying to learn how to play the banjo eight years ago. It would have saved me eight years of lessons that I learned in your book in two months. Your instruction and suggestions really hit the target and have made playing and learning fun again. Thanks again for you outstanding instruction.

Aug 19, 2015
the best
Your Books are the best thing I found on the market for Banjo

Aug 19, 2015
She said it "almost" sounded like music.
I wanted you to know that my only fan - my wife - could not believe that it was me plunking on the banjo after I got your beginners manual. She said it "almost" sounded like music. I am so happy with your beginners manual that I ordered one as a gift for a friend of mine

Aug 19, 2015
almost like having him as a private instructor.
I ordered Ross Nickerson's Begging Lessons banjo CD and am really pleased with it. I had previously ordered another persons beginner banjo CD from another site and all it did was showcase his playing. No real instructions. Ross Nickersons's lessons are almost like having him as a private instructor. Finally I'm learning the banjo as it should be taught ........I bought a Fender FB 59 from a friend of mine and have your “Beginning the five-string banjo book, cd, and dvd. I’ve been at it for about 7 months and my wife is amazed at my progress. I practice from a half hour to an hour a day (sometimes more) and I love every minute of it.Thanks for putting out a great product and helping me to fulfill a life long desire.

Aug 19, 2015
- learning to play! This is so cool
Just want to take a minute to say thank you to Ross and the Beginning the 5 String Banjo book, cd and dvd! I have wanted to learn banjo for 30 years, have owned one for 2 years and am finally now - thanks to Ross - learning to play! This is so cool~Just want to take a minute to say thank you to Ross and the Beginning the 5 String Banjo book, cd and dvd! I have wanted to learn banjo for 30 years, have owned one for 2 years and am finally now - thanks to Ross - learning to play! This is so cool~God bless you

Aug 19, 2015
already further along than expected
Have received the book and DVD's and want to say that they are great, already further along than expected. The way things are explained and then demonstrated on the DVD so that you can pause and rewind as required is a fantastic idea.

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