Banjo Supplies


Banjo Supplies 

Find bluegrass banjo supplies for playing and learning banjo easy. We have the lowest prices and reasonable deals on equipment, electronic banjo tuners, tuning pegs, armrests, tailpieces, comfortable banjo straps, banjo picks, caposbanjo instruction books with DVDs, tone rings, mutes, bridgesmetronomes and a whole lot more.

  • Bridges

    Find the best banjo bridge to use for your banjo at
    We carry bridges that work for gibson mastertones, stelling, deering, ome, bellbird, burlile, goldtone, goldstar, morgan monroe, recording kings and any five string, four string or even six string banjos.

  • Straps

    Banjo Straps Available at carries a large variety of banjo straps that are specifically made for banjo carrying only banjo straps that we've actually used and can recommend. We have leather banjo straps, quick release straps, low priced banjo straps that have leather tabs so there is no metal to metal noise, cradle straps and custom made banjo straps. You have to have a good strap for a banjo and one specifically made for a banjo.

    Hi Ross, My order just came in. The all leather strap is excellent leather quality (I used to hand tool/carve out of sides of leather so I know something about it). It attached and adjusted easily. Really a good idea, that leather looping through leather adjustment. It came in just in time to show it off tonight at the Friday night jam. That $10 banjo stand is nice an compact to tote along and is more stable than using my guitar stand. Dennis Lottman

    Customer comments
    I attended the very first banjo camp that Ross held in Nova Scotia and was super impressed with his approach to playing, his dedication to teaching, and his knowledge of banjo products. I now look to BanjoTeacher for advice on what to buy. It’s really nice to have a personal attachment to a vendor and I value the relationship greatly. Keep up the great work! Thanks Gord

  • Banjo Picks
    Banjo Picks

    Thumb PicksFinger Picks and Banjo Picks for Learning Banjo

    We carry a large selection of thumb picks and finger picks for the banjo. We feature comfortable coated for comfort banjo and finger picks. We also carry left handed thumb picks, clawhammer picks, blue chip thumb picks, women's sizes, cobalt coated pickschild size and smaller size thumb and finger picks.

  • Tuners

    Tuning the Banjo - We carry the best models of electronic tuners for the banjo. We have clip on tunerstuners with both lights and needles, and tuners with metronomes all at discounted prices and made for the most accurate tuning of your banjo.
    I've included beginner banjo instruction on the notes to tune a banjo too. I listed several of the most common ways to tune a banjo depending on what type of banjo it is. I included 5-string banjo in standard bluegrass G tuning as well as C and D tuning, 4-string tenor and plectrum tunings, old time banjo tuning like double C and G modal and the low open E Banjo tuning like John Hartford used.


    Standard Bluegrass G Tuning 5th G 4th D3rd G 2nd B 1st D
    Bluegrass C Tuning (Also 4 string Plectrum) 5th G 4th C 3rd G 2nd B 1st D
    Bluegrass D Tuning 5th F# or A 4th D 3rd F# 2nd A 1st D
    Double C Tuning 5th G 4th C 3rd G 2nd C 1st D
    G Minor or G modal Tuning 5th G 4th D 3rd G2nd Bb 1st D
    4 string Tenor 4th C 3rd G 2nd D 1st A
    4 string Plectrum  4th C 3rd G 2nd B 1st D
    4 String Chicago Tenor Banjo Tuning 4th D 3rd G 2nd B 1st D
    Low Open E Tuning 5th E 4th B 3rd E 2nd G# 1st B
    Learn to tune a banjo on video

  • Parts - Hardware
    Parts - Hardware

    Banjo Replacement Parts
    We have a large selection of banjo replacement parts.
    We stock armrests, tailpieces, replacement tuning pegs, tuning buttons, tone rings, bridges, tension hoops, resonator hardwarereplacement brackets for tightening the banjo head, head wrenches, coordinator rods, truss rod covers for banjo, shoe and brackets for open back banjos and other important parts to the banjo that have been lost or need to be replaced.

  • Tuning Pegs
    Tuning Pegs

    We have the best low price 5th string banjo peg and banjo planetary tuning peg replacements, whole sets of planet pegs for banjo and replacement tuning keys or buttons for broken tuning pegs. We have discounts on D-Tuners, complete sets of Keith D tuners, the Keith straight pegs in gold and stainless along with the Cam D tuners called "Cheat a Keys", 

    Click on our tuning peg categories or scroll down to see all the planet peg replacements we offer.

  • Strings Replace
    Strings Replace

    Banjo Strings available at
    We carry 5-string banjo strings, 4-string tenor banjo strings, 4 string plectrum6-string banjo strings and also ball end banjo strings.
    The notes to tune the strings to for bluegrass banjo in open G tuning are 5th G, 4th D, 3rd G, 2nd B and 1st D. Standard 4-string Tenor Banjo Tuning is C G D A, Plectrum Banjo Tuning is C G B D, Irish tenor banjo tuning is G D A E, and Chicago tuning for Tenor and Plectrum banjos is D G B E. 6-string banjos normally tune to standard guitar tuning but many open guitar tunings work great on the six string banjo too. 

    Here is a free Ross Nickerson video on changing banjo strings and how to remove the resonator and tighten the banjo head too. 

    Discounts and no additional shipping cost when purchasing multiple sets
    Buy any combination and still get a discount!

    It's Easy and Sensible to Save on Multiple Sets
    No matter if you purchase 1 set or 5 sets the shipping cost stays the same. You always need more strings so I would get an extra set or two and save.

  • Stands - Hangers
    Stands - Hangers

    Practice Banjo More - Banjo Hanger for Hanging a Banjo on the Wall and Low priced Banjo Stand available at Banjo 

  • Banjo Mutes
    Banjo Mutes

    We carry the best Banjo Mutes for your money at Face it, banjos can be a bit loud sometimes, especially when you are practicing and when you need to practice quietly a mute is a great idea!

  • Armrest

    Banjo Armrests
    Here at we do everything we can to make your 
    experience a positive one and always provide the best customer service.

  • Tailpieces

    Here is a good assortment of banjo tailpieces I recommend as replacements or upgrades to your present tailpiece.
    I've tried them all an they work great. Ross Nickerson
    The top banjo tailpiece styles to choose from, kershner, straight line, waverly, presto models, tailpieces found on vintage banjos.

  • Capos

    These models of capos I carry are the best types of capo for banjo and what I recommend. Some models you can easily adjust the pressure on the strings which causes minimal need for returning. If you prefer the quick capoing action of the spring loaded capo, the Nashville by Performance Capos is the best of its type on the market.

    I can count on Ross to sift through all of the available stuff and only carry what he considers as worthy....Thanks, Gord

  • Heads and Tools
    Heads and Tools

    Tightening a Banjo Head - Knowing the right wrench to buy can be tricky, don't hesitate to email or call us. If you tell us what banjo you have, we can tell you the right size.

  • Banjo Set Up
    Banjo Set Up

    Get your banjo and banjo head clean with cloths, polish, fast fret and finger ease. We also carry string changing stands and other banjo maintenance accessories.

    I recommend these banjo polish cloths to clean a banjo and the Dunlop polish works well for keeping your banjo clean too. The Dunlop polish does not have any chemicals and polishes really well on the banjo neck and resonator.

  • Music Stands
    Music Stands

    Tripod Banjo Music Stand - Heavy Duty Sturdy Construction

  • Metronomes

    Learn good timing on the banjo with hand picked metronomes by Ross Nickerson and

  • Cases
    Cases has a great selection of hard shell, gig bag, shoulder bag cases with back pack straps, soft shell, zero gravity light weight banjo cases that protect like a hard shell and banjo flight cases too

  • Banjo Pickups
    Banjo Pickups carries Banjo Pickups that we recommend from personal experience in using them. All of the pickups we have don't affect the tone of your banjo when you are not using the pickup. We also have pre-amps you can use to boost and adjust the tone on banjo pickups. Call us if you need advice on banjo pickups. 1-866-322-6567. Ask for Ross

  • Tone Rings
    Tone Rings

    Banjo Tone Rings at - Tonering to make your banjo lighter

  • Tone Enhancer
    Tone Enhancer

    Improve the tone of your banjo easily with the Banjo Mate Tone Enhancer. Its pretty amazing how well it works and its easy to install.

  • Slow it Down Software
    Slow it Down Software

    Slow down banjo music on your computer without re-tuning and make it much easier to learn. You can even change the key to the song without re tuning your banjo.The software works on both songs from CDs or MP3s on your computer. Hearing banjo licks slowed down with no pitch change is the ultimate learning too and works fantastic for learning those hard to get banjo licks. Now you can play along at a slower speed too and learn banjo licks you never thought you could hear.

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  • $32.49
    Gold Tone Chromatic Banjo Tuner! Awesome tuner. It can tune out interfering noise.          The Gold Tone Bluegrass Tuner will pick up only the fundamental of the string which is played, and the needle indicator will remain steady. This results in quicker and more accurate tuning. See more details below. .......I absolutely love my new Bluegrass Tuner....
  • $40.00
    JD Crowe style dobro/resonator thumb pick in large and medium. This is a slightly thicker blade design as compared to our banjo picks to withstand the more strenuous use on a dobro. Extremely durable wear No polishing Great tone No pick noise Excellent pick speed – no drag on the stringsTwo sizes: Large and Medium
  • 4 Reviews
    THE BEST PICK HOLDER OUT THEREThis brand new pick pouch for holding you banjo thumb and finger picks is the best one I've seen yet.  It's big enough to not have to cram you fingerpicks in it and it has the little metal hinges that keep in rigid when you open and close it. It's a nice  accessory like a wallet or a key case. Seriously, this is a great pick...
  • $42.00
    GOLD TONE STRAPS FOR BANJO Leather Deluxe Cradle (Model DLS) Designed by Wayne of Gold Tone, this strap is actually 3 layers of very soft leather folded to pad the shoulder. The cradle design fully supports the weight of the banjo evenly, without over stressing any parts. Fully stiched with no metal components. Gold Tone logo. Includes tie lace.Available...
  • $4.95
    Top Quality D'Addario Banjo Strings5-string Light Gauge by D'Addario String One of D'Addario's most popular 5-string banjo gauges, ideal balance of tone and projection Loopend construction for universal fit Nickelplated steel for bright tone, smooth feel and long life Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance String Gauges: Plain...
  • $28.40
    Leather Cradle (LS) in Black or BrownA simpler version of the Deluxe cradle. Genuine leather, fully adjustable. A must for banjos weighing more than 5 lbs. Gives full support by lacing under the hooks and attaching under the body. Gold Tone logo. Available in black or brown. Leather Cradle (LS) A simpler version of the Deluxe cradle. Genuine leather,...
  • $4.95
    D'Addario Medium Gage Banjo Strings.D'Addario's most popular 5-string banjo gauge, ideal for all playing styles Loopend construction for universal fit Nickelplated steel for bright tone, smooth feel and long life Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance String Gauges: Plain Steel .010, .012, .016, Nickel Wound .023, Plain Steel .010 One...
  • 3 Reviews
    This is the most comfortable thumbpick I've ever used. They sound good and don't come loose as you might suspect. This is a great product that could be used in any situation. I like to use them when I'm practicing and I've just begun performing with them, they cause a lot less fatigue. Ross NickersonThe most comfortable and multi-functional thumb-picks on...
  • $19.95 $29.95
    Reduced price!
    Intellitouch PT-2 "Bare Bones" Onboard Electronic Chromatic Tuner Works on any musical instrument.Intellitouch PT-2 "Bare Bones" Onboard Electronic Chromatic Tuner. Clamps to the peghead of any stringed instrument, picks up vibrations directly off of the instrument, for tuning in noisy places. Large LED.
  • 4 Reviews
    Work much better than your typical guitar stand, much more suited for banjo. Really cheap price too.These really do the job, better low center of gravity, work much better than your typical guitar stand, much more suited for banjo. Really cheap price too. I recommend these, at this price you could buy two, one for your practice room and any place you...
  • 26 Reviews
    Cobalt coated special designed custom picks designed for solid tone, comfort, and speed. Bob Perry custom made these picks specifically for me and they are only available at These picks sound great, they're comfortable and the cobalt coating does what it says it does, cuts string noise to nill and the picks glide over the...
  • 4 Reviews
    Buy these picks with the cobalt coating! You won't be sorry. I'm extremely pleased with this new innovation...Ross N A finish that makes other picks obsolete! Nasa has been using it for years in high-tech machinery, where expense was no object. Used on metals to reduce friction and wear longer. End Result Picks do not drag or squeak on the strings! Less...
  • 4 Reviews
    NEOTECH SUPER BANJO STRAP - clips on easy - comfortable This is a great design, easy to take on and off. The strap will support the weight of the banjo making it easier to practice. These straps will work on both the heavier 24 bracket banjos and the many lower priced designs because it's easy to put the nylon loop through the smallest of clearance...
  • $14.95 $19.95
    Reduced price!
    The CA-1 packs basic functionality and convenient tuning functions into ultra-compact bodies Features:Compact chromatic tuner, ideal for all musical instruments. High-precision LCD needle-type meter for stable tuning. Wide range of pitch detection covers C1--C8. Calibration function supports a variety of concert pitches Sound Out produces a...
  • $2.99
    Give your banjo a little TLC I recommend these banjo polish cloths to clean a banjo and the dunlop polish works well for keeping your banjo clean. The untreated cloths allow you to choose whatever cleaning agent you want to use to clean your banjo. Keeping your banjo clean is a great idea as long as it doesn't cut in to your practice time!Purchase cloth...
  • $19.95
    A sleek design, controlled tension capo for banjo. Black anodized steel capo with locking crossbar and adjustable thumb screw. Semi-hard plastic sleeve, will not mute strings. Long wear, no buzz. Ultra thin and built to last This is the type of banjo capo I use. It allows you to easily adjust the amount of pressure which helps minimize any need for...
  • $5.95
    Polish your banjo with Dunlop. Banjo cleaning is a very good idea to protect your investment. It's safe for all types of finishes and has no unnatural chemical propellants. The pump spray works easy.I recommend these banjo polish cloths to clean a banjo and the dunlop polish works well for keeping your banjo clean too. The untreated cloth is nice because...
  • 3 Reviews
    The best mute I've seen especially for the price. Ross Nickerson Practicing quieter and more on the banjo without disturbing anyone! This banjo dampener will not vibrate loose and his adjustable for all bridge widths. It fits four, five & six string banjos and slides right across the bridge under the strings. It will not hinder right hand picking...
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