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Snuffy Smith Banjo Bridges

I highly recommend the Snuffy Smith Banjo Bridges. It made a significant improvement in tone on my banjo when I switched to these banjo bridges. A high quality maple banjo bridge will even make a less expensive student model banjo sound a lot better too. Adding or upgrading to a better banjo bridge on any banjo makes a lot of sense. It's a small investment with a big return. Your tone will improve dramatically. Why use a common stock bridge on your banjo? The bridge is where the tone starts. The bridge vibrating on the banjo head produces the tone that resonates to your banjo pot. That's why the bridge is so critical in the production of sound. There is no sense in cutting corners here. Why not see how good your present banjo can sound with a better bridge before making more expensive changes or even buying a new banjo.

One of the features that I liked about the Snuffy Smith bridges was the compensated G bridge, Style 2, that Snuffy came up with. The G string on a banjo is inherently sharp. It's a known fact that banjo players and designers have been trying to compensate for this inherent problem for many years. This slight notch on the third string sets the 3rd string back on the bridge ever so slightly without affecting the tone in anyway. Other attempts at compensating banjo bridges can kill the tone or make the bridge look warped. This is a fantastic innovation that is all you need to compensate the 3rd string without losing anything in performance or appearance.

These Bridges are money back guaranteed. If it does not fit or make your banjo sound better. You can return for a full refund.

Different Sizes

Another great feature of the Snuffy Smith Bridge is the availability and versatility of having so many size options to choose from. I carry different sizes in my case for changes in my string action caused by normal fluctuating temperatures and humidity changes. I don't like having to bring my banjo in for set up every time my action gets too low or too high. When I'm playing a banjo with a Standard 5/8 bridge I have a 9/16 which is slightly lower and the 21/32 which is slightly higher on hand. It sure beats twisting the coordinator rods or making truss rod adjustments. I don't find that the small variation in bridge sizes affects my picking or feel and it is a much better alternative to buzzing strings with the action being too low or higher action than I am used to.

Video Demonstrating Snuffy Smith Bridge on Gold Star GF-85
Swapping out a bridge is easy. I have a video link on this page. On the Video I'm sorry that my voice is not louder on the video (I play a lot louder than I talk) This video from 2007 could be better quality but it shows you how easy it is to change the bridge and gives you a sound comparison. I compare a Goldstar GF 85 with it's stock bridge and then with the Snuffy Smith Bridge.

Which Bridge or Bridge Size to choose

5-string Banjo Bridges

We have 5-string banjo bridges to choose from in three styles below to purchase and many different sizes. We also have links to 4-string and 6-string banjo bridges as well as radiused banjo bridges for banjos with a radius fretboard.

Here are descriptions
Note: 5/8 is standard size and is the size most banjos come with, with few exceptions.

We carry these sizes
5/8th STANDARD Size and going up in order 21/32  11/16  and 3/4 Sizes
Also 9/16 which is slightly lower than standard 5/8 and the shortest 1/2 size,

These are the Different Snuffy Smith Styles
Style I

These are the original Snuffy Smith Style 1 design with NO compensated G notch.
Style II
Slightly compensated 3rd string to correct normal 3rd string intonation problems.
"Crowe" spaced
Wider bridge spacing for banjo players with bigger fingers or pickers that prefer the wider spacing.
Crowe or wider spacing banjo bridges

Radius Banjo Bridges
We have radius banjo bridge options below for banjos with radiused or arched fretboards and more radius options at this link.
Banjo Bridges for Banjos with a radius neck/fingerboard

4-String and 6-String Banjo Bridges
Our 4-string tenor and plectrum and 6-string banjo-guitar banjo bridges are located on other pages
4-string Tenor and Plectrum Banjo Bridges
6-string Banjo Bridges

The default option below is the standard size 5/8 Style ll
5/8 is the standard size the majority of banjos use

Bridges are money back guaranteed.
If it does not fit or make your banjo sound better. You can return for a full refund.

To Purchase Select a Size and Click "Add to Cart"
To Purchase Two Select a Second Time and Click "Add to Cart" Again


  • Style II - 5/8
  • Style II - 21/32 (.656)
  • Style II - 11/16
  • Style II - 9/16
  • Style II - 3/4
  • Style II - 1/2
  • Style I - 5/8
  • Style I - 21/32 (.656)
  • Style I - 11/16
  • Style I - 3/4
  • Style II - Crowe Spacing - 21/32
  • Style II - Crowe Spacing - 11/16
  • Style II - Crowe Spacing - 9/16
  • Style II - Crowe Spacing - 3/4
  • Style I - Six string - 5/8
  • Style I - 1/2
  • Style 1 - 9/16
  • Style II - 1/2
  • Style II - 9/16
  • Style II Radiused - 5/8
  • Style II Radiused - 21/32 (.656)
  • Style II Radiused - 11/16
  • Style I - Radiused - 21/32 (.656)
  • PEGGED TOP Style ll 5/8 $37.25
  • PEGGED TOP Style ll 21/32 (.656) $37.25
  • PEGGED TOP Style ll 11/16 $37.25
  • PEGGED TOP Style ll - 3/4 - $37.25

- + Banjo Supplies Satisfaction Guarantee

15 day satisfaction guarantee on ALL Banjo Supplies. Try it and if for any reason you want to exchange or return, No Problem!


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Mar 27, 2021
Does a great job on my banjo
Thanks for that rapid service my bridge arrived safely and does a great job on my banjo. Be sure when I am ready i will order again at your facility. When my skills will better I will order my new banjo at your place. Thanks again and stay safe.

Oct 14, 2020
Snuffy Style 2 compensated 3rd string
Ross, My Fairbanks Whyte Laydie has never sounded in tune before—the 3d string has been driving me crazy for years—what a relief!!! Best regards, Richard

Aug 24, 2020
Snuffy smith bridge
Excellent bridge can’t complain wakes that old or new banjo up amazing what snuffy smith bridge do for that little bit of money sounds like I spent hundreds of dollars well worth the money (((((((((FAST SHIPPING )))))))))) Thanks

Aug 4, 2020
You want a little extra something for your banjo? Get a Snuffy Smith banjo bridge.
This is my first time using a Snuffy Smith bridge on a banjo. I ordered a Gold Tone OB150 Masterclone with NON RADIUS fretboard from Ross at and had the head tuned to A and ordered this Snuffy Smith bridge with my banjo order. The style 2, 5/8 compensated G. This bridge does wake up my banjo a lot. I have the tail piece cranked down close to the head. If you are wanting some serious tone with some volume and some pop when playing close to the bridge then you need this bridge. I am loving the tone I am getting with my setup. YES, this banjo will cut through. Lots of pro players use a Snuffy Smith bridge on their banjos. Now I know why.

May 12, 2020
Snuffy Smith 5/8 inch - REVISED
I am revising my May 8th 2020 review and changing it from 4 star to a 5 star rating. The 5/8 inch Snuffy Smith bridge was awesome and improved the sound of my banjo significantly and I would highly recommend it. In my situation I was replacing a 1/2 inch bridge that came standard on my banjo and I probably should have just replaced it with the 9/16 inch which was the next step up. I am a relatively new player and I believe going from the 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch bridge was more than I was ready for. I just wanted to set the record straight, the Snuffy Smith bridge is a high quality addition to one's banjo and one I would recommend. I will be exchanging the 5/8 inch bridge for a 9/16 and definitely plan to stay with the Snuffy Smith bridge.

May 8, 2020
Snuff Smith 5/8 inch
Very nice bridge however just a bit too high and makes playing higher frets a bit more difficult. I wish I had ordered a 9/16th and keep thinking I should. Quality bridge that improved the sound of my banjo significantly.
Hi Larry, 5/8 is the standard height but if the action is too high on your banjo now, do you want to exchange it for the 9/16 size? That would be better to do that if your banjo is more difficult for you to play now. I can have my assistant send you her address for exchange. Let me know if you would like to do that. Sincerely, Ross Nickerson

May 2, 2020
It sounds great
The bridge arrived today. Perfect. Thank you so much for sending so quickly . It’s already on my 60s Gibson RB125 (with a 1972 StewMac 19” neck). Replacing the Ode with plastic inserts that was on it when I got it in 1970. It sounds great. I think I’m going to love it. Gotta run Diana wants me in the kitchen. Thanks again.

Feb 1, 2019
A fine product
Hi Kathy, Thanks again for offering such a fine product as my Snuffy bridge. I have decided to put them on my other banjos. I couldn't believe how they woke up my Washburn B16. I'm going to to put this one on my Recording King tone-ring open-back. It arrived in a matter of days. I am a just beginner in 3 finger style, but I am getting the hang of it. If ever I need anything in the future, you will be the first I turn to. Thanks again, Richard

Jan 4, 2019
Makes my Dean Banjo sound like a Deering
The standard 5/8' compensated bridge just arrived today. I watched your youtube video on how to install it because I wasn't sure which side the compensated notch should be. Your video made it very clear. After I installed it and started playing, my wife noticed the difference in tone and sound right away. She said, "Wow, you sound good now!"

Dec 18, 2018
Bridge arrived in Japan
A package arrived today. After replacing the bridge, the sound of the banjo has improved very much. Thank you for all the help you have given me.

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