Snuffy Smith Banjo Bridge - Left Handed

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Snuffy Smith Left Handed Premium Banjo Bridges

Snuffy Smith Left Handed Bridges for Banjo

Premium left handed banjo bridges from Snuffy Smith for 5-string bluegrass banjos. Now lefty banjo players can improve banjo tone with these custom hand made banjo bridges for left handed banjo players easily too!

I highly recommend the Snuffy Smith Banjo Bridges. It made a significant improvement in tone on my banjo when I switched to these banjo bridges. A high quality maple banjo bridge will even make a less expensive student model banjo sound a lot better too. Adding or upgrading to a better banjo bridge on any banjo makes a lot of sense. It's a small investment with a big return. Your tone will improve dramatically. Why use a common stock bridge on your banjo? The bridge is where the tone starts. The bridge vibrating on the banjo head produces the tone that resonates to your banjo pot. That's why the bridge is so critical in the production of sound. There is no sense in cutting corners here. Why not see how good your present banjo can sound with a better bridge before making more expensive changes or even buying a new banjo.

One of the features that I liked about the Snuffy Smith bridges was the compensated G bridge, Style 2, that Snuffy came up with. The G string on a banjo is inherently sharp. It's a known fact that banjo players and designers have been trying to compensate for this inherent problem for many years. This slight notch on the third string sets the 3rd string back on the bridge ever so slightly without affecting the tone in anyway. Other attempts at compensating banjo bridges can kill the tone or make the bridge look warped. This is a fantastic innovation that is all you need to compensate the 3rd string without losing anything in performance or appearance.

These Bridges are money back guaranteed. If it does not fit or make your banjo sound better. You can return for a full refund.

Left Handed 5/8 banjo bridge - Snuffy Smith
5/8 banjo bridge height is standard size and is the size most banjos come with, with few exceptions.


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