Gold Tone OB-2AT Archtop - Vintage Gibson Bowtie Inlay Banjo with Archtop Tone Ring

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Gold Tone OB-2AT Archtop - Vintage Bowtie Inlay with Archtop Tone Ring

OB-2AT Archtop Replica of Gibson RB-250 Mastertone Archtop with Bowtie Inlay

The Gold Tone OB-2AT vintage RB-250 Gibson Mastertone replica with bowtie inlay features a powerful 40 hole sand cast brass arch top tone ring similar to the 1920's orginal/ Also a 3 ply maple rim and one piece flange, the standard for Gibson Prewar banjos.


Gold Tone Banjos recently raised raised all of their price $200 on 1-4-2024. All certified dealers were mandated to raise prices. If you see a lower price still advertised for this banjo, call and we'll match it. If you see any other dealers listing banjos as "FLOOR MODELS" to avoid Dealer Mandated Price Rules. I'll match that price too and you'll be purchasing a brand new banjo.
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  • GOTOH TUNERS - The OB-2AT comes with high quality GOTOH tuners standard!
  • 5th string Capo Spikes INSTALLED FREE with the Gold Tone OB-2AT
  • Zero Glide Nut INSTALLED FREE on the OB-2AT
  • High Quality Snuffy Smith Premium Banjo Bridge Now installed and included FREE on the OB-2AT ($35 value)

The OB-2AT by Gold Tone is professionally set up before shipping and comes with lifetime warranty which is TRANSFERABLE if you sell the banjo later too.

Gold Tone Representative, Marc Horowitz:

"In 1963, I was a junior in high school. I was consumed then (as now) with all things banjo. I was playing a Seeger-style longneck Bacon banjo, but I'd recently become aware that what I needed for Bluegrass was a MASTERTONE. In those days, there was no vintage craze; the banjos from the 1930s (only thirty years before) were just, well used banjos. Some players had one, some didn't. Many of the big Bluegrass names (Scruggs, Reno, Crowe etc.) had pre-war banjos, but some others (Alan Shelton for example) played a contemporary bowtie banjo.

I decided that THAT'S what I would get. My father liberated some of my bar mitzvah money and off I went to Roger Sprung�s place to buy a bowtie Mastertone. I was over the moon! I practiced hard and made the rapid progress you achieve when you acquire a professional-grade instrument. While this was going on, the mystique of the pre-war Mastertones was coming onto every picker's radar. Suddenly, EVERYONE wanted a nineteen-thirties banjo! The race was on, and I fell for the legend. When a friend offered to sell me his 1926 RB-5, I made it happen; I sold the bowtie.

Fast forward to around ten years ago. I was musing one day about all of the banjos that had passed through my hands over the previous four decades. I fondly remembered that first Mastertone bowtie I had bought new in 1963. I wondered what I would think of one of those now, if I found one. I'd learned a lot about banjo setup over the past forty years. Maybe I could get one of these and optimized it for today�s styles of playing.

It's worth mentioning that while a pre-war banjo was thirty to forty years old back in the sixties, a bowtie Mastertone from '63 is now SIXTY years old! I located a mint condition '63 and bought it. After I finished setting it up it was... WOW. I still have it. I found more examples and bought, fixed up and resold them to eager buyers. Today, a clean early sixties bowtie brings five to six thousand dollars, and they sell quickly. These are great banjos.

Since the success of Gold Tone�s OB-3 Twanger, we were kicking around ideas for the next tribute banjo when the bowtie banjos of 1960 to mid-1964 were brought up. This was when the bowtie was at its peak of quality. A unique nineteen-hole flathead tone ring (versus the previous twenty-hole version) was used during this time. The banjos were built in Kalamazoo by some of the same people that worked there in the thirties, and the tone rings were still cast by the same foundry that made them back before The War. A full thickness rim and nickel-plated hardware were still used as well.

With those specs in mind, we set about creating a worthy modern evocation of this great old banjo: the Gold Tone OB-2 Bowtie. The feature set closely adheres to the original banjo: mahogany neck and maple resonator, a beautiful golden sunburst finish and even a nineteen-hole flathead tone ring, now available in Archtop. Updated features include superb quality Gotoh machine heads, the renowned Snuffy Smith bridge, a Presto-style tailpiece and dual coordinator rods for precise adjustment.

From our hands to yours, the value is superb and the tone and playability are amazing. Enjoy!"

List of FREE Items Included with this Banjo

  • Professional Banjo Set Up FREE Professional Banjo Set up
  • Free Banjo Case and Gig Bags with Banjo Purchase FREE Official Gold Tone TKL Hard Shell Case
  • Professional Banjo Set Up FREE 5th String Capo Spikes
  • Free Banjo Case and Gig Bags with Banjo Purchase Free Zero Glide Nut($75 value)
  • Free Banjo Case and Gig Bags with Banjo Purchase Snuffy Smith High Quality Premium Banjo Bridge FREE ($35 value)
  • Free Banjo Lessons Online with Banjo Purchase 5 Free Ross Nickerson Banjo Instruction DVDs
  • Free Banjo Lessons Online with Banjo Purchase FREE LIFETIME PLATINUM Lesson Site Access
  • Free US Banjo Shipping FREE Shipping - Lower 48 US States
  • Shipping a Banjo Overseas from the US $30 Shipping Credit for International, AK, HI
  • Best Banjo Prices, Price Matching and Serivce Price Matching or Questions 1-866-322-6567

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5 Free Ross Nickerson Banjo Instruction DVDs with this model
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Along with the strict quality control that Goldtone is known for and the banjos being checked very carefully before being shipped, each banjo is given a 12 point inspection, full head tuning, setup and will arrive tuned and ready to play


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Zero Glide Nut Installed FREE
All Gold Tone Banjos from now come with the Zero Glide Nut installed FREE
The Zero Glide makes the banjo action easier to play, increases the sound clarity and is a significant improvement for any banjo. Installation by a professional is normally done at a cost of $75 or more. It's now installed FREE on all Gold Tone Banjos.
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Gold Tone OB-2AT "Bowtie"


Archtop Tonering

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Gotoh Planetary Tuners

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