Snuffy Smith JD Crowe Wider Spaced Bridge

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Wider String Spacing 5-string Banjo Bridges "Crowe Spacing"

Strings further apart to make it easier to play banjo
Wider bridge spacing for banjo players with bigger fingers or pickers that prefer the wider spacing

Available in 4 sizes:
5/8ths, .656, 11/16th and 3/4


  • Style II - Crowe Spacing - 5/8
  • Style II - Crowe Spacing - 21/32
  • Style II - Crowe Spacing - 11/16
  • Style II - Crowe Spacing - 9/16
  • Style II - Crowe Spacing - 3/4

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Jun 7, 2023
What an Upgrade!
I have a cheaper banjo, but this bridge has really improved its tone! Bright, but still has a nice deep ring to it! Still don’t sound like Scruggs, but oh well.

Jul 27, 2018

Sep 16, 2017
Snuffy Smith Crowe spaced 5 string banjo bridge (with compensation)
I've been using Snuffy Smith Crowe spaced bridges on my 5 string banjos for more than 15 years now. I never regretted it : this kind of bridge is very well made; add rich tone and power to the instrument (I play on a 1994 Gibson RB-250 and a 2013 Deering Calico) and the playability is fantastic.The new generation of bridges - I just received this week - have a 'plus' with the compensation on the 3rd string. Every banjo picker will admit we have normally a very serious problem with this damn old 3rd string ! No way to get the exact pitch after the 4th fret ! The style 2 Snuffy Smith bridges resolve it. I have tried a lot of compensated bridges in my life on my instruments but it resulted insatisfactory every time. But for the first time since tomorrow, I do not spend 90 % of my time manipulating over and over again the 3rd string's mecanic on my instrument. I play a hundred per cent of my time !You can be confident with people at Banjo Teacher and buy this product. It is the best ever for your banjo !Charley (France)

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