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Thumb PicksFinger Picks and Banjo Picks for Learning Banjo

We carry a large selection of thumb picks and finger picks for the banjo. We feature comfortable coated for comfort banjo and finger picks. We also carry left handed thumb picks, clawhammer picks, blue chip thumb picks, women's sizes, cobalt coated pickschild size and smaller size thumb and finger picks.

  • A Set of Banjo Picks
    A Set of Banjo Picks

    National Thumbpick and pair of Cobalt Coated Finger Picks are all you need to get started picking the 5-string banjo

  • Nick Picks
    Nick Picks

    Large Comfortable Finger Picks For Banjo
    Cobalt coated special designed custom picks made for Ross Nickerson called "Nick Picks".
    Nick Picks are custom made for solid tone, comfort, and speed. Available only at The Nick Picks are bigger and more comfortable than normal finger picks and also fit past your cuticle, They are designed without the painful holes in the side that stick through the edge or your nails and are a thicker banjo pick which gives you much better tone. They are Cobalt coated for less pick noise or scratchy pick sound and are easily adjusted to fit.

  • Thumbpicks

    Thumb Picks For Banjo

    We carry all sizes and types of thumbpicks for banjo. We have the Blue Chip banjo thumbpicks, JD Crowe Blue Chip picks for banjo that are super light and fit tight with no turn you finger blue pressure on your thumb. We have Tortoise Shell Replica thumb picks that work great and produce amazing tone. You can also choose from a large selection of low cost plastic thumb picks for banjo and you can mix and match sizes. We even have small and extra large thumb picks and carry the extra heavy Golden Gate and Rainbow colored Thumb Picks.

  • Showcase 41
    Showcase 41

    These fingerpicks are a reproductions of the classic pre-war National fingerpicks.
    They are made from pure German nickel-silver and pre buffed. Pre-war shape nd tone.
    Come packaged in pairs (2-picks).

  • Blue Chip Thumb Picks
    Blue Chip Thumb Picks

    The Blue Chip Thumb Pick was designed and constructed for JD Crowe to his very exacting specifications. These thumbpicks are amazing! They never wear out but most of all you hardly know it's there. it's so light but still fit tight without squeezing and don't slip.

  • Shark Tooth Picks
    Shark Tooth Picks

    Strum-n Comfort Picks

    The most comfortable and multi-functional thumb-picks on the planet!

  • Cobalt Picks
    Cobalt Picks

    Get a Pair of Cobalt Coated Banjo Finger Picks to get started picking the 5-string banjo. Banjo players when playing bluegrass banjo use finger picks. You would not be heard if you do not use picks and practicing without them can it much harder to get used to them later. Practicing without or playing banjo without picks also changes the way you strike the strings which can affect your technique in the long run creating the wrong muscle memory habits.

  • Tortoise Shell Replica
    Tortoise Shell Replica

    These thumbpicks are great, I'm really hooked on them. Banjo player and inventor Bill Stokes has designed a thumbpick that closely replicates the tortoise shell tone. (note: real tortoise shell picks are illegal)

  • Child Sized Picks
    Child Sized Picks

    Small cobalt coated banjo picks for children. We also carry them in comfort coated styles in different colors. These picks also work excellent for women with more petite fingers. These can really make a difference and I am glad we can make them available.

  • Comfort Coated Picks
    Comfort Coated Picks
    Coated for Comfort Banjo Picks

    Finally a comfortable banjo and guitar fingerpick solution with picks specially coated for comfortable and tight fit. We have regular size and a smaller size that is perfect for children learning to play banjo or guitar and for women with smaller fingers that need small fingerpicks for banjo.

    Greg Allen's Custom Coated Picks - Banjo Finger Picks that are comfortable
  • Clawhammer Pick
    Clawhammer Pick
    Perfect Touch Clawhammer Finger Pick
    Handcrafted in the Mountains of Tennessee
  • Banjo Picks for Women
    Banjo Picks for Women

    Little Maggie Banjo Picks for Women. Kick up your speed and volume with Little Maggie Banjo Fingerpicks. They are made using the finest German Nickel Silver.

  • Pick Pouch
    Pick Pouch

    The best banjo pick holder out there is the pick pocket pick pouch. I've tried everything and this one I have stuck with for over 7 years.

  • Keeps Picks on Tight
    Keeps Picks on Tight

    Keep your finger picks from coming off!
    Sticky Picks keep your finger picks from feeling loose and is designed to help hold on thumb and finger picks while playing banjo, guitar, dobro or pedal steel. If you have a problem with finger picks coming off or thumb picks feeling loose just add a little Sticky Picks before putting your picks on and to solve your problem with picks slipping off. It doesn't take much to work so a small bottle lasts forever.

  • Pick Polisher Pick Strop
    Pick Polisher Pick Strop

    Banjo Pick Polisher and Buffer from Bill Stokes. These work great for pick noise and scratchy picks. They are the only thing like it I have seen.

  • Tenor Banjo Picks
    Tenor Banjo Picks

    Picks for 4-string Tenor and Plectrum Banjos at

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  • 26 Reviews
    Cobalt coated special designed custom picks designed for solid tone, comfort, and speed. Bob Perry custom made these picks specifically for me and they are only available at These picks sound great, they're comfortable and the cobalt coating does what it says it does, cuts string noise to nill and the picks glide over the strings...what...
  • 4 Reviews
    Buy these picks with the cobalt coating! You won't be sorry. I'm extremely pleased with this new innovation...Ross N A finish that makes other picks obsolete! Nasa has been using it for years in high-tech machinery, where expense was no object. Used on metals to reduce friction and wear longer. End Result Picks do not drag or squeak on the strings! Less...
  • 3 Reviews
    These thumb picks are great, I'm really hooked on them. Tortoise shell thumb pick for guitar or banjo that produces the tone you are looking for but with using a special composite "legal" and animal friendly material. Now in left handed or right handed medium and large sizes. Bill Stokes makes the thumb picks for left handed banjo and guitar players...
  • 1 Review
    High-quality National thumb picks are precisely shaped to ensure the maximum stability and grip. This precision-crafted thumb pick from Black Diamond guarantees great tone and a warm sound. Musician's know that National makes high quality thumbpicks, precisely bent and polished to ensure maximum stability and grip.Extra Large Picks Available!Purchase...
  • 2 Reviews
    Plastic fingerpicks and thumbpicks can be used on almost any stringed instrumentGives the player a warm tonal response and increased controlMolded in classic white with the Dunlop logoAvailable in Small, Medium and Large - also some Left Extra Large Picks Available!Purchase more than one at a discountOne thumb Pick Option is 1.15Two Thumb Pick Option is...
  • $40.00
    Blue Chip Thumb Picks for BanjoBCT - 1  BCT - 1L (large) BCT - 1M (medium)  BCT - 1S (small) Blue Chip Thumb Pick for Bluegrass Banjo or Acoustic Guitar Blue chip banjo thumb picks with small medium and large sizes and various styles. Blue Chip banjo thumb picks are simply the most comfortable and most durable out there and are well worth the money. I...
  • 4 Reviews
    THE BEST BANJO PICK POUCH FINGER PICK HOLDER OUT THEREThis pick pouch for holding you banjo thumb and finger picks is the best one I've seen yet.  It's big enough to not have to cram you fingerpicks in it and it has the little metal hinges that keep in rigid when you open and close it. It's a nice  accessory like a wallet or a key case. Seriously, this is...
  • $40.00
    JD Crowe Banjo Thumb Picks This is our JD Crowe thumb pick in large, medium or small . This pick was designed by JD Crowe and constructed to his very exacting specifications. The JDL is the exact pick that JD uses. The pick bears JD's initials on the inside between the rivets. It is constructed using a custom designed stainless steel band and a 50/1000 of...
  • 2 Reviews
    Pair of Bill Stokes Showcase 41 Picks SHOWCASE 41 Prewar Replica Banjo Finger picks Banjo innovator Bill Stokes designed these right down to the materials and specifications of the the pre-war National banjo picks  that are so coveted. The picks are made with real German nickel silver and produce a great tone. The buffed finish produces less string noise...
  • $2.74
    Golden Gate thumb picks have long been the standard among bluegrass guitar, dobro and banjo pickers Striking multi-colored design is easy to find in any case or pocket Ergonomically designed for player comfortSuitable for guitars, resos, banjos, and other stringed instruments Purchase more than one at a discount One thumb Pick Option is 2.74Two Thumb Pick...
  • $5.90
    National Vintage Style Nickel Silver Finger Picks - Model: NP2By popular demand, National has finally reproduced their original fingerpick which was patented in the 1930's. The proper contours and smoothly finished in .025 gauge. These are made with the same nickel silver alloy that has been used in the best picks for the last hundred years.These are made...
  • $12.20
    Picks used for Clawhammer Banjo Rusty Thornhill has applied his innovative skills to the needs of the clawhammer picker. With this, the clawhammer picker can pick for hours or days without fear of broken, split or worn fingernails. A single metal clawhammer pick designed and crafted for extra comfort and ease of use. Avoid the discomfort of pinched-on...
  • $1.25
    Extra large comfortable banjo thumb picks available finally! These comfortable thumb picks for banjo also produce a solid fat tone for bluegrass. Grained ivoroid plastic banjo thumb picks are also available in Small, Medium, Large as well as Extra Large and you can purchase more than one at a discount.Purchase more than one at a discountOne thumb Pick...
  • 1 Review
    Beautiful pearl color thumbpick Golden Gate thumb picks have long been the standard among bluegrass guitar, dobro and banjo pickers Available in a beautiful pearl color Extra thick and heavy vintage style thumbpick constructed of white pearloid nitrocellulose takes a licking and keeps on pickin' Designed and contoured to fit most land borne, opposably...
  • 3 Reviews
    This is the most comfortable thumbpick I've ever used. They sound good and don't come loose as you might suspect. This is a great product that could be used in any situation. I like to use them when I'm practicing and I've just begun performing with them, they cause a lot less fatigue. Ross NickersonThe most comfortable and multi-functional thumb-picks on...
  • 1 Review
    Kick up your speed and volume with Little Maggie Banjo Fingerpicks. They are made using the finest German Nickel Silver. Our Dutch engineer, located in Pennsylvania, is also a bluegrass picker. Little Maggie Banjo Fingerpicks are individually polished and each one is formed by hand. The blade length takes the stress out of picking by adding strength and...
  • 2 Reviews
    Child size cobalt coated picks A set of Dunlop .025's with the Cobalt coating, coated by Bob Perry himself.Finally some youth banjo picks for kids, also perfect for woman that have smaller fingers.Buy these picks with the cobalt coating! You won't be sorry. I'm extremely pleased with this new innovation...Ross NHere's the hype, but they don't need it. I...
  • 4 Reviews
    Keep your finger picks from coming off! This is a great new innovation invented to keep your finger picks from coming off. It works on thumbpicks too. It sure beats squeezing your picks on too tight or wearing a thumb pick that is too small for you. This product will work great for banjo players too or for any picker that uses thumb or finger picks. Ross...
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