Blue Chip Picks - JD Crowe Banjo Thumb Picks - BCT-JD

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JD Crowe Blue Chip Banjo Thumb Picks - BCT-JD

This is our JD Crowe thumb pick in large, medium or small . This pick was designed by JD Crowe and constructed to his very exacting specifications.

The JDL is the exact pick that JD uses. The pick bears JD's initials on the inside between the rivets. It is constructed using a custom designed stainless steel band and a 50/1000 of an inch(1.25mm) thick Blue Chip Banjo pick.
These picks are laser etched, professionally machined, and hand beveled to create the best thumb pick available.

Sizes available - order below
JD Crowe Banjo Thumbpick - Large
JD Crowe Banjo Thumbpick - Medium
JD Crowe Banjo Thumbpick - Small 
JD Crowe LEFT Banjo Thumbpick - Large - LEFT HANDED
JD Crowe LEFT Banjo Thumbpick - Medium - LEFT HANDED

These picks are amazing. If you get one I can almost guarantee you wont want to use anything else ever again and they are definitely worth the money. Keep in mind how much you use your thumb when you play banjo. I know they are expensive but only if you lose it. I used to be careless with thumb picks when I used cheap ones but it's funny how $40.00 makes you careful, I know I am with mine.

Note on sizes.
The Blue Chip Thumb Picks are adjustable and stay tight without feeling tight. If you presently use a Large or Extra Large plastic thumbpick, get the Large. If you use a medium get a medium, Large might be ok though because its adjustable. So if you are on the big side of a Medium you might consider getting the Large.
Small are good for women with petite fingers or children. Medium would fit an average size women's thumb.

Try a Blue Chip Thumb Pick and you if don't like it better than what you are using send it back for a full refund right away.

Thanks, Ross Nickerson


  • JD Crowe - Banjo Thumpick - Large - $40.00
  • JD Crowe - Banjo Thumpick - Medium - $40.00
  • JD Crowe - Banjo Thumpick - Small - $40.00
  • JD Crowe - LEFT HAND Banjo Thumpick - Large - $40.00
  • JD Crowe - LEFT HAND Banjo Thumpick - Med - $40.00
  • JD Crowe - LEFT HAND Banjo Thumpick - Small - $40.00

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Oct 29, 2020
Express delivery to Poland, I ordered on October 22nd and on October 29th, I received my package in the morning :) I am impressed by the professional service of the store. And of course the thumb pick is amazing and worth every cent :)

Sep 22, 2018
Blue Chip Picks - JD Crowe Thumb Picks
I was Very hesitant to buy a forty dollar banjo thumb pick, but so glade I gave in, it works perfectly, very smooth, it doesn’t move around, so I don’t have to keep pushing in in position, and it is so comfortable, I could wear it all day, the money that I wasted on cheep picks , I could have paid for it, Thanks. Richard Garrett

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