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Blue Chip Thumb Picks for Banjo
BCT - 1 

BCT - 1L (large) BCT - 1M (medium)  BCT - 1S (small)

Blue Chip Thumb Pick for Bluegrass Banjo or Acoustic Guitar

Blue chip banjo thumb picks with small medium and large sizes and various styles.

Blue Chip banjo thumb picks are simply the most comfortable and most durable out there and are well worth the money. I have been using one ever since the first time I tried one in 2012. They are lighter making playing easier, they cause less fatigue because they fit tight without squeezing or cutting off your circulation and they don't ever break or wear out.

In my experience of playing banjo for 40 years I feel they are the best all around banjo thumb pick available anywhere.

Try one and you if don't like it better, send it back for a full refund.

Thanks, Ross Nickerson

Note on sizes. In my experience, if you are unsure whether to choose medium or large, choose large.
The Blue Chip Thumb Picks are adjustable and stay tight without feeling tight and the large fits most men. The small is for women with more petite fingers and the medium is for women with average size fingers and men that have a slightly smaller than average thumb.
Another way to gauge this is I have never had a large sent back for a medium but have had quite a few mediums sent back for large. The Large will also fit men with extra large thumbs because it is adjustable. I've never received a large back because it was too small for someone either.


  • BCT-1Large - $40.00
  • BCT-1Medium - $40.00
  • BCT 1Small - $40.00

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