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Comfortable Spring Tension Thumb Pick for Banjo - Black Mountain Picks

Adjustable Fits all Banjo Thumb Picks that "eases the squeeze" on your Thumb

First Spring Loaded Thumb Pick in the World

These comfortable form fitting fits all banjo thumb picks from Black Mountain use spring tension to ease pressure and fatigue that normal overly tight fitting thumb picks can cause.

The tone of the blade on these guitar shaped thumb picks I find is excellent. They are a little not traditional looking for banjo players but with the full tone and comfortable fit I use them and recommend them.

The spring tension makes these picks great for anywhere from small to larger thumbs. But in particular they are a big boost for banjo players with larger thumbs because they can expand but still fit tightly. Pickers with larger thumbs often end up with thumb picks that cut off the circulation in their thumbs while playing, these won't!

Here is a video I did using the Black Mountain Thumb Pick.

Medium Gauge Grey
1.5 mm at the hinge, tapering to .7 mm at the tip with beveled edges. Standard pick shape. Feels like a .8 or .9 mm, nylon pick. Soft grey, tapered ring for comfort.

Heavy Gauge Red
1.5 mm nylon with beveled edges. Standard pick shape. Red, tapered ring for comfort.


  • Medium Gauge Grey
  • Heavy Gauge Red

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