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This is the most comfortable thumbpick I've ever used. They sound good and don't come loose as you might suspect. This is a great product that could be used in any situation. I like to use them when I'm practicing and I've just begun performing with them, they cause a lot less fatigue. Ross Nickerson

The most comfortable and multi-functional thumb-picks on the planet
A clever way of using a neoprene sleeve to hold a flatpick to make a comfortable, fully adjustable thumbpick. Reduces muscle fatigue and frustrating flatpick control problems. Designed by Greg Atkin.

4 Styles Available:  (See Below for a more detailed description of each pick)
"Traditional" Velcro Shark Tooth Pick

You get two Neoprene picks for this price. A 0.75mm celluloid flat pick/strap, a 1.0mm flat pick/strap, a spare hook Velcro strap for use with your own pick and a set of instructions
"Hybrid" Slip-on Shark Tooth Pick
You recieve two picks for this price. These picks work great, very comfortable but play tight. They are light but don't slip and have good tone.
Revolutionary design that offers abundant technical flexibility. “Un-Thumb Pick” supports the plectrum on the outside of the sleeve.
Kodiak Crossover
The Kodiak basic package includes the leather strap, two different gage flatpick strap assemblies (.8mm & 1.0mm) and instructions.

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  • Hybrid - $12.00
  • Two Hybrid - $20.00
  • Traditional - $12.00
  • Two Traditional - $20.00
  • Hybrid and Traditional $20.00
  • Un-Thumb - $12.00
  • Kodiak - $12.00
  • All 4- Hybrid, Traditional, Un-Thumb and Kodiak -$32.00
  • Hybrid, Traditional and Un-Thumb $27.50
  • Kodiak with pouch - $16.45
  • All 4- Hybrid, Traditional, Un-Thumb and Kodiak WITH Pouch -$36.45
  • LEFT HANDED - Hybrid - $12.00
  • LEFT HANDED - Traditional - $12.00
  • LEFT HANDED - Un-Thumb - $12.00
  • LEFT HANDED - Kodiak - $12.00

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Left Handed Shark Tooth Thumb Picks available. For lefty thumbpick requests, send us an email now, or right after ordering

A detailed description of each pick:

traditiionalpackage.jpgThe first model of the Shark Tooth pick to be presented here is called "Traditional". The Traditional design uses an interchangeable Velcro pick/strap assembly and can be easily adjusted for thumb size and for overall plectrum flexibility. The pick tip protrudes through a lateral hole in the sleeve. The pick tip can also be adjusted in and out relative to the thumb line. The Traditional model also has a balanced up and down tension or playing feel. Therefore, using the Velcro strap for adjustment around the thumb, the player can control all of the pick flex attributes. In addition, the Traditional model makes it easy to substitute your favorite flat pick for use with the Neoprene sleeve. They come in two packs for the price of one.

hybrid.jpgHybrid model of the Shark Tooth Pick.
Third, the “Hybrid” locates the plectrum on the front inside edge of the sleeve and is quickly learned (see Hybrid photo on this page). The Hybrid model owes its basic playing approach to the Merle Travis and Chet Atkins fingerstyle. However, flat picking and fluid strumming come more natural to the player. In other words, just like a thumb-pick, a firm down stroke is achieved by the Hybrid design. However, the pick upstroke tension is loose and is, therefore, well suited for strumming and flat picking applications
When strumming the guitar is desired, the soft and flexible sleeves eliminate the discomfort and rigidity found with most plastic thumb-picks. Also, single note lead lines are more fluid and the angle of plectrum attack control features of all three models provide significant dynamic and tonal variations.In addition, common accessory products like plastic or metal finger-pick devices may be used along with Shark Tooth.With the Strum ‘N Comfort® Picking System, flat-picking, thumb-picking, finger tapping and the widely taught "Classical" guitar.They come in two packs for the price of one.
Kodiak.jpgThe Kodiak Crossover Pick
The Kodiak uses a simple leather strap, has a long wearing polymer flat pick, is less bulky, and offers a very snug fit. The Kodiak model is a design combination that uses elements of both the Traditional and Hybrid SharkTooth picks.The Kodiak basic package includes the leather strap, two different gage flatpick strap assemblies (.8mm & 1.0mm) and instructions. The Kodiak is fun to play with and it is a favorite of many professional players.
They come in two packs for the price of one.

AtkinsHybrid.jpgUn-Thumb Pick
The second model, called the “Un-Thumb Pick”, is a revolutionary design that offers abundant technical flexibility. “Un-Thumb Pick” supports the plectrum on the outside of the sleeve. This pick orientation allows control over every aspect of play. The guitar player engages the pick using the first finger, and when released, the pick retracts to enable a natural Classical approach. That is, play with your bare fingers or engage the flat pick at will. While some practice is required, the musical rewards are well worth the effort.Shark Tooth picks are soft and flexible sleeves with a plectrum that is designed to provide total freedom in guitar playing technique. The picking system facilitates what some have called a “universal stringed instrument method”. Whether the guitar player has training in Classical technique, flat-picking, or the Chet Atkins finger style method (using a traditional thumb-pick)… There is no longer a division that limits your musical possibilities.

Ross Nickerson Demo Video

Mar 29, 2016
Appalachian Death Trap
Very fast shipping!! THANKS! I play Bass Guitar, I have been playing about 25 years, I play in a band (Appalachian Death Trap). About two years ago I started getting to where I couldn’t hold the pick after two or three songs. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and had an MRI done and it showed the epimysium (a sheath of fibrous elastic tissue surrounding a muscle) had tore. So I started searching on ways to strap a pick to your finger or thumb. While searching I found a picture of someone wearing a shark tooth crossover pick at a NAMM show. This pick has been a lifesaver for me and it also allows me to switch from finger playing to pick. It has changed the way I play bass. Just give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

Sep 5, 2015
I'll be back!!
The Shark Tooth Picks are just so comfortable and easy to use! Thanks for another great product and service Ross and crew. These thumb picks in combination with Ross's "Nick Pick's" cobalt finger picks are just the best! Thanks again

Sep 5, 2015
Great products & Great service
My order arrived yesterday (Monday 22 Feb), which was surprisingly quick. The Greg Atkins comfort picks and Nick Picks are fantastic. Great products & Great service. Thankyou.

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