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Gold Tone AC-1LN Long Neck Banjo

Unbeatable Quality and Price

AC-1LN Long Neck with Gig Bag

The Gold Tone AC-1LN Long Neck banjo is frankly unbelievable. Gold Tone has hit another home run by making a long neck banjo available at this price.

It's original form the standard length Gold Tone AC-1 is the best banjo in it's price range by far in my opinion. The fact Gold Tone had the inspiration to make it available in a long neck is something a lot of banjo players are going to be grateful for.

Long Neck Banjos have three extra frets and are tuned to Open E instead of Open G. You can capo them to the third fret and play in G but the lower Open E sound is amazing and so much fun to play in.

We offer the option to INSTALL CAPO SPIKES on the proper frets for a long neck banjo. This makes the long neck banjo even more versatile for playing in all keys.

When playing a long neck banjo on your own you can play everything you already know in Open G tuning in the Open E tuning so that's no worries. You don't need to relearn how to play to play this banjo.....however, having the option to use the capo when playing with others can get you to any key you want to be in, and right away. To use a capo when playing any banjo you need the ability to capo the 5th string, that's because the 5th string is capoed separately. Also playing in the key of E out of open G tuning is a more advanced technique so if you like singing in E or when playing others you are playing a song in the key of E, the long neck has something your normal banjo does not. E is not the greatest key for a normal banjo because the lack of availability of open strings to punch out and drive a song, so the Open E tuning for that key is not only easier, it sounds better.

Includes Free Gig Bag

List of FREE Items Included with this Banjo

  • Free Banjo Lessons Online with Banjo Purchase Free 1 YR Access to Silver Members Lesson Site
  • Professional Banjo Set Up Professional Banjo Set up
  • Free Banjo Case and Gig Bags with Banjo Purchase Free Gig Bag Case
  • FREE Zero Glide Nut Installation ($75 value)
  • Shipping a Banjo Overseas from the US $30 Intl. AK, HI Shipping Credit
  • Best Banjo Prices, Price Matching and Serivce Price Matching or Questions 1-866-322-6567

FREE ITEMS don't add to our normal discount price which is the lowest price we are allowed to advertise by the Manufacturer.

The AC-1 standard size won "Best at Show" at the NAMM show in Nashville  (2016).
That's a big deal. There were at least 800 vendors there as well as other major Banjo vendors.
Best in Namm Show - Goldtone AC-1
Banjos at come set up and ready to play
Each banjo is played before it leaves the shop!
Along with the strict quality control that Gold tone is known for and the banjos being checked very carefully before being shipped, each banjo is given a 12 point inspection, full head tuning, setup and will arrive tuned and ready to play Beginner Banjo Package Deal
Our Beginner Banjo Package includes a Comprehensive 64 page Beginner Banjo Book with a two hour beginner banjo DVD and two audio CDs. You also receive a set of banjo picks, a clip-on chromatic banjo tuner, a spare set of banjo strings and a banjo strap.
Add 5 Piece Beginner Banjo Package $25 - Retail value $79.00


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Long Neck Shipping Cost on this banjo - $20
Unfortunately Long Neck Banjos cost more to ship because of the size of the box. With the low cost of this instrument and the extra shipping cost I've added a $20 flat fee for shipping. This will cover about 1/3 of the shipping cost to most US locations, the rest is on me. Thank you, Ross Nickerson

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  • NO - Planetary Tuning Pegs
  • YES - Install Planetary Tuning Pegs $79
  • No 5th String Capo Spikes for Long Neck
  • Yes - Correct Capo Spikes for LN - Frets 11,13,15 - $25

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Zero Glide Nut Installed FREE
All Gold Tone Banjos from now come with the Zero Glide Nut installed FREE
The Zero Glide makes the banjo action easier to play, increases the sound clarity and is a significant improvement for any banjo. Installation by a professional is normally done at a cost of $75 or more. It's now installed FREE on all Gold Tone Banjos.
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I was at the NAMM show and played the standard length AC-1 banjo. This is just what the banjo market has needed. A low priced beginner banjo for "newbie" banjo students on a budget that is not a piece of, (pardon me), junk. Having a new banjo of this quality in this price range will also help to save beginner banjo students that are shopping on a budget from buying a cheap used one that may need repairs or is unplayable. I've seen it happen often and it can literally stop a students dream of learning banjo dead in it's tracks. Not only is AC-1 in that price range but it's solid and works great. All banjos we sell including the AC-1 all come set-up and ready to play, they include free banjo lesson instruction DVD, free online banjo lesson access and a low priced beginner package with all you need. I'm serious about how good this banjo is to learn on. The banjo is stable, stayed in tune and the intonation was perfect. You don't need problems with a banjo when you are just learning to tune one for the first time.

Ross Nickerson at Namm Show in Nashville
Ross Nickerson, Owner of
at Nashville Namm Show (2016)
with the Goldtone AC-1 Standard Size

The AC 1LN uses the composite body like an Ovation Guitar. Harmony also made a composite banjo back in the 70's that a lot of students of mine had and they worked good. This AC-1LN design is a way better banjo than those though. It has a wood neck which those didn't and when I played the AC-1 the intonation was perfect up and down the neck. The composite body is an efficient method for producing a  bright, loud sounding 5-string banjo to learn on. In my opinion the composite design is tons better than the aluminum "bottle cap" banjo design that has been around forever. The bottle cap is the 30 bracket design that you see today on the beginner Washburn, Fender and Epiphone models as well as a host of other generically named Asian banjos. Gold Tone in general is a cut above any of the banjo brands that just stamp there name on imports like newer models of Fenders, Washburn and Epiphone banjos. Gold Tone is a banjo company that designs banjos for banjo players... by.... banjo players.

Mar 6, 2024
AC-1LN Long neck banjo
Just wanted to thank you and let you know that I got the Goldtone long neck banjo last week and love it. It sounds great, and delivery was very fast. Thanks again and take care. Jeff

Oct 6, 2023
Very Cool
This is the perfect Banjo for playing Pete Seeger's Music as well as music by the Kingston Trio.

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