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We carry 5-string banjo strings, 4-string tenor banjo strings, 4 string plectrum6-string banjo strings and also ball end banjo strings.
The notes to tune the strings to for bluegrass banjo in open G tuning are 5th G, 4th D, 3rd G, 2nd B and 1st D. Standard 4-string Tenor Banjo Tuning is C G D A, Plectrum Banjo Tuning is C G B D, Irish tenor banjo tuning is G D A E, and Chicago tuning for Tenor and Plectrum banjos is D G B E. 6-string banjos normally tune to standard guitar tuning but many open guitar tunings work great on the six string banjo too. 

Here is a free Ross Nickerson video on changing banjo strings and how to remove the resonator and tighten the banjo head too. 

Discounts and no additional shipping cost when purchasing multiple sets
Buy any combination and still get a discount!

It's Easy and Sensible to Save on Multiple Sets
No matter if you purchase 1 set or 5 sets the shipping cost stays the same. You always need more strings so I would get an extra set or two and save.

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