Zero Glide for Banjo Pre-cut or Unslotted

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Why Didn't Someone Think of This Before?
Zero Glide Replacement Nut Systems borrow the “zero fret” concept to reduce nut friction by 93% increasing tuning stability, playability, and open string tone.

Installs with no permanent alteration to your fretted instrument whatsoever.

Zero Glide Nut Banjo Comparison Video: Ross Nickerson Video demonstrating the RK R 36 with and without The Zero Glide Nut on the same day, playing the same song using the same banjo.

Zero Glide Installation Video

All Gold Tone Banjos include Zero Glide installation standard with the exception of the Gold Tone OB-3 but if you request it when ordering, we will install it.
We offer Zero Glide installation free on our Recording King RK-R75's and RK-R76.

Unlsotted - 28.40
Means you would have to shape the nut and cut the string slots.
Pre-Slotted - 38.40

These come pre-shaped and the string slots cut. These are the pre-cut zero glides we use on Recording King Banjos.
They still need shaping and sanding. It is not as simple as just replacing your present nut without some work. Normal cost to have a zero glide installed by a Luthier is 75.00. This can be done yourself but it does require some work to install.


  • Unslotted
  • Pre-Slotted to fit Recording King RK-R 35, 36, 75, 76

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Mar 29, 2018
IF you are going to go nuts, go ZERO GLIDE and has em
Ever have one of those problems with string bind at the nut? Ever get tired of using toxic graphite or Lithium grease on your nut? Ever have to shell out a lot of money for those over prices and super breakable nut files and string abrasives? That can make you go NUTS. Literally. Well if you are going to go nuts go ZERO GLIDE. Have one installed at the time of purchase here at The best nut money can buy and the only nut I will now use on my acoustic instruments. Change you nut to a ZERO GLIDE you will love it.My first experience with a ZERO GLIDE nut starts with my Gold Tone OB 150 Masterclone banjo. The ZERO GLIDE nut is standard equipment on this banjo. ZERO string bind at the nut. You can stop using graphite if you like with ZERO GLIDE because there is ZERO string bind. You may use a tiny bit of white (lithium) grease and it may come in handy if you use Cheat A Keys or D tuners. You don't have to but that option is yours. Set up is easy for a capable person with some luthier skills or tech skills, Minor fitment will be required but not too difficult if you are doing a nut change and have the tools and skills. How to videos are available for the DIY types out there.Playability: Once you have the ZERO GLIDE installed unless you had this nut installed at the time of purchase, you will notice the response right away. Pluck some open notes and let them ring. I noticed a lot more sustain from a ZERO GLIDE and so will you. Much different response than what you get with a bone or plastic nut. I hear more definition and clarity on my banjo. I like this nut so much that I installed one on my Martin D custom guitar. The sound has improved and really woke my guitar up. My mandolin igs going to get a ZERO GLIDE nut. The tone is improved. The action at the nut is PERFECT. No string bind at the nut. More sustain and the notes are crisper and more defined. Every instrument should use ZERO GLIDE. Do yourself a favor when you order an instrument from and check that box that says ZERO GLIDE nut installed. This is the best thing to do. Your instrument will be ready for action and your ears and your audience will love it.

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