5-String Terminator Tailpiece B1116-5 Nickel

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Gold Tone Terminator Tail Piece for 5-string Banjo

Maximum Power and the Best Tone

Guaranteed to never to bend.
The Terminator makes maximum contact with the banjo's tension hoop for maximum power and the best tone. Easy string changing (accepts loop- or ball end-strings) and sleek appearance.

The Terminator Tailpiece looks different from the traditional 1930's Gibson Presto or Kershner  design but functionally, they work great. They distribute even pressure on the bridge with a straight line from the strings to the bridge and have an adjustment knob for adjustable pressure. The fact that they work on loop or ball end strings is a plus too. That means in a bind you could use guitar strings and guitar strings are also easier to buy in individual gauges if you are customizing a set.

The Terminator Tailpiece is also available for four and six string banjos. Terminator Tenor Banjo Tailpiece - Terminator Six String Tailpiece


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May 23, 2023
Good design
from someone who uses presto style on my banjos this was a bit different. has some mass and somewhat wider then my usual. seems to add a nice dimension to the tone. I would assume it being so solid adds to the volume and resonance. not an entirely new design but effective. for the cost its very well made and a change from the usual. mounts in the traditional method with plenty room for adjusting the string tension at the bridge. It did come stock on my Gold Tone banjo, but I would use it on any other banjo that could benefit from a new tailpiece.
They look a little different from what those of us that are used to the traditional 1930's Gibson Presto design looks like but functionally, they work great. Even pressure and a straight line from the strings to the bridge. I would give them a 5 because as long as you are ok with the non traditional look of them, they work as good or better than the Presto style. Thanks for writing reviews, Ross

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