6-String Terminator Tailpiece B1116-6C

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Gold Tone Terminator Tail Piece for 6-string Banjos, Banjitar or Gitjo.

Maximum Power and the Best Tone

These 6-string banjo tailpieces really deliver balanced tone and work on loop or ball end strings so you can use regular guitar strings with this tailpiece.

The tailpiece is guaranteed to never to bend. The Terminator makes maximum contact with the banjo's tension hoop for maximum power and the best tone.

Easy string changing (accepts loop- or ball end-strings) and sleek appearance.


  • 6-String Terminator Tailpiece

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Jun 18, 2020
Finally, one that works
There don't seem to be many 6-string tailpieces out there, and I think at this point I may have tried all of them. Every other model I've tried has had some sort of problem -- couldn't contact the rim properly; pulled the bridge out of alignment; bent or broke after anywhere from a few months to a year.I'd held off on trying the Terminator because I wasn't really a fan of the visual appearance -- looks more like a stylized Klingon weapon, than a banjo tailpiece.When my previous tailpiece failed -- after less than a year -- I figured, what the heck, if it works, I don't really care if it's ugly.Well, it works.I've had the Terminator on my six-string for three months. When I put it on, I measured the gap between the front edge of the tailpiece and the banjo head with a micrometer. When tailpieces start to bend, it usually becomes noticeable around three months; when I checked the Terminator at three months it hadn't moved even a thousandth of an inch -- it's still rock-solid. Finally, a tailpiece that seems like it might last a while!As someone who's been forced to become a connoisseur of 6-string tailpieces, I highly recommend this one. Unless you're prepared to drop $100 on a Deering, you probably won't find a better one out there.And you'll get use to the looks.I did, to the extent that I also bought the 5-string model for one of my bluegrass banjos. :)

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