6-String Straightline Replacement Banjo Tailpiece

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StraightLine Six-String Banjo Tailpiece Replacement

Gold Tone Straight Line 6-string replacement Tailpiece in Nickel
This tailpiece for 6-string banjo works excellent as a replacement tailpiece for six string banjos, Banjitars and Gitjo's

These straight line 6-string banjo tailpieces are the perfect replacement tailpieces for 6-string banjos. They will replace the tailpiece on Gold Tone GT 500 and Gold Tone GT 750 , BT 20006-string banjo Banjitars and solid body electric 6 string banjos like the Gold Tone 6 string electric ES Banjitar and most other 6 string banjos.

This 6-string straight line banjo tailpiece design is very stable.

Works for Gold Tone 6 string banjos or for replacing the tailpiece on other 6-string banjos.

We also have the new improved Goldtone Tailpiece called the Terminator
Here is a link to the New Terminator 6 string Banjo Tailpiece by Gold Tone

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Jun 18, 2020
Wanted to like it, but ...
I needed to replace a cheesy tailpiece on my banjitar, which was really too narrow for the instrument and seemed to be causing some twisting of the bridge.Six string tail pieces can be hard to come by, so I was psyched when I found this Goldtone model, which seemed to have nice heft, and also a sufficiently wide footprint to guide the strings over the bridge in a more or less straight line, rather that the acute angle of the old tailpiece. Took a little fiddling with the tailpiece stud on the shell to get it lined up, but once I did, the tailpiece went on easily. Strung it up, adjusted the angle, and started to play.I was happy with the feel and the sound, and felt I had made a good choice. After a few months I noticed that the tailpiece was out of adjustment, and the break angle over the bridge was less than I had originally set. So, I tightened the adjustment screw a bit, and everything was good again. I put this down to the natural settling-in of an instrument that happens whenever you make a significant change, and which can take some time to even out.A couple months later, I noticed the same issue. Adjusted again. But by the end of a year the screw was bottomed out, and no further adjustment was possible. At this point it was clear from a visual inspection that the 90-degree angle on the tailpiece had started to straighten out. The bend was, in fact, unbending. It had opened up to almost 115%, and it was impossible to get any break angle over the bridge for the strings. When I finally took the tailpiece off, it could be seen that the metal at the inside of the bend was starting to crack.I use medium-light strings, so there shouldn't have been an issue with excessive string tension. The problem appears to be that this is a stamped, rather than cast tailpiece, and there is no reinforcement added to maintain the shape, so over time even mild tension of the strings cause the tailpiece to unbend. I could see something like this happening over the course of many years, to have it happen in less than a year to a $40 tailpiece was disappointing.Consequently, I can't recommend this tailpiece, but suggest the "Terminator" tailpiece as a better option for your six-string.

Aug 10, 2015
6 string Banjo Tailpiece Customer from Australia
Package has arrived, safely and contents are just what I wanted - thank you Kathy and thanks to Ross for all his work on behalf of Banjoists world wide.

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