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GHS Banjo Strings - Best Banjo Strings - Pick Sets and Gauges

GHS banjo strings are the best banjo strings for banjo players with the most different sets and gauge options. We feature big discounts on multiple set purchases too.


Automatic Banjo String Discounts when buying more than one set.
When you add to the cart its' AUTOMATIC - The same sets or any combination. 
Two sets $5.48 each  Three sets $5.65 each  Four sets $5.25 each Five sets $5.00 each


Best Bluegrass Banjo Strings
I really like GHS strings, they work great and they have the best custom sets available for banjo. More professional banjo players use GHS than any other brand of banjo strings.
I use the PF 175's but the other sets also have intelligent gauge selections depending on what you want. If you aren't sure what's best for you. Beginners likely would choose one of these three sets. Lightest gauge PF 140 and 170, next step up would be the GHS PF 150 Banjo Strings or try the ones I use, the PF 175's. The 185's are nice medium light set in between too and I know several pro banjo players that like those too. The 160's and 180's are the heavier strings if you prefer those.

All GHS Banjo strings are Individually Nitro Sealed. No matter how long they are stored at a distributors warehouse, hang on your string wall or sit in the players case they open fresh as the day they were made.

GHS Strings GAUGES listed in this order 1st-D 2nd-B 3rd-G 4th-D 5th-G
PF135 - L10-11-12-20-10 - (medium/light gauge) - 5.95
PF140 - L09.5 L11 L12 LW20JD L09.5 - (light gauge) - 5.95
PF145 - L10 L11 L12 LW22 L10 - (Medium/light gauge) - 5.95
PF150 - L10 L12 L14 LB22 L10 - (medium gauge) - 5.95 phosphor bronze 4th
PF160 - L11 L13 L16 LB26 L10 - (medium/heavy gauge) - 5.95  phosphor bronze 4th
PF170 - L09 L11 L13 LW20 L09 - (light gauge) - 5.95
PF175 - L11 L12 L13 LW22 L11 -(medium light gauge) what I use - 5.95 
PF180 - L11 L13 L16 LW24 L10 - (medium/heavy gauge) - 5.95
PF185 - L10.5 L11.5 L13 LW20JD L10.5 - (medium light gauge) - 5.95

Phosphor Bronze Fourth String Sets
PF150 - L10 L12 L14 LB22 L10 - (medium gauge) - 5.95
PF160 - L11 L13 L16 LB26 L10 - (medium/heavy gauge) - 5.95

Discount when purchasing multiple sets
Buy any combination and still get a discount automatically.
1 set 5.95
2 sets for 10.96
3 sets 16.95
4 sets 21.00
5 sets for 25.00

It's Easy and Sensible to Save on Multiple Sets
No matter if you purchase 1 set or 5 sets the shipping cost stays the same. You always need more strings so I would get an extra set or two and save.

How to Purchase Multiple Sets
To add more sets and get a bigger discount, select the set you want and click add to cart again. You can mix and match sets too.


  • PF135 -medium/light gauge
  • PF140 - light gauge
  • PF145-medium/light gauge
  • PF150 -medium/light gauge - Recommended Set if you're not sure
  • PF160 - medium/heavy gauge
  • PF170 - light gauge
  • PF185 - medium light gauge
  • PF180 - medium/heavy gauge
  • PF175 - medium gauge

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15 day satisfaction guarantee on ALL Banjo Supplies. Try it and if for any reason you want to exchange or return, No Problem!


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Volume discounts

QuantityDiscountYou Save
2 $0.47 Up to $0.94
3 $0.30 Up to $0.90
4 $0.70 Up to $2.80
5 $0.95 Up to $4.75

May 23, 2023
My Go To
I use GHS more than any other brand. I'm fond of the 135 set but all that I've tried were very good. The cover about any gauge you could want. always really good quality and break in very well. They last as expected depending on use and stay in tune very well. hard to beat and the price is right.

Jun 23, 2017
Kindest regards - South Australia
G'day Kathy, how are ya, I received my package of banjo strings last Tuesday and am very happy with them so thank you for your excellent service and will definitely buy from you again.

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