String Discount (5 Sets) GHS 140 Light Gauge

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GHS Banjo Strings PF140 at a Discount

L09.5 L11 L12 LW20JD L09.5
(light gauge)

You can purchase other gauges of banjo strings at a discount too. For every set of banjo strings you buy the price goes down in the shopping cart automatically. Here is a link to the page.
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Aug 6, 2020
The banjo strings I have been using for many years
These GHS JD Crowe signature set 9.5's are what I have been using on banjos for a few years now. This 5 pack is the best way to go. You can stash these in your case and be ready when you need them. These strings last a long time and hold their tone well. I play kinda hard sometimes and so far, for as many years as I have been using this brand, they have never let me down.I am very picky about my gear. Strings have to be able to withstand my torture test and they have to feel good and sound great. I prefer these strings because they have never let me down. And they helped me with getting a sound I like. Getting these strings in a 5 pack makes sense too. I can keep making music for a long time and that's what it's all about. Order a 5 pack of these for your banjo.

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