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The Gold Tone CC 50 open back banjo is one of the best beginner open back banjos you can find. It's a light and easy to play banjo and works great for learning Clawhammer, folk, old time and open back styles. If you are just beginning and you are absolutely sure Clawhammer and Frailing technique is the direction you are going you may prefer a banjo with a frailing scoop like the Gold Ttone CC OT Clawhammer Banjo Beginner Package But if you want to also play 3 finger bluegrass or are a 3 finger player that wants a light and easy to play banjo to play and learn on, the CC 50 offers more versatility.

More Notes from Ross Nickerson on the CC 50 models from Goldtone. A lot of customers have called and asked me to explain the main difference between the Goldtone Cripple Creek 50 models and the Cripple Creek 100 models. Let me try to boil it down to help you make a more informed decision. Some of the primary differences are; the body of the CC 50 models are made of mahogany and the 100 models are maple. The mahogany is a bit lighter and mellower. The CC 50 has a single adjustable truss rod. The 100 models have a two way adjustable truss rod and are slightly heavier and may feel a bit sturdier. That being said, both are top quality banjos to learn on, they stay in tune, play easy, they're stable and have a geared 5th string peg. I've taught many students who have learned on both CC 50 and 100 models with a lot of success along with lots of satisfied customers and no complaints and lots of good feedback on both series of banjos. The 50's cost less than the 100's so you get a couple less features with the 50's but both work great, it just depends on your taste in appearance, purpose and your budget. Thanks, Ross

It's Features include maple neck, mahogany resonator, rim, neck and resonator binding, Straight Line tailpiece, Ovagnol fingerboard, brass tone ring, single adjustable truss rod, low action for the beginning banjoist and guitar style tuning pegs. Available as a lefty, and with many other options such as capo spikes, and more.
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Along with the strict quality control that Goldtone is known for and the banjos being checked very carefully before being shipped, each banjo is given a 12 point inspection, full head tuning, setup and will arrive tuned and ready to play Beginner Banjo Package Deal
Our Beginner Banjo Package includes a Comprehensive 52 page Beginner Banjo Book with a two hour beginner banjo DVD and two audio CDs. You also receive a set of banjo picks, a clip-on chromatic banjo tuner, a spare set of banjo strings and a banjo strap.
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Aug 19, 2015
impressed with my Cripple Creek banjo
I had my first lesson Friday night and my teacher was very impressed with my Cripple Creek banjo and the value pack. He told me I did very well. So more business may come your way. I watched the first couple of lessons from your video Sunday and found them to be first rate. I also started to read your book and it is superior to others I’ve bought. ......You get my highest recommendation and feel free to use me in your endorsements.

Aug 19, 2015
Thank you for all your help
....Hi Ross, The CC 50 banjo arrived today ready to start to learn how to play it. Thank you for all your help and again i'am now ready to open

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