Gold Tone OB-150 - Bluegrass Banjo with Brass Flathead Tone Ring

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Gold Tone OB -150 - Pro Bluegrass Banjo

Brass Flat Head Tonering, 3-Ply Maple Rim, One Piece Flange

Zero Glide Nut Upgrade and 5th string Capo Spikes INSTALLED FREE with the Gold Tone OB-150.

The Gold Tone OB-150 Orange Blossom is a new model which offers "Pre-war" style at a price anyone can afford. It’s an amazing banjo with authentic tone and at this price I feel it is the best value in bluegrass banjos. Features include a three-ply maple rim and one-piece flange (just like the 1930's originals), a maple neck inlayed in authentic style, a brass flathead tone ring and a smooth satin wood grain finish.

The OB-150 features the same flathead tone ring used in the more expensive Gold Tone OB-250

The OB-150 by Gold Tone is professionally set up before shipping and comes with lifetime warranty which is TRANSFERRABLE if you sell the banjo later too.

The OB 150 comes in LEFTY too!
OB 150 is also available as a left-handed model.

List of FREE Items Included with this Banjo

  • FREE Zero Glide Nut Installation ($75 value)
  • Free Banjo Lessons Online with Banjo Purchase Free 5th String Capo Spikes Option
  • Professional Banjo Set Up Professional Banjo Set up
  • Free Banjo Case and Gig Bags with Banjo Purchase Free Official Gold Tone Hard Case
  • Free Banjo Lessons Online with Banjo Purchase Free Beginner Banjo Package Option
  • Free Banjo Lessons Online with Banjo Purchase Free Platinum Member Lesson Access ($129 value)
  • Free Banjo Lessons Online with Banjo Purchase Free - Beginning the Five String Banjo - 64 Page Spiral Bound Book
           with DVD and 2 CDs by Ross Nickerson - Email us if you want to substitute book for a more advances Book or DVD.
  • Free Banjo Lessons Online with Banjo Purchase Available in Left-Handed at No Extra Charge
  • Free US Banjo Shipping Free US Banjo Shipping
  • Shipping a Banjo Overseas from the US $30 Intl. AK, HI Shipping Credit
  • Best Banjo Prices, Price Matching and Serivce Price Matching or Questions 1-866-322-6567

FREE ITEMS don't add to our normal discount price which is the lowest price we are allowed to advertise by the Manufacturer. Beginner Banjo Package Deal
Our Beginner Banjo Package includes a Comprehensive 64 page Beginner Banjo Book with a two hour beginner banjo DVD and two audio CDs. You also receive a set of banjo picks, a clip-on chromatic banjo tuner, a spare set of banjo strings and a banjo strap.

OB 150 Demo Video PlayList - Ross Nickerson

I visited Gold Tone and had a chance to play the OB 150 over a 3 day span. I think it sounds great.  I played a gig with Wayne and Robin Rogers and some of their employees and used this banjo and it performed beautifully. I had no reservations playing it in a professional situation where a pro banjo was needed. It was really comfortable and easy to play too. I had a hard time giving it back.

Ross Nickerson Banjo Lesson with the Gold Tone OB 150 using Loop2Learn Smart Phone APP

More Info about Loop2Learn for Banjo

Banjos come set up and ready to play
Each banjo is played before it leaves the shop!
Along with the strict quality control that Goldtone is known for and the banjos being checked very carefully before being shipped, each banjo is given a 12 point inspection, full head tuning, setup and will arrive tuned and ready to play

Call us with questions anytime
10AM to 10PM at 1-866-322-6567 or contact-us

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  • No - Do Not Add Free Beginner Package
  • Yes - Add Ross Nickerson Free Beginner Package
  • NO - Not a Lefty
  • YES - Left Handed - No Extra Charge
  • No - Radius Fretboard
  • Yes - Radius Fretboard - add $69
  • NO- Gold Tone Ultimate Mute
  • YES - Add Mute at Discounted price - 19.40

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More info

Gold Tone OB-150 "Mastertone"

Neck: Maple
Finish: Satin Vintage Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Maple with Ebony Cap
Tuners: Planetary
Inlay: Vintage Pearloid
Truss Rod: Two-Way Adjustable
Tone Ring: Sand Cast Brass
Rim: 3-Ply Canadian Maple
Tension Hoop: Notched Brass
Flange: One Piece Die Cast
Binding: ABS Creme
Brackets: 24
Buttons: Creme
Hardware: Chrome Plated
Pickups: Optional
Tailpiece: 5-String Terminator
Resonator: Maple
Armrest: Gibson
Head: 11" Remo HC Frosted
Number of Frets: 22
Nut Width: 1-1/4" Zero Glide Bone
Scale Length: 26-1/4"
Weight: 11 lbs.
Tuning: GDGBD
Strings: .010, .024w, .016, .013, .010
Option 1: SMP+ P
Option 2: Fishman Rare Earth Pickup
Hard Case: Included Bag: HPB
Left-Handed Available: Yes
Zero Glide Installed: Yes

Jul 21, 2023
Great Banjo and oustanding Customer Service
Thanks to Ross for making sure this OB-150 got delivered on time for me to bring it home. It was properly set up and the railway spikes were installed perfectly, which is often not the case with other providers. I am enjoying this banjo, it has the perfect bluegrass ring to it, nice to look at, great feel and sounds like a far more expensive instrument. I would recommend purchasing any banjo or accessory from and you will not be disappointed.

May 24, 2023
On 150 Banjo
Thank you Mr. Ross Nickerson. Excellent service. Helped where it was needed. This is a great banjo. Good sound and ring. Will definitely be buying another banjo in the future. God willing. Packaged well and set up great. Thanks again for everything. God bless you and your business.

Oct 2, 2022
OB-150 Arrived in Canada
Just wanted to let you know that I received my OB-150 this afternoon, and it arrived in perfect condition. I played it for about 30 mins during my lunch break and it sounds amazing. It has that ‘real’ banjo feel & sound that I’ve been wanting! Can’t wait to play it more later today after work. My poor AC-1 will now retire peacefully in the corner. Thanks & have a great day! Roger M

Jun 10, 2022
Goldtone OB-150
IMO. Excellent great value bluegrass tone banjo. I can only compare it to other banjos Ive played a lot, a Goldtone BG-150, and a Deering Eagle II and Deering Deluxe. Soundwise, the OB-150 is the most bluegrass of my banjos. It has the most pop and response, but quicker fade, especially against the Eagle, which is sweeter and more bell like sustain, so the Eagle is better for songs and ballady material imo. But for trad bluegrass I prefer the muscle of this OB-150 over the sweet sustain of the Eagle. The only thing I’d change on my OB is I wish it was a radiused neck model, but it was second hand, and I live in a banjo desert with near zero local market for decent banjos. I actually drove away without buying cause it was a flat fingerboard model (owner misrepresented it as OB150R) but turned the car around and bought it, decided the great tone outweighed my neck preference, and it was keenly priced to not lose out on a trade if a radiused neck OB150 comes along, which is unlikely. Point is, I’d only sell it to replace with the OB150R model. Both my Goldtones, BG 150 and OB are excellent value. The BG sits in the intermediate zone, and the OB compares very favourably against the higher end Deerings I mentioned, at a fraction of the price. It’s not quite as refined as the Deerings, but it’s perfectly acceptable. Life’s too short to play on crap instruments. And I’ve had some dealings now with the Goldtone people in Florida since and they’re great for product support.

Mar 28, 2022
Received Gold Tone OB-150
Received my OB-150. Very nice banjo. Being new to the banjo world, I am looking forward to learning how to play on this banjo. Ross, thanks for your time on the phone and helping me decide on which banjo to purchase. Thanks for all the beginner teaching material. This will be a big help in my learn adventure. Thanks, Mike

Dec 10, 2021
One request
Hello, I bought an excellent Gold Tone OB 150. In your discussion, I read that the sound of the banja will improve the snuffy smith 5/8 bridge. I'm from the Czech Republic and nobody sells it here. Can you please send me the address where I would buy this bridge? Thanks for your reaction.
Hi Jiri, Thanks for your positive feedback on the OB-150. If you want to upgrade to a Snuffy Smith bridge, here is a link to the page to get one. I recommend the Snuffy Smith Style 2, 5/8height, standard spacing. Thanks, Ross Nickerson

May 27, 2021
Thank you
Ross, just to let you know the ob150 that you recommend was a great choice. I want to personally say,,Thank you Ross. I am a customer for life. And the DVDs are greatly appreciated. Thank you. Dan

May 20, 2021
My OB-150 arrived earlier today, 2 days after shipping and I've been playing it almost non-stop since. I have zero complains, this is definitely an awesome instrument. It makes my beginner banjo that I upgraded from feel like a toy. I'm not well versed in banjos, but as a longtime guitar player with lots of very expensive guitars, the build quality of this banjo seems top notch, especially for something in this price range. The tone and great, intonation is spot on, action is low, and the notes really ring beautifully all the way up the neck. It's a joy to play and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something in this price range. Ross was extremely helpful and I'm really enjoying the access to his lessons that came free with the purchase. I'm so glad I decided to order from him instead of a bigger chain store like I was originally planning on doing. The customer service here is amazing and the value you get from the low prices, freebies, and guidance from a seasoned banjo player can't be matched anywhere else. Thank you Ross! - John Sessions

May 13, 2021
Spectacular Banjo and Stellar Service
Hi Ross,I just received my OB 150 and man is it way above and beyond my expectations. Sounds great. The intonation seems spot on. The craftmanship and inlays are beautiful, and I love the satin finish. All of my other instruments have satin finish, so I already knew I would like it. I've made the jump from my open back so I'll have to get used to the weight, but this is a spectacular instrument all around! Gold Tone has done a wonderful job with this! On top of it all, your beginner package makes for a real nice bonus! I'll be using your lessons for sure!I also have to say that your customer service is stellar! Your product videos, quick response time to questions, and openness to talk over the phone sealed the deal for me.Thanks for all of your help!

May 11, 2021
I appreciate all of your time and help
Ross, I just wanted to tell you one more time how happy I am with my new banjo. The more I play it the better I like it. The tone and sustain are fantastic they are perfect for my taste. I appreciate all of your time and help. If and when I am ready to purchase another it will be from you. Thank you, Nathan

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