Greg Allen Signature Model Stainless Steel Banjo Picks

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Greg Allen Picks - Stainless Steel Coated Signature Banjo Picks

Comfortable, Stainless Steel Light Weight Finger Picks for Banjo. Dobro or Guitar

Greg Allen "signature" banjo picks are hand made and specially designed to be comfortable and produce excellent tone. Who better to design finger picks than Greg Allen, a banjo player who has played professionally since he was a teenager and has been around bluegrass music all his life. Greg is the son of Bluegrass Hall of Fame member and legend Red Allen and the brother of Harley Allen who is a music legend in his own right.

Greg takes great pride in his picks and it shows. They come is a classy red box and are highly polished. These guitar and banjo picks are a clear step above any banjo picks you could buy in a store.

Your Fingerpicks are where the best banjo tone begins, don't cut corners on banjo picks, they are not all created equal.

Now there is no more guessing. Inside every pick is an I for index finger and a M for middle finger so we always know what fingers to put them on.

We sell them with the band dipped in clear rubber for more comfort when requested.


  • Two Greg Allen Signature Finger Picks $29.95
  • Two Greg Allen Signature Finger Picks with Rubber Comfort Coating $31.95

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Jun 1, 2024
Signature picks
Some people’s fingers are to close together when playing with the coated picks. So I can coat them once instead of twice if the customer ask. It’s not very often that this happens. The same with my Dunlop coated picks but I always redo it for free. All I ask is them pay for shipping

Jun 15, 2021
Greg Allen Coated Fingerpicks
In my never ending search for the perfect Banjo fingerpick I ordered a pair of Greg Allen signature coated picks. The pick itself is excellent. It produces a very crisp tone and fits my fingers better than most. while the rubber coating does make for a comfortable fit it is somewhat sticky and created drag when my picking fingers brushed against one another. It caused my fingers to "hang up" at times which I find very undesirable. I haven't tried the uncoated picks but for me I would not recommend the coated variety.
I’m sorry you didn’t like the rubber coating. I’m glad you like the picks themselves though. They are available without the coating on the website too. For now you can just peel the coating off and use the picks like they normally come. Thanks again, Ross

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