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Coated for Comfort Banjo Picks

Greg Allen's Custom Coated Picks - Banjo Finger Picks that are comfortable

Comfortable Banjo Picks that still fit tight without hurting your fingers and will not slip. No more sore fingers, these are the softest picks you will ever own.

Available in standard adjustable adult sizes and smaller adjustable sizes for children or women with petite fingers. Options to choose below on the page.

Are your banjo picks hurting your fingers? Is it keeping you from practicing as much or using the banjo picks like you know you should. These picks are a solution that could help save your fingers and keep you playing and practicing longer. These are specially coated .025 gauge, (best gauge for tone) with a rubber coating that makes them easier to put on, more comfortable, eliminates the holes that dig into your cuticles and if you choose the color coated ones, they are easy to tell apart too.
They fit tight and wont slip but are comfortable finger picks to wear.

Available in Two Sizes: Regular size or Smaller Pick Size for Children or Petite Fingers
Not only are they comfortable but they come in two sizes. They come in regular size and also smaller size for children's finger picks or for women with smaller or more petite fingers.

Purchasing Picks: Choosing Colors or Adding a Thumb Pick
You can choose a color or color combination below. You can also add a thumb pick to complete your set.

Important: To Add a Second Pair of Comfort Coated Picks or to Add a Thumb Pick
Select Another Item and Click "Add To Cart" Again.

Sorry currently out of BLUE in the CHILD size. Should be available in a week.


  • Adult Size One Yellow One Black
  • Adult Size Two Black
  • Adult Size Two Red
  • Adult Size Two Blue
  • Adult Size Two Yellow
  • Adult Size Two Clear
  • Adult Size One Yellow One Blue
  • Adult Size One Red One Black
  • Child Size or Petite One Red One Blue
  • Child Size or Petite Two Yellow
  • Child Size or Petite Two Black
  • Child Size or Petite Two Red
  • Child Size or Petite One Red One Black
  • Child Size or Petite Two Blue
  • Child Size or Petite Two Clear
  • Add 1 Large Thumbpick $2.25
  • Add 2 Large Thumbpicks $3.90
  • Add 1 Medium Thumbpick $2.25
  • Add 2 Medium Thumbpicks $3.90
  • Add 1 Small Thumbpick $2.25
  • Add 2 Small Thumbpicks $3.90

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Jan 25, 2021
100% Perfect
I bought the child-sized pickers for my 9-year-old son. He says they're comfortable and fit his fingers perfectly. (We squeezed them a little to get just the right fit.) He decided to choose colors that match his baseball team. Thank you,!

Jun 21, 2017
Your communications is top notch
It has been a pleasure working with you . Your communications is top notch. Shipping is very fast. The Gold Tone banjo I ordered last year is wonderful and I really like it. Thank you for the training material that came with the banjo. I was going thru them after about 2-3 months of searching I found a teacher that has helped further my training.

Jun 2, 2016
Oh yeah! Dynamite! No pain! Complete comfort. They don't slip. Sound great. Easily adjustable. I'm in pick heaven. Try 'em. You'll LOVE 'em!

Mar 3, 2016
Great Quality, and Perfect Size
These metal picks with the rubber coating are comfortable for my nine-year-old son to play. They are not slipping and sliding around, and they are the perfect length so that they don't scrape against the banjo all the time. The price is decent for the pair you get. I got a total of 3 pairs, in case one or more get lost, but they seem to be very durable and will last a long time.

Aug 4, 2015
Great pick
I really like these picks. They are comfortable and they don't move on your fingers. I will definitely buy more. Thanks

Aug 4, 2015
Happy Customer
.....I think you might be on to something here! Just started using them, but I notice they are more comfortable and they stay on your fingers, right where you put them. I guess I didn't realize how much picks move around on you fingers, have to constantly adjust. The metal also irritates my fingers after a while, so I am looking forward to experimenting with yours a bit more.

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