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Nick Picks - Banjo Picks for Best Tone and Comfort

Nick Picks sound great, they're comfortable and the cobalt coating does what it says it does, cuts string noise to nill and the picks glide over the strings.

They are comfortable and deliver better tone with a solid feel. Put your priorities where the sound begins! with good picks.

..what a difference, better tone and solid feel, comfortable well worth the bucks a sound investment to any banjo player and they stay on when you pick harder...

Bob Perry custom made these picks specifically for me and they are only available at

They fit back further on your finger like I requested, the no hole design avoids those finger through the hole sores, but more importantly that gives the pick more mass for a thicker, fatter tone. The coating also roughens up the inside of the pick so it grips better. I've been playing a long time trying a lot of finger picks and these picks are a break through.

From Ross: Nickerson When pickers laugh at spending more than a couple of bucks for picks I have to take exception to that. Where does the tone start??? How can someone invest so much time, money, practice and set-up work on their banjo without listening to the tone of different picks, and going for the best.
Do comfortable picks mean anything? How they feel on your fingers when you strike the string?
It certainly does to me especially after a few hours of playing or teaching. I never could find a pick I really liked till now, I've tried them all. Isn't thick full tone, no string scratch, and a better grip important?
It sure is. It makes sense to me to spend money on good picks and a good bridge, that's where it begins. I mean that, this isn't just a sales pitch. I've seen a good bridge bring a low priced banjo alive and seen cheap bridges on Mastertones make them sound like overpriced duds. Picks are in the same category, they are at the beginning of tone. How your picks feel and sound is without a doubt important.

The picks have money back satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like them for any reason just send them back for a full refund. No questions asked.

Add a thumb pick at a discount
You can purchase a set of two Nick picks OR choose to add thumb picks.

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  • Set of Two Finger Picks Only
  • Add 1 Large National Thumbpick $2.40
  • Add 2 Large National Thumbpicks $3.40
  • Add 1 Medium National Thumbpick $2.40
  • Add 2 Medium National Thumbpicks $3.40

- + Banjo Supplies Satisfaction Guarantee

15 day satisfaction guarantee on ALL Banjo Supplies. Try it and if for any reason you want to exchange or return, No Problem!


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Note: The cobalt coating can wear off eventually depending on the amount of use. Nick Picks can be re-coated for 6.00 by sending them to Bob Perry, the manufacturer. His contact information is on the Nick Pick box.

When the coating eventually wears off I personally just keep playing them. Because it's gradual I don't really notice the change, only if I compare them to a brand new set. The picks are louder with the coating and the coating does add volume, but like a lot of folks, finding the time to send them for re-coat doesn't always happen. I like the picks most for the comfort, tone and really one set can last long as you don't lose them.

Dec 25, 2022
Smooth comfortable picks
These pics are very comfortable and have great sound. Once adjusted they feel like an extension of your finger. I really like the extra length. Great product.

Oct 21, 2022
Everyone needs a set of these
If you're trying to decide whether or not to buy a set of these, just do it! I was honestly not totally sure what to expect but definitely looking forward to a more comfortable set of finger picks. I have tiny fingers so sometimes adjustment of other picks was just a little awkward and never comfortable. These are really easy to adjust, are VERY comfortable, and I was blown away by the amazing sound they produce.

Aug 8, 2022
Wish I'd gotten these long ago
They came today. I've played them for less than an hour and am going to order another pair right now. Absolutely amazing. And I've played banjo for almost 50 years. Wish I'd gotten these long ago. Thanks. Dale

Sep 30, 2018
Incredibly comfortable finger picks. I never liked have skin poke thru the other brand of picks. I can also pick my dobro with these so they get double duty.

Sep 13, 2018
Ross, we've spoken in the past when I used to work at Deering. I have to tell you I'm used to a ton of hype when it comes to banjo stuff directed at newbies who are so into this new "banjo thing" that they'll buy anything to be banjo hip. These picks and I've been playing 40+ years, are amazing. I was a newbie a long time ago when there wasn't much out there to buy and I've been around when there was (most just not necessary) these picks are amazing! I got them the other day and they looked great but, what the heck, so do a lot of these boutique finger picks. Here's the difference; they are amazingly comfortable (National finger pick sound without the painful pressure points). They don't slide off the strings (we don't like that) they grip, but the grip is a smooth transition which allows the player to move to the next string without any scraping. The tone is the tone you get when you lick your Nationals after they've accumulated too much friction, rub them on your jeans and for the next several seconds they sound great - but with the N'S it's a constant! These are by far, the best picks on the market today. I'm not an endorser of anything but I have to tell you that you put your name to a product that is exceptional. Thanks buddy.

Oct 13, 2017
Nickel Picks
Wow, they are fantastic, really nice sound quality coming off the strings. They are so much more comfortable than the lesser quality picks I have played with. Like them so much I bought a set for my instructor. Customer services is above beyond expected, I had a mistake with my order and it was corrected immediately hassle free. I plan on ordering another set in the near future I like them so much, well worth the money.

Mar 14, 2017
the best “feeling” picks
I recently had ordered a pair of these picks, and was so impressed, I ordered another. I have been playing banjo for over 50 years, and these finger picks are the best “feeling” picks I’ve ever used. When used with “sticky picks”, I feel very comfortable and confident about their performance.

Mar 3, 2016
nic picks
good stuff

Nov 24, 2015
Nick Picks
I recently purchased your Nick Picks. Even someone as new to the Banjo as I am can tell the immediate difference! “How can someone invest so much time, money, practice and set-up work on their banjo without listening to the tone of different picks, and going for the best.” Amen! I also purchased the JD Crowe Thumbpick; well worth the money.

Oct 29, 2015
Love the Picks...
New to Banjo's... I ended up with a pile of picks, until now. I just love the Nicks Picks... they fit well & just seem to be part of my fingers rather than a prosthetic hehe.

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