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Wood Banjo Armrest - Curly Maple - Looks Great - One Size Fits All
HI Kathy, Thanks for the prompt service and delivery ...way to go. Love the arm rest the Cherry Glos ...
Gold Tone CC-Carlin 12 inch Open Back Old Time Banjo
I spent months comparing this with the comparable brand 'D' that was made in the USA. Once I learne ...
Deering Comfortable Leather Banjo Strap for Goodtime, Artisan and Open Back Banjos
I'm positively ecstatic about this order! I've got a Bart Reiter Round Peak banjo, and have been lo ...
Nick Picks - Best Tone and Comfort
If you're trying to decide whether or not to buy a set of these, just do it! I was honestly not tot ...
Goodtime Artisan Junior Banjo - Travel and Kid Size Banjo - Free Official Deering Case
I ordered this banjo because we are on the road a lot and I had a super cheapo banjo that I played i ...
Deering Sierra 5-String Banjo - In Stock and Ready to Ship
Hi Ross, My Sierra arrived a couple days ago. It's in perfect condition and was packaged with car ...
Recording King RK-R35 Banjo with Free Hardshell Case
Ross, I received my rk35 yesterday and I am very happy with the banjo. The action height was exactl ...

List of products by manufacturer Recording King is a fully authorized dealer for all Recording King Banjos and Recording King Instruments rises to the top with our attention to detail, our extra level of quality control, complete inspection, our banjo playing expertise, the banjo lessons included free and we play all the Recording King Banjos before they leave the shop.

Recording King Bluegrass Banjos

RK R35  RK R36  RK R75  RK R76-Elite 
Recording King Beginner Banjos
Recording King Old Time Clawhammer Banjo
Recording King Tenor Banjos

Ross Nickerson - -
Nashville, 2016

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Recording King RKOH-05 Open Back
Recording King RKH-05 with Resonator
Recording King RK R-20
Recording King RK R-35

Recording King RK R-36

Recording King RK R-75-Elite

Recording King RK R-76-Elite
Recording King RK-OT25 Old Time Clawhammer Banjo
Recording King RKT-05 Tenor Banjo

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We Carry All Recording King Banjos
Any Recording King Banjo model available can be purchased through even if you do not see it listed on the website. Give us a call if you have a question or want a special price.

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Notes from Ross Nickerson about the quality and tone of Recording King Banjos

Recording King Banjos are really well designed and built. I find their quality to be excellent and I'm extremely impressed with the tone. Be sure to watch my video demonstrations to hear them and get an even closer look.

The Recording King Line of banjos was created and designed with the expertise of banjo builder Greg Rich who worked for Gibson Banjos building and designing banjos earlier in his career. Later Greg built his own line of banjos called Rich and Taylor which were very popular with professionals. Now he has made a new mark with his involvement with Recording King banjos. He is well respected in the banjo community. delivers Recording King Banjos at the best prices and with the best set up. Our Recording Kings are shipped free in the US and all include a case.

There are many benefits purchasing Recording Kings from including great beginner package deals, a free 1 year membership and the online banjo lessons from Ross Nickerson that come free with each purchase.

Recording King RK 35 Customer
.."Hi Ross, thanks so much for sending that priority, I was in no hurry but I'm glad you did. .., I will be ordering some other things as well. By the way banjo was received great right out of the box. Your customer service is excellent. Thanks so much again. Sincerely Kevin Fuller"

Recording King RK 35 Customer
.."Ross, I am glad to hear that my new Recording King RK 35 is on it's way. I am 61 years old and am looking forward to my new Banjo more than my first Lionel Train Set, when I was about 8. You and your Company are extremely pleasant to deal with. So far, your Company is the best out there. Not only are you an excellent Banjo player, but you have a sincere pledge in helping people. Thanks again Sir. I appreciate you helping me select the right Banjo for my needs. Your the best! Kim Barnes Maryland"

Recording King Models that are presently out of production and no longer available
Recording King RK R-80
Recording King RK R-80 Lefty

Recording King RK R-25
Recording King RK R-15
Recording King RK R-18
Recording King RK R-30

Recording King RK R-85-Limited Edition-Canadian Maple
Recording King R R 85-Elite-Flamed Maple
Recording King M-5 - Red Maple

Recording King M-7 - Mahogany
Recording King M-9 - Walnut

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    $499.99 $699.99
    Reduced price!
    Recording King RK-G25 Madison6-String Banjo The Recording King RK-G25 six string banjo is now a discontinued model. I had one left in 2020 but I sold it. It was a cool banjo. I had the same Wood Rim, resonator and hardware as the discontinued 5-string version of this banjo, the RK-R25, which I loved, except this is the 6-string banjo version, the RK-G25....
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    Recording King Beginner Banjo - RKH-055-string Bluegrass Banjo with Resonator The Recording King Beginner Banjo RKH-05 "Dirty 30's" is a 5-string bluegrass beginner banjo with wood resonator making it best to learn bluegrass on. They sound great, look great, and the price is right too.  This Recording King Beginner Bluegrass Banjo sits at the perfect...
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    Recording King RK-R75 - The Elite!RK75 Bluegrass Resonator Banjo The Recording King RK75 banjo is at the top of the line ofRecording King Bluegrass banjos with resonator The RK-R75 is all you'll ever need in a banjo and can't be beat in this price range. It's frankly not fair to the more expensive banjos to have a banjo you can purchase with this type...
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    Recording King Starlight Banjo This model was discontinued by Recording King in 2016.It is no longer available.The Black Starlight Series resonator banjo has all the specs you expect in a traditional banjo – multi-ply rim, tone ring, 24 brackets for precise head-tensioning, and a 26-1/4” scale – all delivering the traditional banjo “snap” today's players...
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    Recording King Madison RK R-15 The Recording King Madison RK R-15 was discontinued by Recording King in 2016. It is no longer available.The Recording King Madison RK R-15 is an underestimated little power pot of a banjo. I love this banjo for beginners and I personally recommend it over others in the same price range. I recommended it to the young...
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    The New Recording King RK-OT26 with White Lady Tone Ring Open Back Old Time Clawhammer Banjo - "Whyte Laydie" Tone RingNEW MODEL ARRIVAL DATE JANUARY, 2023Madison Old Time Banjo with Scooped Fretboard2-ply Maple RimMaple NeckRK Whyte Laydie Tone RingDual Coordinator RodsBrown Satin Finish with Star Headstock Inlay...
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    $499.00 $599.00
    Reduced price!
    Bluegrass  Resonator Banjo RK-R18 from Recording King Built with the same care and attention we give our professional level banjos, but priced within reach of any player, the Bluegrass Resonator (RK-R18) delivers traditional banjo sound and playing comfort well above its pay grade. Whether you're a beginning picker or a seasoned vet, you'll put some...
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    The Recording King Madison 6-string banjo The perfect combination of guitar-style playability with banjo appointments. Based on the banjo designs of the best-selling Madison series RK-R25, the Madison 6-string is assembled with a maple resonator, tube-and-plate style 2-piece flange, and dual coordinator rods. It also takes a nod from Recording King's...
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    Recording King - USA Series M5 banjoUS Made Recording King Maple M-5 Banjo The US made M5 Recording King Maple Banjo is built entirely by hand in the USA with only the best craftsmanship and materials you'd expect with a US made professional banjo. THIS MODEL WAS DISCONTINUED BY RECORDING KING is a full warranty authorized dealer for...
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    The Madison Resonator Banjo If you want an excellent banjo to begin with The Recording King RK 25 is a great choice. We feature professional set up by Mike Munford, free shipping, free hard case and free instructional help with each purchase. No other online dealer can offer this kind of expertise and set-up, Mike Munford is one of the best. Our record...
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    USA Series M7 Mahogany Banjo from Recording King The USA Series M7 banjo is hand-built in the USA. With high-end features like a Honduran mahogany neck and resonator, the M7 will hold its own against any top shelf banjo on the market. Our custom-designed Diamond & Square fretboard inlay and hand-rubbed nitrocellulose lacquer finish elevate this banjo to...
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    Recording King RK R-80 This model was discontinued by the manufacturer IN 2015. In 2015 Recording King discontinued the RK R80.The Recording King RK36 is basically the same banjo without the extra design that replicated the old Gibson Recording King Banjos of the 1930's. The RK R36 uses the same tone ring, 3 ply rim, one piece flange, tuning pegs,...
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    Recording King M-9 USA Made Walnut Banjo The Recording King USA series M-9 Walnut banjo is an amazing banjo.The neck on this banjo plays really easy and I really like the tone. The RK M-9 comes with a arched pro hard case and free shipping. The USA Series M9 banjo is hand-built in the USA. Assembled with a choice one-piece Walnut neck and beautiful burl...
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    Recording King Beginner Banjo RKOH-05 For Learning 5-string Bluegrass Banjo or Open Back Clawhammer Banjo Styles The RKOH-05 is the best beginner banjo value available in this price range. They work best and costs less. Notes about the RKOH-05 from owner, Ross NickersonIve played all the banjos I carry on my website for beginner banjo...
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    $819.00 $1,044.00
    Reduced price!
    Madison Tenor Banjo RK-T36 The tenor banjo first came to prominence in the early 1900's, and its C-G-D-A tuning is especially well suited for folk, Celtic and Dixieland music. The Recording King Madison RK-T36 is a unique tenor banjo for players looking to add a traditional vibe to their sound, and the perfect crossover instrument for mandolin, violin,...
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    The Recording King OT-25 - RK OT 25 Open Back Old Time Clawhammer Banjo The Recording King RK-OT25 5-string open back old time beginner clawhammer banjo that has authentic old timey banjo tone and is an easy to learn banjo on.These OT 25's are seriously a cut above other Old Time Open back clawhammer style banjos in the same price range. They use the...
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    Recording King PB-600 10-11/16-Inch Diameter Banjo Flange - Nickel Plated Replacement one piece banjo flange for 1930's Gibson style banjos. This flange is excellent quality and is Nickel Plated. It's a perfect replacement for 1930's style Gibson replica banjos. Banjos that are built and designed with a 3 ply maple rim, flathead or archtop tone ring and...
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    Recording King PB-680 Pot AssemblySeparate Banjo Parts - Banjo Pot for replacing Flat Head Banjo Tone Ring, One Piece Gibson Style Flange and 3 Ply Maple RimReplace your banjo pot, replace flathead tone ring, 3 ply maple rim and one piece flange with the Recording King PB-680 Banjo pot assembly.FREE US SHIPPING • 20 hole Bell Brass Flathead Tone Ring -...
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    The RK R30 - Recording King Bluegrass Banjo - The Bluegrass Machine  This Model was discontinued by the manufacturer. The upgraded Recording King RK R35 for 899 replaced it. The Recording King RK 35 is the banjo that really forced the RK 30 out of production. The discontinued RK 30's sold for 839 and the RK 35 for 899. Being that close to the same price...
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    Recording King RK 80-L  Left Handed Recording King Banjo The RK-R80 Professional combines classic pre-war style features and desirable modern touches to create a great-sounding bluegrass banjo. The Professional features a mahogany resonator, mahogany neck, bound ebony fretboard, American Standard thread hardware, 20-hole tone ring and a 3-ply rim. The...
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    Recording King RK R 76 Elite!RK76 Bluegrass Resonator Banjo with Hearts and Flowers Inlay IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIPThe Recording King RK76 banjo is a top of the line professional banjo at a price you can afford. ships the RK 76 Elite free with free hard case and at the great price. We also include 5 Ross Nickerson banjo instruction...
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    Gold Plated Recording King RK R77 Elite Banjo - Special Edition Gold Plated Recording King RK R77 Elite banjo. Brand new, 1 of only 21 made. This banjo assembled for Recording King by well known banjo luthier Jim Burlile. Sold and No Longer Available Features are mahogany neck and resonator, gold-plated hardware, rosewood fingerboard, Gotoh tuners and...
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    Recording King RK- R85 Elite - Flamed Maple Neck and Resonator RK 85 Professional Banjo for half the price. RK 85 Demo Video The Demo Video on this page is me playing the Bright Cherry Red RK 85 Limited Edition from a couple years ago. That model was discontinued. The RK85  flamed Maple is pretty much the same banjo except the finish. So I think for...
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    The Recording King RK R85 limited edition Bright Cherry Red Maple model The Recording King RK R85 limited edition Bright Cherry Red Maple model you may have heard about was discontinued in 2017 or 2018 and was replaced by the RK-R85  Elite Flamed Maple The banjo as far as components, tone, construction, specs, hardware, type of wood, all of that is...
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    Recording King RK-R35 Banjo 5-string Maple Pro Bluegrass Banjo with Resonator Official Name "The Madison" RK-R35IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP Notes from Ross NickersonThe Recording King RK 35 is an awesome affordable 5-string banjo that is great to learn on. It's a perfect banjo to lay back and pick on the porch and keep for years and years to come. They...
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    Recording King RK-R36 Banjo 5-string Mahogany Pro Bluegrass Banjo with Resonator Official Name "The Madison" RK-R36 has the Recording King RK 36 at the best price with the best Recording King dealer service and professional set-up. The Recording King RK 36 includes FREE US Shipping, FREE Upgraded hard shell case, Ross Nickerson...
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    Recording King RK-R20 "Songster" Beginner Banjo Brand New Improved Designed with all the top quality and tone you'd expect from Recording King Banjos.The new RK-R20 features the same tailpiece, armrest, head brackets, tuning pegs and other parts as their more expensive brothers, the RK-R35 and RK-R36, for half the price.The Recording King Songster RK R20...
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    Recording King Tenor Guitar Dirty 30's Series 7000 Tenor Guitar Awesome new Tenor Guitar from Recording King. The new Recording King Dirty 30's Series 7000 Tenor Guitar can be tuned like a 5-string banjo, to Chicago tuning, or normal tenor and Irish banjo tunings. They make a great alternative sound for banjo players accompanying themselves singing and...
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    Recording King RKT-05 Dirty 30's Tenor Banjo - 4-String At the 4-string Dirty 30's RKT-05 Recording King Tenor Banjo comes with complete Professional Banjo Setup and can be set up with GDAE irish Banjo tuning. Why face the consequences of buying from a big box store and have your banjo arrive in non-playing condition. You can avoid the...
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    Banjo Bridge Pickup Shadow SHA-930 Banjo Bridge Pickup with Sound Control Unit 5-String Banjo The Shadow SHA-930 Banjo Bridge Pickup with Sound Control Unit for 5-String Banjo has two piezo pickups built into the outer feet of the banjo bridge. This an easy to install great sounding and low priced banjo pickup alternative. It also includes volume and...
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