Recording King RK-R36 Banjo with Free Hardshell Case

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Recording King RK-R36 Banjo

5-string Mahogany Pro Bluegrass Banjo with Resonator

Official Name "The Madison" RK-R36 has the Recording King RK 36 at the best price with the best Recording King dealer service and professional set-up.

The Recording King RK-R36 includes FREE US Shipping, FREE Pro Set-up, FREE Guardian Hardshell case, FREE 5th String Capo Spike Installation if requested and FREE Lifetime Platinum Online Banjo Lessons Site Membership, (reg cost $129).

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See and hear the Recording King RK 36 mahogany banjo with our demo videos.

Buying a Recording King Banjo at has been serving banjo players online since 2002.
We play banjo, know how to set up a banjo properly, have the ability to add custom options and we back up each sale with personalized, professional, knowledgeable service. We add an extra level of quality control that can't be matched by large chains that frankly don't have a clue about banjos. If you buy a Recording King straight off the net, what are you going to do if there is a high fret, a poorly cut nut or any number of little issues that become big issues, when shipping across the country. Let us get it right for you, the first time! We care about banjo customers and it shows.

....Ross, The banjo arrived earlier today in mint condition. The sound quality is like night and day different my the one I have. Thanks for all your efforts. I'm going to enjoy the new one for a very long time. Also, thanks for all your great service. Tom Joplin

...Hi Ross, My RK 36 arrived today and it is perfect - everything I had hoped it would be. I will enjoy it for many years to come. Thanks also for your CD “Evolution.” I especially like your rendition of “Early Morning Rain,” one of my favorite songs. I look forward to Fundamentals CD/DVD package, too. Best, Case

Ross Nickerson - Owner of
Nashville, 2016 is an authorized dealer for Recording King Banjos and we carry all Recording King Banjo models and are a dealer for all other Recording King instruments as well. Recording King 5-string Bluegrass Banjos

FREE Professional Set Up on RK R36
We professionally set your banjo up including, setting the banjo head tension, setting the strings for easy to play low action, make sure the coordinator rods are adjusted correctly and play the banjo to make sure its going to play right when it arrives to you. Our banjo set up and inspection adds another level of quality control before you receive the banjo, this way we are both sure. All banjos are shipped insured and we know how to pack banjos so they arrive safely.

Read about set ups, quality control, warranties, shipping and other important info for Recording King Banjos at BanjoTeacher.

Recording King R-36 Company Description 
The Recording King Madison RK-R36 is for every banjo player looking for a high-quality, great-sounding instrument that won't break the bank. The RK-R36 is built with a Mastertone-style bell brass cast tone ring and one-piece flange just like our best-selling RK-R35, but with a select mahogany resonator and neck. The 24-hook brass tension hoop allows the head to be adjusted to the perfect tension, and the nickel-plated hardware matches vintage Mastertone-style specs at a fraction of the price.

FREE CG-20-J Hard Shell Case with the RK-R-36 includes the Guardian CG-20J Deluxe Hard Case
FREE - $149 Value

Guardian CG-20-J Banjo Case

List of FREE Items Included with this Banjo

  • Professional Banjo Set up  ($50 value)
  • Free Guardian CG-020-J Hard Shell Case -$149 Value
  • Free LIFETIME UNLIMITED Online Banjo Lesson Member Access ($129 value) - More details below
  • Free 5th String Free Capo Spikes ($30 value)
  •  Free US Shipping ($30 to $55 value)
  •  $35 Alaska, Hawaii and International Shipping Credit
  •  Best Price Guarantee - Call us if you find a better deal

FREE ITEMS don't add to our normal discount price which is the lowest price we are allowed to advertise by the Manufacturer.

Your Free UNLIMITED Platinum Membership includes exclusive Digital Access to view or download ALL of these Ross Nickerson Books, DVDs and Online lessons and more.
Digital Access to

  • Fundamentals of 5-String 52 page Digital Banjo Book with Video and Audio
  • 5 Ross Nickerson Online DVDs,
  • 7-Full Length E-Books with CD Tracks
  • 25 Bluegrass Songs with Video Demonstrations at 3-speeds
  • 14 Advanced Performance Videos with Tab and Two CD Tab Transcription Books
  • 100 "Must Know" Essential Banjo Licks
  • Dueling Banjos note for note transcription, Eagles "Take it Easy" Tab Transcription, Ross Nickerson Stairway to Heaven Tab
  • Banjo Chords and Chord Forms Video Lesson
  • 48 archived Monthly Lesson Videos
  • Member Discounts on Instruction Books and DVDs
  • Many other Lessons videos and Tabs

Some of the Online Banjo DVDs, E-Books and Online Lessons you can access Free

Customer Comments on RK-36

...Ross, The banjo arrived earlier today in mint condition. The sound quality is like night and day different my the one I have. Thanks for all your efforts. I'm going to enjoy the new one for a very long time. Also, thanks for all your great service. Tom Joplin

Billy Hammond called and left this voicemail about how much he liked his new Rk-36 and he played it on the phone too!
Billy Hammond RK-36

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  • NO - Snuffy Smith Bridge
  • YES - Install Snuffy Smith Bridge $29
  • No - Do Not Add Free Beginner Package
  • Yes - Add Ross Nickerson Free Beginner Package

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Recording RK-R35 Specifications

Mahogany Resonator
Mastertone-Style Bell Brass Cast Tone Ring
Mastertone-Style One-Piece Banjo Flange
Mahogany (R36) Neck with Adjustable Truss Rod
3-Ply Steam Bent Maple Rim
Rosewood Fretboard
Bone Nut
American Threaded Hooks and Nuts
Dual Coordinator Rods
Planetary Tuning Machines
Nickel-Plated Hardware
24 Hook Brass Tension Hoop
Set Up and Adjusted in the USA
Brown Gloss Finish
Limited Lifetime Warranty

You can add a Beginner Banjo Package Deal - FREE Beginner Banjo Package Deal includes

banjo package

Beginners Package - Retail value $79.00

Aug 4, 2023
Recording King RKR-36
Had my RKR-36 banjo now from Ross Nickerson and can't say how happy I am with the banjo and the transaction with in getting it here. The banjo has got to be one of the best, 'bang for the bucks,' out there. Don't ask me how many banjos I have owned over the years, but it has been enough to know that this banjo, for the money, ranks right up there with those that cost me a lot more. I don't see anything in the construction and finish of this banjo that leads me to believe I won't be enjoying it for a long time. My interaction with Ross was topflight as well. I ordered the banjo on a Friday, and it was on my door the following Tuesday in great shape, set-up with the spikes at the frets I requested them, with Snuffy Smith bridge option filled, The only complaint was banjo wasn't in tune and I had to tune it before I could play a tune on it. If you are looking for a banjo I can't recommend this one high enough. If you are looking for a dealer to help you get the banjo your are looking for, I can't recommend Mr Nickerson high enough. Call and tell him I sent you. You'll be glad you did.

May 26, 2023
I’m just blown away
Hi Ross, it’s Jim, one of your newer customers. Wanted to say that I got the recording king RK – 36 yesterday and I’m just blown away. It’s beautiful, you guys set it up perfectly, I sat down and tuned it, picked out a little bit of boil that cabbage down, and I’m just thrilled to death. Well, at my age, I shouldn’t be using the phrase “to death” but you catch my drift. Thank you for your excellent website and your personable and comprehensive approach to playing banjo and all that other good stuff you do. I’m looking forward to going through the lessons and picking up my game. Got to say too, your review is bang on of the RK 36. It just rings like a bell, it’s so beautiful. Just dropping an open chord makes me smile. It’s also heavy! Wow. But so solid. Did I say beautiful? Ha. Thanks again for offering such a great experience for old newbies like myself. All the best, hope to join you in a camp one of these days. Jim

May 9, 2023
These banjos are a cut above. definitely one of the best buys out there today. Well-built with quality parts and really shouldn't sound this good at this price. will hold its own with any other banjo I've heard. could be a forever banjo. As good as many that cost three times as much. a proper setup and They have all the chime and bark you could expect. Just a delight to play and hear. will bring a smile to your face and envy for those who don't have one. With so many choices this should be on your list of really good ones. Having other banjos of different manufactures this is still my go to more often than not. The extras you get here make you feel like you stole something. It's that good. I confess I didn't get mine here, but hindsight says I should have.

Mar 6, 2023
Can’t believe the difference.
Hi Ross, the RK-R36 Banjo arrived safe and sound. Wow. It’s amazing. Can’t believe the difference. The extras included are also great. Thanks for your advice and certainly glad I went with the R36. The delivery and tracking of its long journey Down Under (Aus) was excellent. Christmas has come early this year for sure.

May 10, 2022
Very Happy
Just wanted to let you know the banjo arrived on Friday without issue. It is absolutely beautiful, and has an amazing sustained ring to the sound! I've already shown it off to some of my friends and cannot wait until I have something substantial to play for them! I'm working my way through your DVD and the book and am currently practicing the alternating thumb roll and the forward roll. You're right it's very easy to count it as triplets instead of eighths! I really appreciate having all of the materials along with the banjo. I'm glad you recommended the upgraded case as well, it is stunning and very cushioned. Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me on the phone and providing guidance on my purchase. I am thrilled with the instrument and am looking forward to years of enjoyment with it! Thanks, Mike S.

Nov 7, 2021
the RK 36 is equal to or better than any banjos I have played.
Ross the RK 36 got to Jacksonville with no issues. I have owned many bluegrass banjos over the last 4 plus decades including Gibson both new and vintage, top tension, Stelling, etc. Frankly the RK 36 is equal to or better than any banjos I have played. Construction, finish, set up, neck profile, etc., are excellent. I did put a Purcell bridge on the RK. The tuners seem to berthing out after using them and tweaking the tension screw. Unless the tuners cause an issue I see no need to upgrade them. So. Great banjo at any price. Thanks for having it set up and getting it to me promptly. Regards,

Sep 7, 2021
It sounds and looks great. I’m very satisfied.
Hi, Ross. I just wanted to let you know that the Recording King made it up here to PA just fine! The banjo was perfectly set up and ready to go! It sounds and looks great. I’m very satisfied. Thank you again, Dan Dougherty

Dec 3, 2020
Thanks from New Zealand
Greetings, my RK36 has been delivered safe and sound to my address here in New Zealand, nine days to get here, real quick. Super impressed with the banjo and your exceptional service. Many thanks. Regards Grant Reaburn.

Apr 12, 2020
I AM loving the banjo
Hi Ross, Thanks so much. I have the Gold Membership up and running now. And I AM loving the sounds really beautiful! The notes ring like lovely clear bells. I don’t know if that’s a good description or not but I love it. And it’s gorgeous to look at too. I’m looking forward to many years of learning and playing! Happy Easter, Tori

Mar 1, 2020
New RK R 36
Ross, received my banjo on Thursday but was traveling to Florida for the weekend. It was a long three days until I returned home, and what a homecoming it was!! Banjo was in perfect condition, tuned her up and played for a few hours. I cannot begin to explain what a difference a quality instrument makes, the sound and action are amazing. While my skills are lagging behind this banjo I hope to soon be able to do her justice! Thank you Ross for all you advice, I couldn't be happier with the purchase. You and your staff are amazing and true professionals!!

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