Recording King Banjo - The Madison RK-R35 Resonator Banjo

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The Recording King RK 35 is an awesome affordable 5-string banjo that is great to learn on. It's a perfect banjo to lay back and pick on the porch and keep for years and years to come. They are excellent quality and a safe purchase with our top notch professional set ups, free US shipping, low prices and free banjo instructional items.

Recording King Madison RK R 35 Pro Banjo
with Maple Neck and Resonator

The Recording King RK-R35 Madison gives banjo players on any level the option of a high-quality, great-sounding banjo with a classic Mastertone-Style. He has a one piece flange, flathead tone ring, presto tailpiece, classic fingerboard inlay, easy to play neck and the best tone by a long shot in it's price range.
Please don't hesitate to call me if you have questions about the RK R 35. I can also describe the different Recording King models in more detail if needed and offer guidance based on your specific needs and circumstances. That's what I do and I'm glad to help. I'm can give the best deals on the phone too. 1-866-322-6567 is my direct line. Thanks, Ross

Comments from a customer before receiving his RK 35
Ross, I am glad to hear that my new Recording King RK 35 is on it's way. I am 61 years old and am looking forward to my new Banjo more than my first Lionel Train Set, when I was about 8. You and your Company are extremely pleasant to deal with. So far, your Company is the best out there. Not only are you an excellent Banjo player, but you have a sincere pledge in helping people. Thanks again Sir. I appreciate you helping me select the right Banjo for my needs. Your the best! Kim Barnes Maryland

Same Customer after receiving the RK R 35
Received my new Recording King RK 35 from your Company. Well packaged and the Banjo is flawless. WOW!, what a clear crisp sound. You did an excellent job in setting up this Banjo. The notes are much clearer than my old one. The notes really "pop" out at you. I took a chance on purchasing this Banjo without first playing it, but I could not be happier. Thanks again for your time and expertise in helping me select the right Banjo for my needs. This one is a keeper Sincerely, Kim Barnes

Watch Ross Nickerson, owner demonstrate the Recording King RK R35 on video

I hope you liked the video.Buying a Recording King Banjo at
We are professionals! We play banjo, know how to set up a banjo properly, have the ability to add custom options and we back up each sale with personalized, professional, knowledgeable service. We add an extra level of quality control that can't be matched by large chains that frankly don't have a clue about banjos. If you buy a Recording King straight off the net, what are you going to do if there is a high fret, a poorly cut nut or any number of little issues that become big issues, when shipping across the country. Let us get it right for you, the first time! We care about banjo customers and it shows. Thanks,Ross NickersonRecording-King-210-banjoteacher-com.jpg

Ross Nickerson - Owner of
Nashville, 2016

RK R 35 Description and Specs
The Recording King Madison RK-R35 is built around a 3-ply steam bent maple rim, from the exact same construction and materials used in the best-selling RK-R80. It has a maple neck with an adjustable two-way truss rod and a comfortable rosewood fretboard. With a 24-hook brass tension hoop, players can adjust the head tension as precisely as on any world-class banjo. The planetary tuners, geared 5th peg and dual coordinator rods are effective professional components, and add an authentic feel to these impressive banjos.

The Madison RK-R35 has a maple resonator with a hand-rubbed brown matte finish. We build it with a Mastertone-style bell brass cast tone ring and a Mastertone-style one-piece flange. The Madison peghead and fretboard feature our Seagull inlay, for a banjo that looks as classic as it sounds.

The American threaded nickel-plated hook and nut hardware, as well as the true presto-style tailpiece and armrest are the same as featured on the popular RK-Scout. Like the other Madison banjos, the Madison Deluxe comes standard with an authentic Remo head. is an authorized dealer for Recording King Banjos and carry every model of Recording King Banjo and all other Recording King instruments as well.


"Dan received his banjo today and is so happy with it! Thank you ! Alice"
Note from Ross: see. even spouses can like banjos!

Our Beginner Banjo Package includes a Comprehensive 52 page Beginner Banjo Book with a two hour beginner banjo DVD and two audio CDs. You also receive a set of banjo picks, a clip-on chromatic banjo tuner, a spare set of banjo strings and a banjo strap.
Beginners Package - Retail value $79.00

If you have any questions please call us anytime 1-866-322-6567 or email us

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  • Upgrade to Snuffy Smith Bridge $29
  • Add 5 Spare Sets of Strings only $20
  • 5th String Capo Spikes Frets 7+9 $16
  • 5th String Capo Spikes Frets 7910 $24
  • Upgrade to 3-Year Membership $10
  • 5th String Capo Spikes Frets 789 $24
  • 5th String Capo Spikes Fret 78910 $32

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Free hard case
Free banjo case

Your banjo comes with a free hard shell banjo case.

Fundamentals of 5-String Banjo Book/DVD/CD  $29.95 value FREE with purchase. Or you can substitute another Ross NIckerson DVD in the comments when you check out.

Immediate Access to Ross Nickerson's All Online Banjo Lessons Package Instant digital access to an incredible amount of Banjo instructional Books and DVDs online. $89 value. Banjo Lessons Package
Separate 1-year free membership to Free access to members only site. Receive 25% off all instructional materials along with discounts on other special sale items. Over 100 free videos, 50 lesson and song videos with matching tab, 100 plus free tab files, "Ask the Banjo Teacher" column, articles and other banjo lessons. a one year subscription is a 24.95 value
tunerFree Banjo Tuner
We include a free electronic banjo tuner. You can never have too many of these handy. This free clip on banjo tuner works great for fast and noise free banjo
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Mastertone-style Bell Brass Cast Tone Ring
Mastertone-style One-piece Banjo Flange
Maple Resonator
Maple Neck with Adjustable Truss Rod
3-Ply Steam Bent Maple Rim
24 Hook Brass Tension Hoop
Rosewood Fretboard
Seagull Fretboard Inlay
Bone Nut
Recording King Compound Angle Peghead
Black Peghead Overlay with Mother of Pearl Inlay
American Threaded Hooks and Nuts
Dual Coordinator Rods
Planetary Tuners
Presto-Style Tailpiece
Maple/Ebony 5/8" Bridge
Remo Frosted Head, 11" High Crown
Hand-Rubbed Brown Satin Finish
Nickel-Plated Hardware
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Recording King R R35 Video by Ross Nickerson

Purchase from an expert

The large corporate chains don't ship your banjos set up and ready to play.
If you call them, their employees don't play the banjo or know anything about them.
I have been playing and teaching banjo professionally all my adult life. I will give it to you straight and steer you in the right direction, whether it is in our direction or not. Purchase here from an expert and reward knowledge, honesty, integrity and dedication.
We value your support and educated choice.


Mar 25, 2017
Ross, Got it today at noon. It is even better than I thought it was going to be. Thanks. Arnold

Oct 14, 2016
RK R 35 Customer
...Hi Ross I received my RK - 35 today and I can not put it down, it sure has a great sound and a good feel, thanks for everything also for autographing my CD I was going to ask you for it the last time we spoke Ok I got to get back to my new RK 35

Jul 28, 2016
new Recording King RK 35 is on it's way.
Ross, I am glad to hear that my new Recording King RK 35 is on it's way. I am 61 years old and am looking forward to my new Banjo more than my first Lionel Train Set, when I was about 8. You and your Company are extremely pleasant to deal with. So far, your Company is the best out there. Not only are you an excellent Banjo player, but you have a sincere pledge in helping people. Thanks again Sir. I appreciate you helping me select the right Banjo for my needs. Your the best!

Jan 26, 2016
Outstanding tone. Great Value.
Banjo was set up by Mike Munford. When it got here it was slightly out of tune because of the shipping I'm sure. A quick tuning and I was off playing everything I knew. I can't believe the tone and how long the notes sound. Your can really hear the second note of a hammer on as clear as the first note. I'm extremely happy with the purchase and setup and would recommend this banjo and services offered by

Aug 24, 2015
R 35 Customer Review
Ross, I opened the Banjo as soon as I got home. It looks and plays great! I love it! Thanks so much for your help. It's like I'm playing a whole new instrument. The sound is amazing! Thanks again for the great service,

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