Standard Size Maple Banjo Bridge Size 5/8 - Good for All Banjos

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Standard Size 5/8 Maple Banjo Bridge

This is a high quality maple banjo bridge in the standard 5/8 size that also has the special compensated G (3rd string) for better intonation.

This bridge is a perfect replacement for any banjo. Its not the highest quality but it's a good one and more reasonably priced then the premium handmade bridges we sell.

Features a small notch to compensate the G String (3rd string) for better Intonation just like the more expensive Snuffy Smith Style 2 bridges.

Why the the 3rd String on a Banjo is Compensated

Banjos are inherently sharp when fretting on the 3rd string. This way of compensating for that with just a slight notch back on the bridge is the best way because it does not affect the tone like fully compensated bridges do.
This bridge is a lower price alternative to the Snuffy Smith Style ll bridge that has the notched 3rd string too.
Snuffy Smith Style ll Bridge with notched 3rd string


  • 5/8th Standard

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