Deering Maple Banjo Bridge - Replace and Improve Your Tone

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Replacement Deering Maple Banjo Bridge for Banjo

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Replace your Deering Banjo Bridge or improve the tone of other beginner Banjos by replacing your bridge with a better sounding Deering Maple Banjo Bridge.

These are the same high quality banjo bridges used on Deering Goodtime Artisan Banjos.

The bridge is where the tone begins! I have experimented adding Goodtime bridges to banjo models from different manufacturers in the same price range as the Goodtime banjos. Adding the Deering bridge improved the tone on all of them. If I was a banjo builder I would make the best bridge because often its the bridge that separates one banjos tone most from another. Banjo bridge has a dramatic effect on your banjo's tone and Deering is smart to equip even their Goodtime beginner banjo models with a high quality maple banjo bridge.

Deering uses hard rock maple and a durable black composite saddle. The bridge is carefully designed and punches out great banjo tone.

Featured on all Deering Goodtime Artisan banjos and sold separately at

Available in STANDARD 5/8″ height
5/8 is the most common height and what the vast majority of banjos use. Unless custom ordered all new banjos now come equipped with standard 5/8 height banjo bridges.


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