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Open-back banjos are normally associated with a popular style of banjo playing called clawhammer. Clawhammer banjo is normally associated with a genre of traditional music that is different from bluegrass that is called Old Time Music, Old Timey, folk or traditional Appalachian music.

Open back banjos generally have a mellower tone and weigh less than resonator banjos. The clawhammer models often have what is called a scooped neck which takes out the highest five frets of the banjo neck. This is done to make it possible to play "clawhammer style" closer to the fret board and forward of the pot or round section of the banjo that has the drum head on it.

  • Goldtone

    Goldtone Open Back banjos for Clawhammer, Old Time, frailing and other folk style. Many open back banjos can also work well for three finger bluegrass style as a lighter weight alternative to heavier bluegrass banjos with a resonator.

    We carry all Gold Tone Old time banjos and at the best prices. We include a case with every Gold Tone open back banjo and many other free items like electronic tuners and straps.

    ...."Thanks for beating my lowest quote and I will definitely will be back to order again! Great customer service"

    Open Back Clawhammer, Old Time Banjos from Gold Tone Banjos!

  • Morgan Monroe Open Back Banjos
    Morgan Monroe Open...

    Morgan Monroe open back banjos for sale at great prices. Good models to learn to play banjo for bluegrass, clawhammer, old timey and folk style banjo.

  • Deering Open Back
    Deering Open Back

    Deering Open Back banjos for learning and playing bluegrass, clawhammer, and old time styles. Many beginner banjos to start on with beginner banjo kits. Deerings are American Made in California. We are a full service Deering Dealer.

  • Nechville Open Back Banjos
    Nechville Open Back...

    Nechville Open Back Banjos
    Nechville Banjos known for their bluegrass Helimount designed banjos with resonator designed an open back banjo with class and many innovative features called the "Moonshiner".

  • Long Neck Banjos
    Long Neck Banjos

    We have a great selection of Long Neck banjos and long neck banjo cases.
    A long neck banjo is three frets longer than a standard 22 fret banjo and is tuned to open E tuning. The 5th string peg is not at the 5th fret it is located up at the 8th fret. If you put a banjo capo on a long neck banjo at the 3rd fret you are in Open G and capo on the 7th fret in A. If you want to add 5th string capo spikes to a long neck banjo, the common frets to place them at are the 11th 13th and 15th frets. If you purchase a long neck banjo us we can install them at the correct frets for you. Long Neck banjos do not require special strings and normal banjo strings are long enough.

    The notes to tune a Long Neck Banjo to for standard long neck open E Tuning are
    5th string-E 4th string-B 3rd string-E 2nd string-G# 1st string-B
    Using a Capo on a long neck banjo to play in different keys
    For Open G - Capo to 3rd fret and use the 5th string capo spike at the 11th fret
    For Key of A Capo to 5th fret and use the 5th string capo spike at the 13th fret
    For Key of B Capo to 7th fret and use the 5th string capo spike at the 15th fret

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  • 1 Review
    Due to the enormous popularity of the WL-250, GoldTone has now introduced an exquisite version featuring our custom tree of life inlay. Unlike other tree of life inlay designs, the position markers are easily seen by the flower patterns for up the neck playing. Scooped fingerboard is unavailable for this model. ...I received the White Laydie Plus last...
  • 2 Reviews
    The Gold Tone CC 50 open back banjo is one of the best beginner open back banjos you can find. It's a light and easy to play banjo and works great for learning Clawhammer, folk, old time and open back styles. If you are just beginning and you are absolutely sure Clawhammer and Frailing technique is the direction you are going you may prefer a banjo with a...
  • $464.00
    Never before has an entry level openback banjo included the features and tone of our CC100 Open Back Banjo Check any competitive banjo in this price range and you'll find more bang for the buck with our Cripple Creek. Features include maple neck and body, neck and resonator binding, double coordinator rods, curly maple headstock veneer, Straight Line...
  • $1,364.00
    The Goldtone Bob Carlin BC 350 Plus has a 12 inch rim or I like to call it a "12 inch open back pot". It offers deep authentic tone and the BC 350 Plus when you hold it feels and looks like it should cost a lot more. I've played these and I can tell you that the pictures don't really do it justice. While this banjo is one of the more expensive models it's...
  • 4 Reviews
    Our premier open back banjo has remarkable tone and exquisite cosmetics. A White Ladye tone ring combined with a thin maple rim provides ample volume and a wonderful plunky tone. Features include ebony fingerboard, cloud position markers, Straight Line tailpiece, reversible two way truss rod, body and neck binding, maple neck and double coordinator rods...
  • 3 Reviews
    Notes from Ross Nickerson on the BC 350 models from Goldtone.This is the new Bob Carlin signature model BC 350 Plus. Look at the quality and attention to detail on this. This is every bit like an expensive custom built model that should cost in the $4000 or $5000 range. Very Impressed. Wayne's done it again, They are really "hands on" at Goldtone and know...
  • $554.00
    Notes from Ross Nickerson on the CC100 + Open Back models from Goldtone.Wow, this model is beautiful, it has some great features and a great look too. This one just feels good to play. You would be proud to own this model. It's features include maple neck and body, double coordinator rods, curly maple headstock veneer, Straight Line tailpiece, brass tone...
  • $509.00
    The Recording King RK OT 25 is a 5-string open back old time beginner clawhammer banjo that has authentic old timey banjo tone and is easy to learn banjo on.We offer professional set up and other free items to help get you started learning clawhammer banjo with the Recording King OT 25. Product Description The Recording King Madison banjos offer players...
  • $741.00
    For a sweet frailing or clawhammer tone the MM-150 is the original open back and has been very well received. Options include a long neck (MM-150LN). The MM 150 open back has 24 brackets, White Ladye tone ring (a three part tone ring famous for its plunky and sustaining tone) clear finish on maple, chrome-plated parts, maple neck, planetary tuners, and a...
  • $839.00
    It includes a tradition heel cut, no-knot tailpiece, and Vega-style armrest. The White Ladye tone ring provides a loud plunky tone preferred by old timey players.Banjos come set up and ready to playEach banjo is played before it leaves the shop! Along with the strict quality control that Goldtone is known for and the banjos being checked very carefully...
  • 3 Reviews
    This Vega style replica is an accurate reproduction of the most sought after pot in the classic Old Time sound. A metal bracket band contains the lug bolts avoiding holes in the rim for a solid tone. The brass Tubaphone style tone ring rings loud and clear with maximum sustain. Classic style engraved inlays, maple neck and rim, adjustable coordinator rods...
  • $441.00
    GoldTone CC OT from Includes Bob Carlin Instructional DVD, Capo spike, gig bag, strap, frailing scoop, and all Old Time style cosmetics.
  • 1 Review
    This model is per request of many "folkies" and dealers for a pro, great sounding long neck. Specs are equal to our WL-250 and includes the extra length. The fingerboard scoop is not used on the long neck. Our premier open back banjo has remarkable tone and exquisite cosmetics. A White Ladye tone ring combined with a thin maple rim provides ample volume...
  • $839.00
    It includes a tradition heel cut, no-knot tailpiece, and Vega-style armrest. The White Ladye tone ring provides a loud plunky tone preferred by old timey players.Banjos come set up and ready to playEach banjo is played before it leaves the shop! Along with the strict quality control that Goldtone is known for and the banjos being checked very carefully...
  • 2 Reviews
    Following the success of the Bob Carlin models BC-350 and BC-350+, Gold Tone introduced a new brother, the BC-120. This economically priced version of the BC line has many of the features of it's costlier relative: 12" rim and frailing scoop to play over the neck for a deeper tone, a wider fingerboard to facilitate drop thumb, a "hot-dog" vintage-style...
  • $1,184.00
    Pro Model A-Scale 5-string banjo with Tubaphone-style tone ring, ebony fingerboard, vintage engraved inlays, and frailing scoop. The most requested tone ring for the "Old Time" sound. Includes hard shell case. Features: Neck - Maple Fingerboard - Ebony Fingerboard Inlay -Engraved Pearl Inlays Neck Binding - ABS White Binding Rim - Maple Bridge - Maple...
  • 1 Review
    Notes from Ross Nickerson on the Goldtone CC OTA Travel Size Clawhammer Banjo. This Banjo is great for Children learning the play clawhammer banjo styles too, The CC OT A is a shorter neck scale open back banjo that is 19 frets long instead of the 22 frets on a normal length 5-string banjo. The CC OT A is an open back old timey clawhammer that banjo works...
  • 2 Reviews
    The Old Tone 800 Long Neck (0T-800LN) is the ultimate longneck banjo. This tubaphone style longneck is tuned 1 1/2 steps lower for the best singing keys. A great folk style banjo, it closely resembles Mr. Seegers famous plunky tone, a sound desired by songsters. The engraved inlay is set off by the ebony fingerboard and the pot includes a bracket band for...
  • 4 Reviews
    The CB-100 was created to meet the demands of the modern old-time player. It's lightweight minimalist design yields nothing but effortless playability.  Entry price with all the features of a high end. A scooped fingerboard, brass rod tone ring, and vintage neck design makes this banjo a great value. It is also lightweight for traveling or practicing....
  • $1,989.00
    Deering's newest professional grade openback 5-string banjo. The Eagle II™ banjo is a whole new breed of banjo.The Eagle II openback banjo features the ground breaking, patent pending Twenty-Ten Tone Ring which is a completely original Deering design that gives the banjo an extremely clear tone. This is an incredible clawhammer banjo! is...
  • $2,250.00
    The MOONSHINE is Back! Now with the Excelsior Heli-Mount Frame The cherished traditional open back sound in a totally new look. The Moonshine offers all the benefits of the Heli-Mount and Quick-Cam neck mounting technology with distinctive style and comfort. The Moonshine features an Ebony fingerboard. Neck and body components of the Moonshine are...
  • $2,089.00
    The most popular and affordable professional grade banjo now available as an openback. Greg Deering knows what it feels like to want a professional banjo and not be able to afford it, so this has become the flagship of our line. We make the Sierra affordable and you get all the most important features that affect the tone and playability. Simple detailing...
  • $2,695.50
    The Marc Horowitz Gold Tone open back 5 string banjo. Designed by banjoist Marc Horowitz in conjunction with Gold Tone Banjos and Nechville Banjos.Marc Horowitz was determined to come up with a dependable, stable and great-sounding instrument old time open back banjo. The Gold Tone/Nechville OT-MH Old Time banjo mates Gold Tone's carbon fiber composite...
  • $879.00
    Featuring Midnight Maple Fingerboard and Vintage Artisan inspired inlays! The patented Special Tone Ring found beneath the beauty of the Artisan Goodtime Special Openback makes it louder and brighter than the standard openback model and is great for players who like to jam and want to be heard. The rich brown stain, planetary tuners, and Deering peg head...
  • $144.00
    This is the same banjo as the RT B01 only without the closed back resonator. Getting the open back version saves you money and they still sound good. The beginner kit comes with a strap which you will help balance the neck which needs more support without the weight of the resonator to help balance it. Although the RT B01 with resonator needs a strap to...
  • 2 Reviews
    Notes from Ross Nickerson on the CC OT models from Goldtone.Wow, I wish they had quality like this when I took up banjo. It comes with a free beginner frailing/clawhammer/old time instruction DVD from Bob Carlin and a free case. It has a scooped neck standard and when I played it the tone was mellow and responsive. Ross N A complete beginner old time,...
  • 2 Reviews
    Gold Tone banjos has introduced a new 12 inch pot open back banjo called the CC-Carlin. This is a great way to add the 12 inch banjo pot tone and feel to your repertoire at a low very affordable price. This one is great for beginners too or claw-hammer players looking for a new sound to add to their reportoire with the classic 12 inch pot deeper mellower...
  • 1 Review
    Deering Beginner Banjo for Bluegrass or Clawhammer StylesThe Deering goodtime is a really easy banjo to play and which makes it even easier to learn on. The price is right too and with our superior beginner package you can get started playing and practicing right away.This American made beginner banjo is easy to learn on and reasonably priced. The...
  • $639.00
    The Deeering Artisan Goodtime is an easy banjo to learn on and sounds great.The Artisan Goodtime Openback banjo embodies Greg Deering’s lifelong vision for the Deering Banjo Company – to make the best sounding, best playing, best looking, and best value U.S.A. made banjo that he possibly could. It is a never ending quest that Deering pursues every single...
  • 1 Review
    The Hobo is an open back banjo reminiscent of early 20th century style instruments. 18 brackets with a snappy tone that projects! All Morgan Monroe Banjos arrive set up, tuned and ready to play.Pro Setup is FREE and is a $50.00 value FREE US Shipping to the lower 48 states. We offer a 30.00 shipping discount for Alaska, Hawaii and ALL International...
  • $2,089.00
    Tuned in an E Chord, The Boston Long Neck is easier to sing with for deep voices. Made popular by Pete Seeger and the Kingston Trio the Long Neck banjo has a greater range for all styles of music. The Boston Long Neck is a very stable, good sounding banjo that travels well and isn't as heavy as other more expensive models. The innovative steel rim...
  • $4,686.75
    Tuned in E or capoed in G, and great for deep singing voices, the Kingston Trio Long Neck celebrates the success of one of the longest living popular folk bands. If, like Greg Deering, you first found a love of the banjo from listening to the Kingston Trio, having one of these wonderful banjos makes you a part of something very special. You have a choice...
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