Gold tone CC-OTA Clawhammer Style Banjo

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Goldtone CC OTA Travel Size Clawhammer Banjo

This Banjo is great for Children learning the play clawhammer banjo styles too,

The CC OT A is a shorter neck scale open back banjo that is 19 frets long instead of the 22 frets on a normal length 5-string banjo. The CC OT A is an open back old timey clawhammer that banjo works great as a travel banjo, for a younger person, or for just something easier to reach and play. These banjos are described as A scale because they are normally tuned to Open A but can be easily tuned to open G like normal 5-string banjos as long as you are not using light gauge strings. We can set them up tuned to open G tuning by request at no extra charge and frankly that is what most A scale banjo owners do, they are in it for the size, not the A tuning. thanks, Ross Nickerson/Owner of

The Cripple Creek CC-0TA is Gold Tone’s recommended entry level openback A-scale banjo. A world above the standard CC-50TR model, the CC-0TA comes in a complete package designed to learn clawhammer style banjo. They sound and play to way a real openback banjo should!

The banjo includes a maple neck, scooped rosewood fingerboard with 5th string capo spike, a Fiberskyn banjo head, No Knot tailpiece, Vega-style armrest, vintage Fairbanks headstock design, and geared tuners.

The package also includes a gig bag, a banjo strap, and the popular Bob Carlin Instructional DVD where he discusses the fundamentals of clawhammer banjo techniques and teaches several traditional songs with tablature.

With a complete setup at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida, the CC-0TA is durable, has low string action, and is a pleasure to learn on!

The CC-OTA will tune to standard G-tuning using a Medium gauge set of banjo strings.

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  • NO - Gold Tone Hard Case
  • YES - Substitute Gold Tone Hard Case $84
  • NO - Planetary Tuning Pegs
  • YES - Install Planetary Tuning Pegs $39
  • NO - Not a Lefty
  • YES - I'm Left Handed $39

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Neck - Maple
Fingerbaord - rosewood
Fingerboard Inlay - Star/Dots
Bridge - Maple/Ebony Cap Compensated
Headstock Inlay - Star
Neck Binding - Celluloid
Wood Finish - Antique brown satin finish
Tuners - Sealed

Aug 17, 2015
CC OT Customer from Australia
....Hi Ross, just a quick thank you for getting my banjo to me in record time. I am very happy with the banjo/ package and your prompt and professional service.

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