Gold Tone MM-150LN Long Neck Banjo

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Gold Tone MM-150 Long Neck Banjo
Maple Mountain MM-150LN

The Gold Tone Maple Mountain MM 150LN Long Neck Banjo is perfect for playing in the styles of the Kingston Trio, Pete Seeger and other 60's folk music groups.

Long Neck banjos are tuned to Open E tuning rather than the standard Open G tuning on normal length 5-string banjos. This gives you a unique awesome sound and you can easily capo to the 3rd fret and play in standard G tuning on a long neck banjo. In Open E, everything is played the same as standard Open G tuning, it only changes the key, not the technique used to play.

We can install 5th string Capo spikes on the best frets for using a capo on a long neck banjo. Its tricky because the 5th string peg on a long neck is located on the 8th fret, not the 5th fret like a normal length 5-string banjo.

It includes a tradition heel cut, no-knot tailpiece, and Vega-style armrest. The White Ladye tone ring provides a loud plunky tone preferred by old timey players.

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  • Best Beginner Banjo Professional Banjo Set up
  • Best beginner Banjo Book FREE Zero Glide Nut Installation ($75 value)
  • Free Banjo Lessons Online with Banjo Purchase Free 1 YR Access to Silver Members Lesson Site
  • Professional Banjo Set Up Free 5th String Capo Spikes Installed for Long Neck
  • Free Banjo Case and Gig Bags with Banjo Purchase Free Heavy Padded Gig Bag Case
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On a Long Neck Banjo, the 5th string peg is actually located at the 8th fret, not the 5th fret, and tuned to E not G.

This makes the most common frets for capo spikes on a long neck: 11 for the key of G, 13 for A and 15 for B. Since the long neck is positioned at the 8th fret and tuned to E, it's up 3 for G, up 5 for A, up 7 for B.

Even though I prefer or normally recommend the capo spikes over the 5th string sliding capo on a standard length 5-string banjo, the sliding 5th string capos can be pretty practical on a long neck, you can put that anywhere for any key or tuning configuration. We can install those too.

Both are listed in the options below.

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  • No - Free Padded Gig Bag is OK
  • YES - Add the Official Gold Tone Hard Case $99
  • No - 5 Spare Sets of Strings
  • Yes - Add 5 Spare Sets of Strings for only $20
  • No 5th String Capo Spikes for Long Neck
  • Yes - Add Correct Capo Spikes for LN - Frets 11,13,15
  • No - Shubb 5th String Sliding Capo
  • Yes - Install Shubb 5th String Sliding Capo for $69

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All Gold Tone Banjos from now come with the Zero Glide Nut installed FREE
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Ross Nickerson Demo Video

Jul 27, 2021
I really like the sound.
Just a thank you for selling me the Gold Tone long neck frailing banjo. The banjo arrived today. I opened the box and sat on our deck for two hours this evening knocking out some tunes. I really like the sound. It is exactly what I was looking for and the "E" tuning is in my voice "wheelhouse". I am just an average banjo player and singer but this banjo definitely helped me with a fuller sound. I hope to be using it with our worship band at the church. Thanks again, Brad Frazier

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