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Tone Rings 

Banjo Tone Rings - Flathead and Archtop

We feature replacement tone rings to upgrade you banjo sound and clarity by Sloan Tone Rings, Huber Tonerings, Nechville Tone Ring, JLS Tone Rings, Recording King Tone Ring and Pots,White Layde Tonering replacement, replacement Arch Top Banjo Tone rings, Tubaphone replacement tone ring, GoldTone Tone Ring and Dannick Tonering. The tone ring is like the motor on your banjo. Replacing your motor by upgrading your banjo tone ring can significantly improve your clarity up the neck, sound better with a capo on, make the bass/4th string come out and provide better overall response and "good" volume.

Gibson Master tone Traditional Flat Head Tone Rings- No Hole, 20 Hole 
Archtop Banjo Tone Rings and Gibson RB 1 hoop style Rings

If you need advice or direction, give us a call. 1-866-322-6567. Only somebody who plays banjo will answer the phone.

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    JLS 20 Hole Replacement Flathead Banjo Tone Rings These American made tone rings are well known to those who have heard them. These are the tone rings that Gold Tone has used for many years in their OB-250 Plus. What tipped me off first on these tone rings was I had taught several group workshops with large groups of students with top of the line...
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    Sloan Tone Rings for Banjo - Flathead No Hole and 20 Hole Jerry Sloan JBS flathead tonerings for bluegrass banjos. These are an incredible upgrade and highly recommended. We carry both the no hole and the 20 hole rings. Jerry Sloan has hit a home run with this one This is the tone ring I use in my Bellbird Banjo and it sounds great, I mean really...
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    Gold Tone Brass "Arch Top" 40 Hole Brass Tone Ring This Nickel Plated sand-cast brass 40-hole arch-top tone ring is an exact replica of the 1920's Gibson original archtop tone ring. This ring is THE standard for penetrating tone in a professional banjo.This is the same tone ring that is installed on the Gold Tone OB-250AT Archtop professional banjo.
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    Gold Tone "No Hole" Tone Ring - 11" Brass Flathead Ring This 11" Flat Head Brass No-Hole Tone Ring is the engine under the hood of our OB-3 Twanger banjo. The Twanger has demanded the attention of some of the best banjo players in the industry right now because of its snappy and loud projection. One of the most notable features of the 11" Flat Head Brass...
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    The White Laydie Tone Ring is based upon the Fairbanks/Vega design which is made for old-time banjo tone and styles. It's an excellent replacement tonering for open back banjos. This tone ring consists of a round steel hoop held in place by a supn-brass sleeve above a solid scalloped brass ring. It produces a warm, mellow, rich, staccato old-time sound,...
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    Works in traditional Bluegrass banjos. Pre-war bronze formulation alloy with copper/nickel plating. Half-radius top edge. 20-hole, polished, .380 outer skirt dimension.
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    Tubaphone Tone Ring 11" - Vega Tubaphone Replica Reissue This ring is a replica of the later version of the tone ring used in the Vega White Ladye called the "Tubaphone" tone ring. It uses a square tube which greatly increases the banjo's sustain and tone.It's the same tone ring used in the OT-800Link to the OT-800
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    Recording King PB-600 10-11/16-Inch Diameter Banjo Flange - Nickel Plated Replacement one piece banjo flange for 1930's Gibson style banjos. This flange is excellent quality and is Nickel Plated. It's a perfect replacement for 1930's style Gibson replica banjos. Banjos that are built and designed with a 3 ply maple rim, flathead or archtop tone ring and...
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    Gold Tone Brass Flat Head Banjo Tone Ring This high quality 11" sandcast brass tone ring is a replica of the original-style Gibson Mastertone ring. Its the same flathead tone ring that comes installed on the Gold Tone OB-150 and Gold Tone OB 250 and Professional Banjos. We also carry the JLS Tone Rings that are in the OB-250 Plus.JLS Tone RingsThis ring...
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    Huber "Vintage" Flathead Tone Ring - Nickel This highly popular flathead tone ring produces a genuine pre-war tone quality--deep and full.
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    Recording King PB-680 Pot AssemblySeparate Banjo Parts - Banjo Pot for replacing Flat Head Banjo Tone Ring, One Piece Gibson Style Flange and 3 Ply Maple RimReplace your banjo pot, replace flathead tone ring, 3 ply maple rim and one piece flange with the Recording King PB-680 Banjo pot assembly.FREE US SHIPPING • 20 hole Bell Brass Flathead Tone Ring -...
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    The Dannick Tone Ring is today’s answer to the Modern Day Prewar Style Tone Ring of the 1930’s using 21st century advanced technology. This metallurgical clone of an original Prewar Banjo Tone Ring was developed by matching then combining the exact metal formula and grain structure. These break through processes produced a Tone Ring that sounds just like...
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    Make your banjo lighter and still get great tone In partnership builder Martin Lewis and banjo player Gary Vann from Australia have designed a new ultra lightweight carbon fiber tone ring. On tour in Australia I tried these carbon fiber lightweight tone rings and they are remarkable. I know the builder Martin Lewis who makes them personally. He plays...
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