JBS Sloan Flathead Tone Ring

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Sloan Tone Rings for Banjo - Flathead No Hole and 20 Hole

Jerry Sloan JBS flathead tonerings for bluegrass banjos. These are an incredible upgrade and highly recommended. We carry both the no hole and the 20 hole rings.

Jerry Sloan has hit a home run with this one

This is the tone ring I use in my Bellbird Banjo and it sounds great, I mean really great. I've tried a lot of rings and Jerry Sloan has hit a home run with this one. They first came recommended to me by Russell Sawler and Bill Hayes. Both Bill, Russell and a lot of other pros use these in their prewar conversions.
Thanks, Ross Nickerson

One of the top pros playing with a JBS sloan tone ring is Justin Jenkins

Jerry designed and develops this tone ring all on his own. A lot of experimenting went into the design and he really knows good tone when he hears it. These tone rings are the best ones I've heard or tried. The only advertising that Jerry has done is word of mouth and if you have found this page you no doubt must have heard good things about the sloan JBS tone rings.

Here are some sound clips from Justin Jenkins and another unknown picker
Click this link for sound clips

Feel free to call Ross with questions on Sloan No Hole and 2 Hole Tone Rings


  • Sloan Flathead Tone Ring - No Hole
  • Sloan Flathead Tone Ring - 20 Hole

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