Recording King PB-680 Pot Assembly

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Recording King PB-680 Pot Assembly

Separate Banjo Parts - Banjo Pot for replacing Flat Head Banjo Tone Ring, One Piece Gibson Style Flange and 3 Ply Maple Rim

Replace your banjo pot, replace flathead tone ring, 3 ply maple rim and one piece flange with the Recording King PB-680 Banjo pot assembly.


• 20 hole Bell Brass Flathead Tone Ring - (NOT the No Hole flathead ring pictured in the image)
• PB-600 Flange
• Hand-Fit 3-Ply Maple Rim, unfinished
• Nickel Plated

This is the same pot that is installed in the top of the line R-75 and R-76 banjos and they sound great.

If you have been searching banjo parts everywhere and haven't been able to find what you need, the PB-680 is a great choice because you get the whole pot assembly to rebuild or create the best sounding banjo possible.

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