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  • 1 Review
    Joy of Christmas E-book with tab book you download. No waitingSave on shipping! Now available for immediate download Also includes the songs recorded by Ross Nickerson at three speeds that you can download right to you computer. Twelve Christmas favorites with CD tracks of each song demonstrated at 3 speeds and a rhythm backup track to practice with ....
  • $19.95
    Blazing the West CD Tab E-Book with CD Tracks to DownloadEasy to read tablature with tips on learning the songs, backup tips, notes on each song, and some photos. Ross Nickerson's award winning CD Blazing The West on Pinecastle Records and also the tab to all the solos on the CD. Learn advanced version, El Cumbanchero, Jesse James in D tuning, Red River...
  • 2 Reviews
    12 popular banjo songs including Dueling Banjos Foggy Mn Breakdown and Ballad of Jed Clampett. Special learning tips for each song along with slow medium and fast demonstrations on the CD tracks. Tab includes, chords, right and left hand fingering as well as accent marks for melody notes. Accents inserted for melody notes, improved tablature, and more....
  • $75.00
    BanjoTeacher.com Banjo E-Books that you download to your computer. You save on the price of the books because there are no shipping charges. Also included with the E-Books are the CD tracks to download with the lessons played slow and fast for easier learning.How to Build your Speed/Rhythm Play Along Book CD DVD for the BAnjo/Blazing the West/Scruggs...
  • $15.00
    Now Available in Download E-Book form with the CD tracks you download or as a Hard Copy Book with CDMany Gospel standards including Jesus Loves Me, This is My Fathers World, Michael Row the Boat ashore, The E-Book Download includes easy tab and CD tracks of the songs recorded clearly at three speeds so you can play along. CD includes backup tracks to...
  • 1 Review
    Download Instruction Link appears after checkoutHear Ross Nickerson perform six Earl Scruggs banjo classics at two speeds followed by detailed instruction with many Scruggs' Style insights and tips. Hear hard to get licks slowed down and get banjo instruction from someone that knows how to help you build a foundation. The valuable lessons on Scruggs banjo...
  • $15.00
     E-Books include the CD tracks of all the songs at three speeds that you download in one zip file. Click on the price link to purchase the E-Book option. Purchase the Rhythm Backup Band Play Along Book and CD Volume 2 for 5.00 off and no shipping charges with this E-Book option. Play along with a bluegrass band and get repetitive muscle memory practice on...
  • 7 Reviews
    How to Build Your Speed on the Banjo by Ross Nickerson E-book you download. Also includes all the sound tracks recorded by Ross Nickerson to download right to your computer. Learn how to improve your picking speed and overall technique. Get valuable practice tips, improve your timing and learn new drills to build up your coordination and muscle memory....
  • $25.00
    Note for note transcriptions of all the Ross Nickerson solos from Lets Kick It. Meticulously transcribed with easy to read tab right down to the last bend, hammer-on, pull-off and slide.The disc IS incredible ... Fantastic banjo tracks brilliantly played! Really enjoy the music Ross, thanks very much. If only I could play half as good as you one day I...
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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