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How to Build Your Speed on the Banjo by Ross Nickerson E-book you download. Also includes all the sound tracks recorded by Ross Nickerson to download right to your computer.

Learn how to improve your picking speed and overall technique. Get valuable practice tips, improve your timing and learn new drills to build up your coordination and muscle memory. You also get rhythm tracks to practice along with and learn the song Dixie Breakdown.

Learn how to make everything you play sound better while increasing your speed and overall ability. Get valuable insights on right hand technique, practice habits, and tips that will save you hours of practice time and move you towards your goals. Hear a sound byte from the song Dixie Breakdown which is used as a model for ways to improve your speed and many other important aspects of your banjo playing. The book and CD includes 24 two measure rolls at three speeds to learn and practice with, as well as text instruction and personalized verbal instruction on the CD.

...This is the most incredible book! I've tried for months to try and get my timing and speed up...
...In 1 afternoon I've improved 80% EASILY...
...the exercises have already help my speed and I like the presentation... ..The Dixie Breakdown book is a great exercise. Super roll practice...

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When you purchase, I send you a a webpage with a link to download the Book in PDF with all the tracks from the CD.
You can either download the tracks to your hard drive or keep returning to the webpage and simply click on the individual track links when working with a song.
This version includes 24 two measure rolls at three speeds to learn and practice with.
Also included are the Tabledit tablature files that can be used to hear the songs on your computer

E-Books include all the CD tracks that you download in one zip file

Dec 12, 2015
Speed training.
Ross Nickerson's Build Your Speed is fantastic. Where most teachers will tell you to be patient and your speed will come, Ross gives you the tools to make it happen.

Aug 20, 2015
in just 5 days it has absolutely increased beyond my expectatio
Ross, I ordinarily do not contact anyone when I purchase their products, but I had to let you know I purchased your "How to Build Speed on Your Banjo" and in just 5 days it has absolutely increased beyond my expectations.

Aug 20, 2015
brilliant product
Hi, A brilliant product and service backup -many thanks.

Aug 20, 2015
Building Speed book
I've taken some private lessons but have gotten more out of your Building Speed book and CD.

Aug 20, 2015
The Dixie Breakdown book is a great exercise
Ross, The Dixie Breakdown book is a great exercise. Super roll practice. Fun song to work up and demonstrate the abilities of the banjo. Keep doing the web page and training material. I would like to see more intermediate - advanced methods and tab. I have enjoyed all of the material you have offered. Thanks for being there for the aspiring banjo players of the world.

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