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Comfort Bevel Armrest
I bought this armrest after an injury that made it difficult to hold my arm in the traditional posit ...
Rock Solid Timing and Back Up Tips Banjo Instruction DVD By Ross Nickerson - DVD Video and Tab Book
Ross, thanks for your help. There's no better banjo player and teacher than you. Merry Christmas!
Hi Ross Thank you very much for contacting Deering and getting me bumped up. Outstanding customer se ...
Gold Tone CC-Carlin 12 inch Open Back Old Time Banjo
....Well Ross, the CC Carlin came in today, and it was well worth the wait. I dearly love this thing ... Yearly Members Only Subscription
I have been a member of Banjoteacher. Com for many years and have never regretted or wondered why ...

Banjo Pickups  

Banjo Pickups and Service at carries Banjo Pickups that we recommend from personal experience in using them. All of the pickups we have don't affect the tone of your banjo when you are not using the pickup. We also have pre-amps you can use to boost and adjust the tone on banjo pickups. We have Fishman Rare Eart...

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    Goldtone Banjo Mic and Pickup for Banjo and Dobro - ABS Advanced Banjo Microphone System Goldtone Banjo Pickup/Microphone for Banjo. This is the best system for the money by far. Ross N The ABS system  is essential equipment for the performing banjoist or resonator player.  By attaching a dynamic cardoid microphone to the end of a small gooseneck cable,...
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    ABS-C -condenser mic version clip on mic for banjos and resonator guitarsWe’ve had enormous success with our ABS clip on mic for banjos and resonator guitars and now have a condenser mic version. It has 50% more gain, uses phantom power and includes a carrying case and connecting cable ABS-C needs phantom power No preamp needed
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    Specially designed preamp to strengthen and preserve the natural sound of the banjo Second generation banjo pickup features a quiet humbucking coil, a powerful neodymium magnet assembly and a specially designed preamp to strengthen and preserve the natural sound of the banjo. Fits dual coordinator rod instruments and may be modified to fit single rod...
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    A Banjo Pickup that is built right in to the Banjo Head The Kavanjo banjo pickup is built right into the banjo head. I use it and it works great. It's specially made to not affect the acoustic tone and volume of the banjo. I was impressed and preferred the tone over the hum bucking style truss road banjo pickups. It did not change the volume much if any...
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    Its humbucking design provides a realistic banjo tone The SMP pickup, designed by Gold Tone, has been used in thousands of their banjos and banjitar models. Its humbucking design provides a realistic banjo tone, deep bass response, and does not require a preamp. Goldtone's newly designed MSP+ conveniently connects to both single and dual coordinator rod...
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    Premium preamp/DI, dialed-in just for the acoustic player. We packed the Pro-EQ Platinum with a rack's worth of serious acoustic processing, all in a stompbox-sized package. Four-band Acoustic EQ with sweepable mid-range. Feedback-fighting phase switch and notch filter. XLR DI (with ground/lift and pre/post switches) for pro-sound & recording....
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    Pro-EQ II Acoustic Preamp This perennial favorite features a tough injection-molded case with an easy access battery compartment, input trim control and advanced new electronics which provide longer battery life. Features include Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Brilliance sliders along with an AC adapter jack, phase switch and sub-bass trim control....
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