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Greg Allen Signature Model Stainless Steel Banjo Picks
Some people’s fingers are to close together when playing with the coated picks. So I can coat them ...
Gold Tone OT-800 Long Neck
My first banjo was a goldtone and it has served me well. However many of the musicians who led me to ...
Gold Tone AC-5+1 Banjo with an Extra Low G String
Very good banjo been playing it a long time and it's held up.
Gold Tone OB-Grandee Gold Plated Bluegrass Banjo Granada
This is the banjo I have been searching for all my life. I bought a Twanger a few years back, and i ...
Gold Tone CC-100RW (WIDE NECK) and Case FREE Beginner Package
I have played other instruments in my life and was set on getting a banjo at some point. Where I'm f ...
Gold Tone OB-Grandee Gold Plated Bluegrass Banjo Granada
Got the banjo today and couldn't be happier. It's beautiful and sounds really pretty. If I played ...
Gold Tone OB-150 Bluegrass Banjo with Brass Flathead Tone Ring
Got my banjo today! Oh my goodness! Your going to get me fired from work,all I want to do is sit aro ...

Banjo Pickups  

Banjo Pickups and Service at carries Banjo Pickups that we recommend from personal experience in using them. All of the pickups we carry are built to not affect the tone of your banjo when you are not using the pickup and to produce the most natural sound. We also have pre-amps boosting the volume and adjust th...

  • Banjo Pickups and Microphones
    Banjo Pickups and...

    Banjo Pickups with the Best Tone and Acoustic Reproduction

    These are the Banjo Pickups we recommend for the best tone and acoustic reproduction. Amplifying a banjo with a pickup is tricky and some pickups work a lot better than others. The best banjo pickup is one that affects the natural tone of the banjo the least. Any banjo pickup that touches the banjo head is not recommended. If the pickup affects the vibration of the banjo head that will change the tone of the banjo. You also want a pickup that you don't need to remove or can remove easily when you are playing your banjo acoustically or when not needing the pickup. .

    We have the Fishman Rare Earth Banjo Pickups, LR Baggs Banjo Bridge Pickup, the Kavanjo Banjo head pickup, the Gold Tone SMP Plus humbucker banjo pickup Gold Tone ABS banjo microphone and other banjo pickup options.
    Check out our Preamps for banjo by Fishman and Amplifiers for Banjo
    Call us if you need advice on banjo pickups or amps to use with banjo pickups. 1-866-322-6567 - Ask for Ross

  • Preamps for Banjo
    Preamps for Banjo

    Preamps for Banjo

    Using a preamp with your banjo pickup not only gives you a boost but it gives you a whole extra level of control of your banjo tone tone before it goes to the Amp or PA. I've always used an additional preamp when using a banjo pickup. It's for sure the way to go. The amps  for banjo we carry can also be used in lieu of a preamp as an extra level of tone control because of their direct out to the main PA feature. If you are not using an amp before your signal goes to the PA though I for sure recommend using a preamp for extra tone and volume control before sending the signal to the main PA. 

    The Fishman preamps in your signal-chain helps you perfectly match your pickup to your amp.

    The Platinum PRO EQ Analog Preamp all-analog, universal instrument preamp delivers incredibly accurate sonic detail. 

    The Platinum Stage EQ delivers critical performance features, like an adjustable volume boost and a balanced XLR D.I. output, housed in a beautiful, road- ready design.

    Aura Spectrum DI is not only incredibly versatile, but it also delivers the most realistic acoustic sound available for stage or studio.

    The Jerry Douglas Signature Series Aura imaging pedal preamp is the Dobro master’s “Secret Weapon” on your pedalboard.

    Check out our Amplifiers for Banjo and Electronic Pickups for Banjo

    Don't hesitate to call us if you need advice on banjo pickups or amps to use with banjo pickups.  I've tried them all. 1-866-322-6567 - Ask for Ross

  • Amplifiers for Banjos
    Amplifiers for Banjos

    Best Amplifiers for Banjo with Natural Acoustic Tone

    These are the best sounding amplifiers for banjos that I've tried.  They reproduce natural acoustic banjo tone and also feature reverb, delay, chorus with inputs for vocal and instruments. They are compact and are perfect for playing solo or with bands.
    Check out our Banjo Pickups and Preamps for Banjo

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    Fishman Rare Earth Classic Series Banjo Pickup - PRO-REP-BAN Best sounding Banjo Pickup - Real Banjo Tone Fishman's Newly Updated Version Specially designed preamp to strengthen and preserve the natural sound of the banjo I have had a lot of experience with banjo pickups and this design of banjo pickup is still the best sounding banjo pickup for...
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    $179.00 $199.00
    Reduced price!
    Goldtone Banjo Mic and Pickup for Banjo and Dobro - ABS Advanced Banjo Microphone System with Adjustable Goose Neck Microphone and Preamp The Goldtone ABS Banjo Pickup Mic for Banjo and Dobro attaches easy, stays on sturdy and the position of the gooseneck mic can be adjusted for the best tone.This is the best system like it for the money by far. Ross N...
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    $209.00 $229.00
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    ABS-C - condenser mic version clip on mic for banjos and resophonic guitars by Gold Tone The ABS-C Banjo and Dobro Pickup is a clip on small mic with an adjustable gooseneck so you can position it for the best sound and gets double the gain without a preamp.We’ve had enormous success with our ABS clip on mic for banjos and resonator guitars and now have...
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    $209.00 $229.00
    Reduced price!
    ABS Gold Tone Dobro/Resophonic and Steel Guitar Mic/Pickup Goldtone Banjo Mic/Pickup with Preamp for Banjo and Dobro The Gold Tone ABS Dobro Pickup/Microphone for a Dobro/Resophonic or Steel Guitar has the best acoustic tone and has a gooseneck for adjusting the mic position to make the instrument sound clean and natural.You can purchase it with a...
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    Replacement Metal "Shim" for Fishman Rare Earth Banjo Pickup Fishman ACC-SHM-KIT - Replacement Small Separate Metal Piece Needed for Rare Earth Banjo Pickups Buy a spare or replacement small blue metal shim.  The Fishman banjo pickup uses a very small thin metal "shim" on the inside of the banjo head just in front of the banjo bridge. It can also be...
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    Its humbucking design provides a realistic banjo tone The SMP pickup, designed by Gold Tone, has been used in thousands of their banjos and banjitar models. Its humbucking design provides a realistic banjo tone, deep bass response, and does not require a preamp. Goldtone's newly designed MSP+ conveniently connects to both single and dual coordinator rod...
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    Kavanjo Banjo Pickup A Banjo Pickup that is built right in to the Banjo Head FREE US SHIPPING Banjo Pickup for 5-string, 4-string and 6-string banjos! Get the Kavanjo banjo pickup that is built right into the banjo head. It can make any acoustic banjo, an electric banjo and still maintain natural acoustic tone and volume.The Kavanjo banjo pickup is...
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    Baggs Bridge Banjo PickupL.R. Baggs Bridge Pickup for Banjo - LRB-BANJO Simple to install and has GREAT sound.The LR Baggs Banjo Pickup is a bridge banjo pickup that is built right into the bridge. The unique Baggs banjo bridge pickup design produces plenty of volume and a clean acoustic sound. The convenience, ease of installation and more natural...
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    Banjo Preamp and EQ Foot Pedal Fishman AFX Pro EQ Mini Acoustic Banjo Preamp & EQ for Banjo Pickups and Electric Banjos The AFX Pro EQ Mini Banjo Preamp & EQ pedal improves your tone and boosts volume on electric banjos and banjos with a pickup. This signal power boosting pre-amp features Feedback-Fighting Phase Control with adjustable tone and volume....
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    Platinum Pro EQ/DI Analog Preamp from Fishman - PRO-PLT-201 Preamp for Banjos with Pickups and Electric Banjos Completely redesigned from the ground up, the all-analog Platinum Pro EQ universal helps produce natural banjo tones andand works to replicate warmer acoustic tone of you banjo. The Platinum Pro EQ/DI delivers incredibly accurate sonic detail...
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    Platinum Stage  PRO PLT 301 EQ/DI Analog Preamp from Fishman Preamp for Banjos with Pickups and Electric Banjos Completely redesigned from the ground up, the all-analog Platinum Stage universal instrument preamp delivers incredibly accurate sonic detail for any acoustic instrument. A discrete, high-headroom Class-A preamp uses precision, high-speed...
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    PRO-LBT-700 - Loudbox Performer Amplifier Acoustic Combo Amp with Tweeter for Banjo from Fishman The Loudbox Performer is a great amp for banjo. It gives it a warm sound and features a lot of EQ and tone adjustment possibilities. It is Fishman's most powerful acoustic amplifier, allowing you to be heard in any situation — solo or ensemble. The Loudbox...
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    Fishman Aura Spectrum DI - PRO-AUR-SPC Preamp Box and Tone Processor for Banjo Players The complete performance technology solution for acoustic musicians. The Aura Spectrum DI features award-winning Aura Acoustic Imaging technology that enables players to mix studio-mic’d sound with the signal from their undersaddle or soundhole pickup. Housed in a...
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    Loudbox Mini Amplifier from Fishman - PRO-LBT-500 Acoustic Instrument Amplifiers for Banjo Fishman’s lightest and most portable amp yet, the Loudbox Mini delivers the tonal quality that has made the Fishman name the standard for great acoustic sound. The Loudbox Mini packs 60 watts of clean acoustic power, and has two channels featuring Fishman’s...
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    Fishman Loudbox Mini-Charge - PRO-LBC-500 - Amp for Banjos Portable - Battery Operated - Powerful - No Power Needed The Loudbox Mini-Charge Pro-LBC-500 delivers the tonal quality that has made the Fishman name the standard for great acoustic banjo sound. The Loudbox-Mini-Charge can be used without being plugged in to the wall making it great for outdoor...
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    Fishman Loudbox Artist PRO-LBT-600 - Great Amp for Banjo The Loudbox Artist PRO-LBT-600 packs 120 watts of ultra-clean, bi-amplified acoustic power, and enhanced features is a great amp for banjo and is incredibly lightweight, The Loudbox Artist features two versatile channels that can each accept an instrument or mic input. Fishman’s legendary tone and...
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    Premium preamp/DI, dialed-in just for the acoustic player. We packed the Pro-EQ Platinum with a rack's worth of serious acoustic processing, all in a stompbox-sized package.Four-band Acoustic EQ with sweepable mid-range. Feedback-fighting phase switch and notch filter. XLR DI (with ground/lift and pre/post switches) for pro-sound & recording....
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    Pro-EQ II Acoustic Preamp This perennial favorite features a tough injection-molded case with an easy access battery compartment, input trim control and advanced new electronics which provide longer battery life. Features include Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Brilliance sliders along with an AC adapter jack, phase switch and sub-bass trim control....
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