Kavanjo Banjo Pickup - Built into the Banjo Head

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Kavanjo Banjo Pickup

A Banjo Pickup that is built right in to the Banjo Head


Banjo Pickup for 5-string, 4-string and 6-string banjos!

Get the Kavanjo banjo pickup that is built right into the banjo head. It can make any acoustic banjo, an electric banjo and still maintain natural acoustic tone and volume.

The Kavanjo banjo pickup is built right into the banjo head. I use it and it works great. It's specially made to not affect the acoustic tone and volume of the banjo. I was impressed and preferred the tone over the hum bucking style truss road banjo pickups. It did not change the volume much if any and any tone difference was negligible to me.

I also thought the external jack for professional "Gibson Mastertone style" bluegrass banjos worked really well. That's very important. The jack and how if functions is what has made other banjo pickups I've tried impractical or unusable. The version of the head that has the jack actually in the head is also brilliant and worked well. 
Comments by Ross Nickerson

It is now available for all makes and models of 4, 5 and 6 string banjos. This patented system, brings a suspended magnetic pickup past the surface of the banjo head and closer to the strings than ever before, making unwanted feedback a thing of the past. Best of all it still sounds like a Banjo!

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  • 5-string - head jack
  • 5-string - flange jack
  • 6-string - head jack
  • 6-string - flange jack
  • 4-string - head jack
  • 4-string - flange jack

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