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ABS-C condenser mic version clip on mic for banjos and resonator guitars

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ABS-C - condenser mic version clip on mic for banjos and resophonic guitars by Gold Tone

The ABS-C Banjo and Dobro Pickup is a clip on small mic with an adjustable gooseneck so you can position it for the best sound and gets double the gain without a preamp.

We’ve had enormous success with our ABS clip on mic for banjos and resonator guitars and now have a condenser mic version. It has 50% more gain, uses phantom power and includes a carrying case and connecting cable.

You can purchase it with a preamp or get the condensor version for the same price. The condensor version requires "phantom power" Phantom power boosts the signal 50% without a preamp. Almost all PA systems now a days are phantom power ready.



  • ABS-C - Condensor Mic Pickup
  • ABS with Preamp

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