Gold Tone Ultimate Banjo Mute

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Gold Tone Ultimate Banjo Mute

Practice Quietly - Easy to Use

The best mute I've seen especially for the price. Ross Nickerson

Practicing your banjo quieter and more often without disturbing anyone!

The Ultimate Banjo Mute cures the problem of your banjo being too loud and provides a quiet, sustaining tone. It is easy to take on and off and always stays tight on the bridge.

The ultimate banjo mute bridge is adjustable for all bridge widths and will not vibrate loose. It fits four, five & six string banjos and slides right across the bridge under the strings. It will not hinder right hand picking position and is made from lacquered brass.

  • The banjo mute that:
  •  Will not vibrate loose
  •  Adjustable for all bridge widths
  •  Fits four, five & six string banjos
  •  Slides right across the bridge under the strings
  •  Does not hinder right hand position
  •  Lacquered Brass


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May 22, 2023
These are simple and easy to use but effective. they do color the sound a bit and offer a unique tone. can be fun to experiment with. May make the neighbors and family happy while you practice.

Jun 18, 2020
Best mute I've found
I been using the Goldtone UltimateBanjo Mute for almost four years, and the fact I can say that is a testament to its quality.I've tried a lot of different mutes over the years, from homemade contraptions, to technological monsters three times the price of this one. The Goldtone out performs them all hands-down in terms of simplicity, effectiveness, durability, sound, and bang for the buck. To use, you simply slip it on the bridge from the edge, When it place it works like a charm, no buzzing or rattling, and you'd probably have to forcefully stand on your head while playing to make it fall off. When you're done with it, it just slips off as easily as it went on. There are no moving parts, which could be a plus, but leads me to my one complaint.Installed as directed, the mute sits nice and tight on the bass-side of the bride, but the open end of the mute (on the treble string side) doesn't clamp the treble end of the bridge quite as tightly. The result is a bit of unbalance in the muting, with the treble strings less muted than the bass strings. I solved this problem by attaching a tiny, clothespin-like wood working clamp to the treble end of the mute, to slightly tighten its grip on the bridge. With that addition, I get perfectly even muting and consistent tone across the strings.If Goldtone were to come up with a simple way to latch or clamp the open end of the mute onto the bridge, this would definitely by a five-star item. Meanwhile, my little quick-fix gives me the sound I'm looking for, so it's good.

Feb 23, 2016
Gold Tone Ultimate Banjo Mute
Very pleased with the banjo mute , would highly recommend this product.

Oct 29, 2015
Fantastic Mute...
I couldnt believe the mute worked so well... as I live in an apartment complex. Even with the mute the banjo kept a fantastic tone.

Oct 10, 2015
It's amazing!
I have received the package a couple of days ago, which was very fast and all is safe - thanks for the goodies, especially for sturdy packaging! All I can say is the banjo mute exceeded my best expectations - it's amazing!

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