One Size Fits All Banjo Armrest - 1Leg with Adapter

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One Size Fits All Banjo Armrest

Banjo Armrest that Fits any Banjo with 16, 18, or 24 Brackets

This banjo armrest will fit any banjo with a standard 11 inch rim banjo no matter if it has a 16, 18, or 24 bracket head configuration, open back or resonator banjo. This one size fits all banjo armrest is the first of it's kind! The chrome matches most banjos too.

I will fit all the different banjo models with wood back resonator or open back banjos made by banjo manufacturers Gold Tone, Recording King, Fender, Washburn, Gretch, Morgan Monroe and all other models with the standard 11 inch rim with the 16, 18, or 24 bracket head configuration, open back or resonator banjo.

This armrest will even fit 30 bracket "bottle cap" aluminum pot banjos that you can count 30 head tightening brackets on. This is a common design of lower priced beginner banjos for over 40 years. Two good examples of banjos with the 30 bracket aluminum pot banjo design are the Fender FB54 or the Washburn B9. But over the years there were many different names stamped on the same 30 bracket banjo aluminum pot design.

Does this armrest fit Deering Goodtimes?? I have not personally tested it but a customer had trouble fitting this armrest because of the tighter than normal space behind the brackets on Deering Goodtime's. I'm not referring to the bracket spacing, or number of brackets. It's because Goodtimes use flathooks and dont have the space that other banjos do, between the rim and the bracket. But again, that's an unusually tight space and the issue for getting a "one size fits all armrests is 99 times out of 100 an issue with the amount of brackets on your banjo and the space between each bracket, not the space behind the bracket, that only needs to be about 1/8 inch. 
Your best bet for Deering Goodtime is to get the Good Time Banjo armrest made specifically for Goodtime's. We have those available too. Armrest for a Deering GoodTime

11 inch rims with an 11 inch banjo head are the most common size on banjos. You would have to have an antique or unique banjo for it to be a different than standard 11 inch size.


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May 23, 2018
The arm rest arrived today and it fits fine. So much more comfortable now. Janet

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